DIY Spice Rack – Wooden Criss-Cross Rack

Build a DIY spice rack with the step by step plans and tutorial. This criss-cross wooden spice rack is perfect for the countertop or mounting on the wall.

DIY spice rack on white countertop with text overlay

Sometimes, you need a quick project.

I promise this is one of those!

PLUS it looks like you spent a LOT of time on it.

I came across something similar in one of the stores and I immediately thought that I could increase it in scale and make it more efficient to store multiple bottles.

Truth is I actually made it for my craft paint instead of spices.

DIY spice rack hanging on the wall filled with craft paint bottles

But spices are more popular… I guess people need spices more. 🙂

This spice rack is VERY versatile in it’s uses:

  • You can store small cylindrical things in it like:
    • craft paint
    • spice bottles
    • spools of thread, etc.
  • It can be kept on a countertop
  • It can be mounted on the wall
  • It can be use in a horizontal configuration
  • It can be used in a vertical configuration.
  • It can hold a million bottles of spices! Well, yes, of course not a million, but almost 40!

It is a simple project, built with a few simple boards.

In fact, I found all my boards in my scrap wood pile!

Which basically means it is FREE – and who doesn’t like that?

Close up of countertop DIY spice rack

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Let’s get back to building the wooden spice rack

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Material Needed

How to Build

This is a super simple project but can be a bit confusing to put together. There is no better way to exactly explain it than to actually show you.

Here is a full video on how to make this wooden spice rack.

I have the written tutorial and schematics below the video for you.

Step 1 – Make the cuts

There are two types of cuts –

  • cutting the boards to length
  • cutting the slots for the half-lap joints.

The cross-cuts to cut the boards to length can be done using a miter saw or circular saw.

For the half-lap cuts, I used my BladeRunner X2. I like that it is easy to keep the boards straight and feels a lot safer that a table saw to make these smaller cuts.

Cutting slots in the boards to make the DIY spice rack

You can use a table saw or a jig saw to make the cuts as well – anything that works well for you.

If using a jigsaw, be sure to pick the right blade. Read more about it here.

Making the half-lap cuts is the most critical step. All the slots need to be perfectly aligned and square for this to work.

all the boards cut up for the DIY spice rack

Step 2 – Put it together

Honestly, you have to see the video for exactly how to lay them out and put together.

Attaching boards using brad nailer to build the DIY spice rack.

Step 3 – Attach

Once you have them all configured and ready, use wood glue and put it together. The end pieces are attached with wood glue and finish nails.

That is it!

Super easy and quick project that looks really awesome!

Plus it is free if you have my big stash of scrap wood!

close up of craft paint storage in the DIY spice rack

All my craft paint looks nice and pretty and colorful in my office/craft room now – just the way I like it! 

Printable Plans for Wooden Spice Rack

What will you store in it? Let me know in the comments!

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