25 Brilliant DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

These 25 brilliant DIY shoe storage ideas will help you organize the shoes you own in any space of the home including under the bed, shoe storage benches, racks, closets and more!

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Whether you are crazy about shoe shopping or not, the sight of shoes piling up in a closet or next to the front door can easily drive you crazy.

Piles of shoes not only make it hard to find shoes but also beats them up when they get tossed around as you try to find your pair.

We have a “shoe” closet which has gotten out of control and I am looking for inspiration tackle that. So, I thought I will share some of those awesome ideas with you.

How to Organize Shoes

To get started with organizing your shoes, start by getting them all out.

  • First, sort and donate any that you won’t be using in the future.
  • Sort shoes by categories – often used shoes, rarely used shoes, and seasonal shoes. Plus sort them by style.
  • Identify areas in your home where you need shoe storage. These can be 2 types –
    • Everyday shoes – should be convenient to use.
    • Rarely used/seasonal shoes – out of the way but easy to get.

Once you have identified the exact areas you want to store shoes, here are some shoe storage ideas you can make!

Most of them are affordable and easy to put together too.

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

1. DIY Under Bed Shoe Organizer – Anika’s DIY Life

close of the plexiglass lid and dividers inside the DIY under bed shoe organizer

If you have a small home, you want to use every inch of space available. Space under the bed is very precious and often underutilized. It makes the perfect place to store shoes.

I built a DIY under-bed shoe organizer which rolls easily under the bed and has a transparent top to be able to see what’s inside while also protecting the shoes from dust (and spiders).

Get the plans and tutorial here.

2. DIY Under Bed Storage Boxes  – Grillo Designs

DIY shoe organizer boxes under the bed

Grillo designs also shares a great tutorial to build simple drawers for the under-the-bed shoe storage option too.

They also have handles and wheels, but they also have designs on the drawer fronts to add a decorative detail to this shoe storage solution.

Get the full tutorial here.

3. DIY Shoe Shelf Bench from Her Tool Belt

Storage bench DIY shoe organizer ideas for organizing in an entryway

Create the perfect mudroom with a bench and shoe storage shelves with this simple beginner-friendly project.

You will be able to store lots of pairs of shoes and the bench is great for taking off and putting on your shoes as you come and go. It’s the perfect storage solution for a large family.

Get the full tutorial here.

4. DIY Shoe Storage Bench from Jaime Costiglio

Bench painted blue with storage cubbies for crates to organize and store shoes

This is a simple and beginner-friendly project – all you have to do is build the frame and use pre-built crates as shoe storage!

The shelving on this shoe storage idea has room for four organizing crates. Store all your footwear here for easy access and easy organization.

Get the full tutorial here.

5. DIY Shoe Bench from Crafting in the Rain

DIY bench for DIY shoe organizer ideas

Another extremely simple DIY shoe bench! Make it any size you need. It’s a great shoe storage solution when you don’t have a mudroom.

It provides storage space on the shelf underneath the bench seat and you can also tuck away more shoes out of the way on the floor underneath.

Get the full tutorial here.


6.  How To Build A Shoe Cubby from By Brittany Goldwyn 

DIY shoe cubby for the entryway

Build your own shoe cubby storage shelf and you’ll solve the problem of shoes all over your entryway. It will hold eleven pairs of shoes or more depending on the size.

I love the staggered cubbies. Not only is it organized, but it also looks really beautiful. Store your boots, tennis shoes, sandals and more nice and neat.

Get the full tutorial here.

7. Scrap Wood Shoe Storage Cabinet  from Reality Daydream 

Shoe organizing ideas using a cabinet with tilt-out drawer for storing shoes

This is one of my favorites! I love the pull-out shoe rack! And it was made using scrap wood! This DIY shoe storage cabinet has the tilt out drawer with three separate slots for shoes. It’s a great piece of furniture to use in your entryway, hallway, or even your bedroom.

Get the full tutorial here.

8. Entryway Bench With A DIY Shoe Rack from Lily Ardor

Shelves in planked wall for storing shoes in an entry

No mudroom? No problem! Add shoe storage to your small entry with this DIY shoe storage idea.

This bench and shoe rack are just brilliant! I love how the shelves are adjustable. This can be done in a closet too!

Get the full tutorial here.

9. DIY Ladder Shoe Shelf from Homemade by Carmona 

DIY shoe organizing ideas outside on porch using DIY ladder shoe shelf

All you need is a 2×6 and a 1×8 to build this shoe storage solution. It’s simple design is a great project for a beginner woodworker.

Ladder shelves are all the rage and this simple ladder shelf as shoe storage is perfect and pretty enough for any entryway.

Get the full tutorial here.

10. Hidden Shoe Cabinet from Handmade-Haven 

Shoe cabinet for organizing shoes with three pull out drawers

Any storage cabinet is great to add to your space, and you will never think this was a shoe cabinet until you open it! I love that this piece of furniture can be used anywhere in your home and the drawers slide out for easy access to your shoes.

Get the full tutorial here.

11. DIY Shoe Tray from Farmhouse Made 

Shoe tray DIY shoe organizing ideas

A simple tray for all your boots in the winter. When not in use, you can just store it away! It’s perfect for organizing the clutter of shoes and boots in your entryway!

Get the full tutorial here.

12. Entryway Shoe Organizer  By Emily Henderson 

wall mounted DIY shoe organizing idea

This is the most brilliant and minimalist shoe organization solution ever and can be used in any space – in a closet or multiple of these in a mudroom. This hanging shoe organizer keeps your shoes off the floor and easily accessible.

Get the full tutorial here.

13. Shoe Storage Cabinet With Trays from The Created Home

DIY pull out drawers in an entryway for shoe organizing

The pull out trays in this shoe storage cabinet make it really easy to keep all the shoes organized. Adjust the height to accommodate the shoes and boots you have to make it easy for everyone in the family to use.

Get the full tutorial here.

14. Bushel Box Shoe Storage Cubbies from Farmhouse Made 

Crates used for DIY shoe organizing ideas

I love clever ways to repurpose what you already have. Customize a set of apple boxes to become shoe storage in your entryway. It’s a simple and easy project to put together and easy to customize too!

Get the full tutorial here.

15. Entryway Shoe Storage With Crates from The Merry Thought 

crates of different heights stacked to create DIY shoe organization

Another idea using crates for shoe storage. Easy to customize and change as needed! Set them up in any configuration and make your shoe storage become home decor.

Get the full tutorial here.

16. Easy DIY Cubbies From Concrete Forms from Heathered Nest

Round concrete forms stacked on top of each other for DIY shoe organization

This is a great idea to add in any space of the house!! I also think it will be perfect in a child’s closet! Add as many tiers as you want to this DIY shoe storage solution.

Get the full tutorial here.

17. DIY Built-In Shoe Shelves from Pretty Handy Girl

DIY shoe organizing shelves built into the closet

If you have closet space in your coat closet, you can easily turn the bottom of it into organized shoe storage with this tutorial. This easy DIY project will have your shoes organized in no time!

Get the full tutorial here.

18. Easy DIY boot Tray by Woodshop Diaries

Organizing boot tray with rocks

Another simple and easy boot tray to store all those wet boots in the winter. With just a few bucks in wood and some basic tools your can make your own. It would be great for garages, mudrooms, or even inside your back door.

Get the full tutorial here.

19. How to Build a High Heel Shoe Rack from Centsational Style 

DIY shoe organizer built hold high heels in place

If you have a lot of high heels, this will make a great way to store them. This rack can be integrated into any other shoe organizer in your closet space as well!

Get the full tutorial here.

20. DIY Wall Mounted Shoe Rack from Heathered Nest 

High heels hung on DIY shoe rack on the wall

I absolutely love how Heather displays her shoes like a work of art! This hanging shoe storage is simple to make and you can do it with pre-made trim and basic tools.

Get the full tutorial here.

21. DIY Bench with Shoe Storage from The Handyman’s Daughter

DIY shoe organizer entry bench with organizing wire bins

A simple and quick entryway bench project that uses metal shoe bins for frequently used shoes. It also has a cushion on top to sit on and put your shoes on or take them off. Perfect for tennis shoes, flip flops, and more!

Get the full tutorial here.

22. DIY Shoe Storage Rack from Woodshop Diaries

shoe organizer shelf

Do you want shoe storage, but don’t want it to take up a lot of space? Then this DIY shoe storage rack is perfect for you! Its slim design will sit on any wall in your home and take up very little space!

See the full tutorial here!

23. Easy DIY Shoe Organizer from Jen Woodhouse

DIY shoe organizer ideas using plywood for a tiered shelf in the closet

Made from plywood this shoe organizer can sit in your walk-in closet or reach-in closet underneath your closet rod. You can customize it the size you need to store as many shoes as you want.

See the tutorial here!

24. DIY Shoe Peg Organization from Sawdust Girl

Shoes organized on a DIY peg wall mounted rack

Hang all your sneakers for easy storage and organization on hooks. Your shoes will hang on the hooks for a neat and organized entryway.

See the full tutorial here!

25. DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet from Toolbox Divas

shoe cabinet for organizing shoes in an entryway

Make your own shoe storage cabinet that has style and is also a great piece of furniture for any room in your home. I love the woven wood veneer detail on the doors!

Get the full tutorial here!


Aren’t all these ideas incredible?

Which one is your favorite?

They have certainly given me a lot of inspiration to tackle the shoe closet in our home so stay tuned for that!

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