DIY Wood Valence : Rental Bath Makeover

Today I am giving you details on the DIY wood Valence or cornice I made as part of the Rental Bath makeover for the kids. It was a super easy and quick project and I love how it covers up that ugly pink 80’s blind.

Super easy wood valence and basket lamp shade for kids bathroom makeover.

If you would like to see the lovely pink blind that is being covered up in its full glory, here is the before picture –

Kids bathroom makeover in a rental space

I could not get the blind to come off easily so I simply decided to cover it up. My research for a DIY Valence yielded a whole bunch of results that included foam board covered in batting and fabric. They looked pretty but were not the best thing for using in a bathroom… with all the dampness… mildew… eww.. no thank you! That’s when I came up with the idea of a DIY wood valence. The best part is I only needed 2 tiny nails to hold it in place and trust me it is super stable!

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Materials Needed for the DIY Wood Valence –

How to make the DIY wood cornice –

Step 1 – Start by making all the cuts.

Make an easy DIY Wood valence to install on any window!

Step 2 – Attach the 1″x 4″ boards on each of the 2″ x 2″ pieces using wood glue and finish nails like below. I left 2″ space between the two boards.

Super easy DIY Wood valence. easy to make and install

Step 3 – Attach the D-ring to the back. I used picture hanging hooks to hang the valence up. The hooks are each rated for 50Lbs. I am quite sure the wood valence weighs much less than that!

Installing the DIY wood valence is super easy. The DIY valence is super easy to make!

Step 4 – Paint and hang it up!

You won't believe how easy it is to make this DIY wood valence

It was a such and easy build and it looks awesome!

I will be back next Friday with a quick tutorial for the rest of the projects in the bathroom – the basket on the lamp and the contact paper covered counter!

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  1. This wooden valance is great. I was thinking it would also work to cover those ugly Hollywood strip lights sometimes in older bathrooms!

    1. That is a great idea Wendy!

  2. Wow, this makes a huge difference. I also like the little basket over the bathroom globe fixture.

    1. Thanks Leanna!

  3. Genius… Stumbling and pinning.. Susie from Chelsea Project

    1. Thanks Susie 🙂

  4. After your bathroom remodel all the renters are going to follow you for the crazy brilliant ideas you came up with to hide the outdated features you can’t change. I love how smart you were to use picture hooks, seriously I wouldn’t have thought of that!

  5. Anika this is so easy to do and it looks so great! Very clever thinking on your part to use hooks to hang it up.

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