DIY Wood Wall Art Using Scrap Wood

How to make an easy DIY wood wall art using few pieces of scrap wood. Full step by step tutorial and video to make the large-scale colorful geometric wall art.

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DIY wood wall art with colorful geometric triangles on mounted on wall

I call this DIY wood wall art “everything falls into place”. I like to think it signifies this blog, life, everything… because ultimately if you work for it everything falls into place.

It is actually kind of how this geometric wood art came to be actually.

It was the non-existent Plan C.

And… I totally love it! DIY wood wall art with 3 dimensional colorful triangles

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After scrapping my first two plans, I saw the scraps from one of my projects where I had cut up 1×3 boards at 45°. That was it!

I picked the colors I have been thinking of for my office – coral, aqua and yellow… all bright colors but you know me… I love them!

Plus, I added some white Duck Mirror Tape to the mix to bring in the glamor and sparkle!Duck Mirror Tape in White on DIY Wood Wall Art

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Materials Needed for 3-Dimensional DIY Wood Wall Art –

How to Make DIY Wood Wall Art –

As always, I have a quick video tutorial showing you how to make your own colorful large-scale DIY wood wall art below. The step by step tutorial follows below.

DIY Wood Wall Art Tutorial –

Step 1 – Stain the plywood in the color of your choice.

Step 2 – While the plywood is drying up, cut up several pieces of triangles from the 1×3 boards using the 45° setting on the miter saw or miter box. I cut 10-12 for my art.

Step 3 – Use one of the wood triangles to trace the pattern onto the plywood.Tracing pattern on plywood using a scrap wood triangle for DIY wood wall art

Step 4 – Sand off any rough edges and paint the wood triangles in colors of your choice. Also, paint in a few triangles on the plywood. I tried to be as random in the order of colors as possible.

Step 5 – Fill in some of the triangles with the MirrorTape. I used the wood triangle as a template to cut out the Mirror Tape triangles. I also covered a few of the triangles in MirrorTape.Adding white Mirror Tape to DIY wood wall art.

Step 6 – Glue the wood triangles in any leftover spots on the plywood.Glueing wood triangles to the large scale DIY wood wall art

Step 7 – Attach the 1×2 frame onto the plywood using finish nails and hang on the wall!

Enjoy!Close up angle of DIY wood wall art with colorful 3-dimension scrap wood triangles and Mirror Tape.

I am slowly getting my office together and adding more details but this 3-dimensional scrap wood wall art adds a good dose of color and shine!Closeup of 3-dimensional DIY wood wall art

The room already feels a lot happier! No more blank grey wall staring at me! What would you use Duck Mirror Tape for? Let me know in the comments!

Close up DIY wood wall art to show 3-d effect with text overlay

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There is nothing like handmade DIY wall art to hang up in any room!

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