19 Practical and Easy DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Ideas

These 18 DIY magnetic chalkboard ideas will inspire you to create your own special display wall, organization or a place for kids to doodle and have fun.

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Whoever came up with the concept of combining a chalkboard with a magnetic board was a pure genius!

It is a match made in heaven!

Doodling, writing messages, learning, adding notes… the possibilities are endless!

Basic Supplies Needed to Make Magnetic Chalkboards-

  • Magnetic surface – This can be a metallic sheet of any kind
  • Magnetic Primer – to turn a regular surface or wall to magnetic
  • Chalkboard paint – there are 2 choices here –
    • Spray Paint – It is more expensive but easier to get good coverage.
    • Roll-on paint – Turns out a lot cheaper than spray paint but you have to extra careful when you roll-on so you get a smooth surface.
    • Clear Chalkboard paint – I was surprised to see this! It is easy to turn any painted surface into a chalkboard! Also available in the spray version.
  • Magnetic Chalkboard Sheet – don’t bother with magnetic primer or chalkboard paint and get a readymade sheet to use!
  • Magnetic Chalkboard Wall Paper – YEs, a self-adhesive paper to add anywhere in the house!
  • Frame – to put around your magnetic chalkboard – either thrifted or build one!


Homemade Chalkboard Paint

Did you know you can make your own chalkboard paint for your magnetic boards?!

It really is nothing but chalk paint and you can turn any color paint into chalkboard paint!

I use this recipe by I Heart Naptime to make my chalk style paint. I have been using this recipe for a long time and it works exactly like chalkboard paint.

I painted little boards in Navy Blue chalk paint to make signs for my daughter’s DIY Princess birthday party. I also use similar boards to take pictures of my kids’ first/last days of school.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboards for Kids

I have used a magnetic chalkboard in the kids’ playroom ever since we had a playroom.

I started out by simply painting a galvanized metal oil drip tray with chalkboard spray paint almost 8 years ago (hence, no pictures of it).

I put it up on the wall using five 3M mounting tapes.

The only issue – there was a logo embossed on it. But it worked well for a toddler and got lots of use.

Then, I finally built them this simple DIY Magnetic Chalkboard.

Easy DIY Magnetic chalkboard with writing and magnets.

It is an easy project which uses a couple of furring strips and a galvanized sheet metal. At about 2′ x 3′ it is the perfect size for all the doodling and magnet fun the kids can have!

Get the plans to build the simple magnetic chalkboard here.

I also added a magnetic chalkboard to the kids’ art center using the same technique – galvanized sheet metal + Chalkboard paint.

Close up magnetic chalkboard of the DIY kids art center

See more about this 5-in-1 Kids’ Art Center and how to build it!


Other Fun DIY Magnetic Chalk Board Ideas for Kids

Collage of DIY Magnetic chalkboard ideas for kids

Magnetic Chalkboard Command Centers

Not just for kids, magnetic chalkboards are powerful for organization and serve as a great command center.

I added a magnetic chalkboard to our kitchen/entryway to write little messages and add reminders.

The cutting board shape is easy to achieve and fits right in!

Magnetic chalkboard shaped like a cutting board on wall with note and towel hanging.


More Command Center Ideas Using Magnetic Chalkboards

collage of DIY Magnetic chalkboards as command centers.

More Creative Magnetic Chalkboard Ideas

collage of unique DIY magnetic chalkboard ideas


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