15 Easy DIY Garage Shelves With Build Plans

Need garage shelves? Here are 15 easy-to-build DIY garage shelves with tutorials and plans that are great beginner projects.

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Garages tend to get cluttered very quickly. We store more than just our cars – from bikes, kids’ play toys, sports equipment, seasonal decor, or a woodworking workshop (like me)! One of the things about our garage clutter that drives me crazy is that it acts as a holding spot – for items that don’t have an immediate spot or boxes that we might need for returns… and more!

Not having enough floor space in the garage can not only be frustrating, but it can also be dangerous as it creates tripping hazards.

The best solution for organizing the garage is to go up vertically, which means – garage shelving. Building your garage shelving is relatively easy and is a great beginner-friendly project.

What is the best thing about DIY garage shelving? It can be easily customized to fit your space no matter the size of the garage you have, and they are an easy DIY project anyone can do.

With custom-built shelving, you can store tools, tool cases, plastic storage bins, and even heavier items without fear they will get damaged.

​Even if you aren’t blessed with a big garage, you can add the shelves you need in your limited space.

Plus, not only is it cheaper to build your own garage shelves versus buying them, you can also make them much sturdier!

Check out this post to learn how you can use garage shelves for storage.

What Type of Lumber to Use for Garage Shelves

2×4 boards are most commonly used to build shelf frames because they are strong and relatively cheap.

If you are in an area where moisture seeps in through the garage floor, you want to use pressure-treated lumber.

Regarding the thickness of the plywood for the shelves – 1/2″ and 3/4″ thick plywood are a good option. If you store heavy items on the shelves, 3/4″ plywood is the best option.

Here are 15 ideas for DIY garage shelves that work for almost any situation and come with plans and detailed tutorials for you to be able to build your own.

DIY Garage Shelves

1. DIY Heavy-Duty Floating Shelves from Anika’s DIY Life

Woman sitting on floating shelf to test how strong it is

Have you ever thought of using floating shelves in your garage? These heavy-duty garage storage shelves are perfect anywhere you need extra storage. Put them above your workbench or in an unused corner.

They are a beginner-friendly DIY woodworking project you can do in an afternoon using plywood and a few essential tools. Will they hold everything you need them to? I load-tested them, so you be the judge.

Plans and tutorial here.

2. Wall Mounted Garage Storage Shelves from Ana White

3 tier large DIY garage storage shelves made from wood

Build this wall-mounted garage shelf using 2x4s and just a few basic tools. It’s an inexpensive garage storage solution you can build in a day.

Mounting 2x4s to the wall on two sides gives this shelving unit stability and durability. Spanning 8 feet it’s perfect for a corner of your garage with three shelves and room for storage underneath.

Get the plans to build your own!

3. Overhead Storage Rack from Her Toolbelt

DIY overhead garage shelves over the garage door

The space above your garage door is normally just wasted wall space. I like to take full advantage of every inch of storage space, and this DIY garage storage rack does just that. 

Stud locations for the above garage door shelving are determined by the beams in the ceiling and attached using rigid tie connectors to ensure the shelving unit won’t come down. 

See how to build your own.

4. Cheap and Easy Garage Shelves from Pneumatic Addict

four tier free standing DIY garage shelves

Build your DIY garage shelves for just $50 in lumber! That’s way cheaper than buying a shelving unit and a lot sturdier.

You can build this garage shelf using just two tools in a couple of hours, even if you are a beginner woodworker.

Plans and tutorial here.

5. Ultimate DIY Garage Storage Shelves from Modern Builds

large garage shelving unit with workbench

Talk about garage shelf envy! This garage shelving unit has it all. A workbench, tool storage, and even a place to hang your work gear.

Built from 2x4s and particle board, this unit is wall mounted and can be customized to fit your space.

Plans to build your own here.

6. DIY Garage Storage Shelves from Crafted Workshop

DIY overhead wall-mounted garage shelves

Utilize vertical space and build your garage shelves attached to the ceiling. These DIY ceiling-mounted garage shelves free up a ton of floor space while giving you extra storage.

2x2s mounted to the ceiling joists make it easy to build your shelving unit so that it won’t fall. You can also run these garage shelves around your garage!

Get the plans here.

7. Easy DIY Garage Storage Shelves from Fix This Build That

4 tier DIY wood garage shelves

Build these DIY garage shelves for under $60! It’s and beginner-friendly build you can do in a day. Built to last, these shelves aren’t going anywhere unless you choose to move them.

All you need are 2x4s and OSB, and a few tools to make your own. This unit is 6 feet long, 16 inches deep, and 75.5 inches tall.

Get the plans here.

8. DIY Corner Shelves for the Garage from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

DIY corner garage shelves

Corners are notorious for collecting junk, especially in a garage. Build your own set of garage corner shelves and put that space to good use.

2x4s and plywood are what you will need to build this shelf structure that allows you easy access to the corner.

Tutorial and plans here.

9. Garage Shelving Between the Studs from The Handyman’s Daughter

DIY garage shelves in between studs

Using the space between exposed wall studs is genius. In an unfinished garage, you can easily add shelves for storage. It’s a great use of space that gets everything out of the way and off the floor.

Using 1x2s and plywood or 1×6 boards, this storage project can create custom garage storage for what you want to store. You’ll only need two tools to finish this easy DIY project.

Full tutorial here.

10. Plywood Garage Shelves from Sawdust Girl

DIY garage shelves made with plywood

Using vertical space is great for creating long shelves on a garage storage wall. You could use store-bought brackets for your shelves, but making your own brackets means they won’t bend. This DIY project is a bit more advanced but doable for anyone.

The shelf brackets for these DIY garage shelves are made using a cantilever design and wall cleats. That may sound intimidating, but it isn’t!

Learn how to build your own here.

11. Ceiling Mounted Garage Storage Shelves from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Ceiling mounted DIY wood garage shelves

Wall-mounted storage in the garage is a great way to use vertical space. These garage shelves are easy and inexpensive to make using 2x4s and plywood.

Attaching the ceiling studs to joists in the ceiling with lag bolts will ensure that your garage shelving won’t come down.

Full tutorial here.

12. Sliding Storage Shelves from Just Measuring Up

pull out shelves in a DIY garage shelving unit

Pull out shelves in the garage? Heck yeah! This garage shelving idea makes getting to what you put at the back of the shelf easy. Pulling the shelf out allows you to make them deeper for more storage space.

This DIY project also uses 2x4s, and you’ll want heavy-duty drawer slides to ensure your pull-out shelves will pull their weight.

Tutorial and plans here.

13. DIY Garage Freestanding Shelves from The Handyman’s Daughter

garage shelves made from wood with totes stored on them

Customize this free-standing garage shelf for what you need to store. Each 4-foot section will only cost you about $30 to make.

No fancy tools are required to make this DIY shelving unit, and you only need 2x4s for the frame and OSB for the shelves.

Tutorial and plans here.

14. DIY Paint Storage Shelf from Charleston Crafted

wood shelf for storing paint

Using just a single sheet of 1/2 plywood, you can make this paint storage shelf for your garage. It’s freestanding, so you can put it anywhere you need it.

Assembling this garage shelf with pocket holes makes it sturdy enough to hold paint cans, and you can customize the distance between shelves to suit your needs.

Tutorial and plans here.

15. Open Faced Garage Shelves from Stan Sullivan

Open-faced shelves are great anywhere in your garage to use vertical space. Being open-faced, nothing is secured vertically to the fronts of these shelves.

Check out how to build these garage shelves yourself!

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