Easy DIY Wall Mail Organizer – No Power Tools Needed

This easy DIY wall mail organizer is the perfect beginner woodworking project. Make it with simple hand tools. No power tools needed. Step by step instructions and printable plans along with video tutorial.This easy DIY wall mail organizer is the perfect beginner woodworking project. Make it with simple hand tools. No power tools needed. Step by step instructions and printable plans along with video tutorial.

This easy DIY wall mail organizer has been such a savior in our entryway!

The one thing I struggled with for the longest time was the mail clutter! I  tried many many solutions and organization hacks.

None of them seem to work… there was always that one paper that went missing… or got buried deep somewhere…

But sometimes the solution can be just a simple one…

Like this easy mail sorter which I built with scrap wood in under an hour.DIY wall mounted Mail Organizer and sorter Station~ this would be a fun gift idea for a house warming, wedding gift, holiday gift, etc.

I implemented this almost a year ago and it has worked really well. Every day, mail gets sorted by type and every 7-10 days, I go through and take care of everything – pay, file or trash.

I do normally use power tools… but if you are a beginner and don’t have any power tools, you can totally make this and I will show you exactly how in the video tutorial.

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Materials Needed for the DIY Wood Mail Organizer-

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How to Make the DIY Wall Mail Organizer –

You can get the printable plans of this mail organizer by clicking below.

Get the Printable Plans

For extremely detailed step by step instructions, here is the video… seriously, it is so detailed, you could build one with me as I show you how!



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Step 1 – Cut all the boards according to the plans using your miter box. It is very easy to use. Check out the video for more details.


Step 2 – Align the bottom 1″ x 4″ board to back 1″x12″ board and attach using wood glue and finish nails.Your mail will thank you! Easy DIY mail organizer | No power tools needed | Easy DIY wall mounted mail organizer for your wall

Step 3 – Attach the corner pieces using wood glue and finish nails.Easy beginners woodworking project using crap wood - Easy DIY wall mail organizer

Step 4 – Measure the space between dividers and attach them using wood glue and finish nails.Easy mail sorter DIY. I wish I had seen this earlier! No power tools needed

Step 5 – Attach the front railing with wood glue and finish nails. Wow! Can't believe how easy it it to make this DIY mail organizer

Adding finishing touches – Paint in the color of your choice. I used homemade chalk paint and distressed it. I also chose to add the word “mail” at the back with a black Sharpie. A monogram would work well too. The chalkboard labels add extra details. little hooks for keys can also be added. The perfect solution for organizing mail clutter - DIY wall mounted mail organizer - easy beginner woodworking build using scrap wood.

So, that is my simple solution that has worked really well.

\And it wasn’t hard to put it together without any power tools!

Do you have any other organization solutions or hacks? What other organizing challenges do you struggle with?

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  2. Great organizer! I was wondering how much did it take you to finish this project? This project seems to be very easy and very practical!

  3. Nigel William says:

    Hi! Anika, do you have a template for the stickers? Thank you.

    1. Hi Nigel,

      The stickers are linked to in the post.

  4. Fiberscope.Net says:

    You gave me the perfect idea to create a small shelf and hide the light bellow I will place a mirror, do you like the idea?

    1. Yes! That is a great idea!

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