27 Awesome Scrap Plywood Projects

If you are looking for things to do with scrap plywood pieces leftover, here are some impressive and easy scrap plywood project ideas to turn them into useful and functional pieces.

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If you have a pile of scrap plywood laying around or are unsure what to do with it, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Plywood is great because it’s affordable and easy to work with on the home workshop. It is strong and you can get nicer veneers at a fraction of the cost of hardwoods of the same size. Plus, it makes for an attractive end result!

It is commonly used to build furniture like dressers, cabinets, and even flooring. As with every woodworking project, every time you use plywood for a project, no matter how strategically you plan the cuts, you are leftover with scrap cut-offs.

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What to make with scrap plywood

One of the most common ways scrap plywood is used is in making wall art. The little pieces are easy to customize to create patterns and glue-ups. You can also find pieces large enough to make little shelves, bins, or even garage organization. Coasters make great small scrap plywood projects.

Below I am sharing things to do with scrap plywood that will take those cut-offs and odd little pieces that are too precious to throw away and turn them into something useful, beautiful, and functional.

DIY Scrap plywood Projects

Let’s start with some of my favorite projects that I have built which also happen to be made of scrap plywood!

I am going to kick it off with my most recent projects using scrap plywood. I am really excited about how they turned out!

1. Dinosaur Shelf

scrap plywood shelf with dinosaur cutout

A dinosaur shelf is perfect for any child obsessed with dinosaurs. This project uses 3/4″ scrap plywood that is 18″X30″, but you could make it any size you want. It’s a fun way to add a themed detail to your child’s room.

2. Divided Storage Bin

divided storage bin made from scrap plywood used for toys and books

If you have scrap plywood and a few boards you can make this divided storage bin in about an hour and for FREE! I first made this project to use as a vegetable bin and then realized it would be great as kids’ storage too!

3. Coffee Filter Holder

coffee filter holder made with scrap plywood sitting on a kitchen counter

For those of us that still like to make coffee the traditional way, this DIY coffee filter holder is the perfect way to store coffee filters. It’s an easy beginner project using scrap plywood and will free up space in your cabinet!

4. Simple DIY Scrap Plywood Clock

Wood clock made from scrap plywood

I am all about having a clock in every corner of the house. I want to be able to look up (and turn around, if needed) and see a clock if I need to – no matter where I am standing or sitting. This wood clock can be made using 1/4″ scrap plywood and a simple clock mechanism all in just an afternoon.

5. Scrap Plywood Organizer

Pegboard made from scrap wood in three geometric sections

A pegboard is a great storage solution in your home or your workshop. This DIY scrap plywood organizer was made from triangular scraps which gives it a modern look and it even has a magnetic section to hold notes!

6. Sandpaper Storage

Woman picking up sandpaper from an organizer from a DIY sandpaper organizer

Sandpaper storage can be the most frustrating part of workshop organization. You throw them in a drawer and when you go looking for the one you need you can’t find it. What do you do? If you’re like me, you just get a new one. No more! Keep sandpaper organized with this wall-mounted DIY sander organizer. This easy project will take less than 60 minutes and make your sandpaper and sander storage easy to reach and use.

7. Lazy Susan with Patterned Plywood

Chevron patterned plywood lazy susan on table

I had wanted to make a patterned plywood project for a long time. I had no idea what this project would end up being when I started, but I’m so happy it turned into a Lazy Susan! Different pieces of scrap plywood cut and glued together made this amazing pattern. I installed the Lazy Susan Hardware and it makes the perfect centerpiece!

Wall Art Scrap Plywood Ideas

8. Patterned Plywood Key Holder from DIY Huntress

key holder with shelf made from scrap plywood with a chevron pattern

Made from scraps of birch plywood cut into 1″ thick strips, this keyholder is a work of art! Chevrons in woodworking are a creative way to give a piece dimension. If you take on this project be sure to have a lot of wood glue.

9. DIY Wood Wall Art from The Handyman’s Daughter

framed flower shaped wall decor made from scrap plywood

Made using thin scrap plywood this wood wall art has a three-dimensional look by layering the plywood. Each piece is traced using a stencil then cut out using a jigsaw.

10. Beachy Sunburst Mirror from Lovely Etc.

sunburst mirror made from scrap plywood with a weathered beachy finish

Cutting scrap plywood into triangles, diamonds, and other similar shapes will create this amazing mirror that instantly becomes a statement piece in any room.

11. Hello Sign from Lemon Thistle

hello sign held up by woman

HELLO!! How fun is this hello sign with a script font? Simply draw out your word, color it in, then use a jigsaw and cut out the shape of your scrap plywood. It’s a quick and easy small scrap plywood project that you can use anywhere.

12. Wooden Barn Quilt from Unique Creations by Anita

wood barn quilt made from scrap plywood

Barn quilts are gaining in popularity and I see them everywhere. Cutting the plywood into strips that are all the same width and then going back and cutting out the shapes is how this barn quilt was made. They come in all shapes and sizes and patterns and look great indoors as well as outside.

13. Fall Sign from Woodshop Diaries

fall leaf sign made from scrap plywood and framed

Looking for a fun scrap wood project for fall? Using just a drill, a jigsaw, and a hammer, you can turn that piece of scrap plywood into this cute fall sign in about 30 minutes!

14. Plywood Polaroids from Love Create Celebrate

three scrap plwood signs with chalkboard paint and words written on them

Cut your scrap plywood into squares, add some chalkboard paint and you have the perfect little plywood polaroids to write a seasonal message on. This easy DIY project is perfect for any season and anywhere in your home.

15. Speech Bubble Sign from Remodelaholic

sign made from scrap plywood in shape of speech bubble

I love this cute speech bubble sign made from scrap plywood. Cut it out with a jigsaw and add a saying to it. It’s an easy small scrap plywood project that can be made in 30 minutes or less. It would look really cute in a child’s room.

16. String Art from Song Bird Blog

deer made using string art on scrap plywood

A scrap plywood project doesn’t have to be made from leftover plywood, it can also be made by repurposing. If you have an old piece that you don’t like anymore, remove the plywood backing and make this really cut string art project.

17. Restroom Signs from Remodalholic

Boy/girl restroom signs made from scrap plywood

If you have done any plywood projects, you have enough scrap plywood to make this cute restroom sign. Simply download a template, trace it onto your scrap plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw.

Home Decor Scrap Plywood Projects

18. Pie Carrier Box from Woodshop Diaries

pie box made from scrap plywood and plexiglass with a pie sitting inside

Making boxes is easy, you just have to make sure everything is square. Add two plexiglass sides to it and you have a pie carrier or pie display.

19. Scrap Plywood Coasters from The Handyman’s Daughter

Drink coasters made with scrap plywood and watercolor paint

Create a personalized set of coasters using scrap plywood and watercolor paints. Draw out your design, engrave it into the scrap plywood using a wood-burning tool then paint the design. These would make great gifts!

20. Scrap Plywood Terrariums from Remodelaholic

globe terrariums on scrap plywood stands

Made from 1/4″ plywood scraps these terrarium holders are custom made to fit these globe terrariums and give them a modern plant stand to sit on. All you need is a jigsaw or scroll saw to cut out the shapes.

21. Reversible Tablescape Chargers from Love Create Celebrate

table setting using scrap plywood chargers painted black

Great for holidays and special occasions, these reversible chargers made from scrap plywood are painted on one side and stained on the other so you can coordinate your table any way you want.

22. Plant Stand from By Brittany Goldwyn

modern plant stand made from plywood with hairpin legs

Scrap plywood and four tools are all you need to make this modern plant stand. It’s a great beginner project because there are no 45-degree angles used in the making of this box-shaped planter with hairpin legs.

23. Hanging Planter from My Love 2 Create

hexagon hanging planter with plant

This hanging planter is as easy as tracing the hexagon shape onto scrap plywood and cutting it out with a jigsaw. Cut out a hole big enough in the shelf for a plant pot, hang it with a chain and you’re good to go.

24. Scrap Plywood Candle Holders from Jen Woodhouse

cylinder shaped candle holder made from scrap plywood

Cutting disks out of scrap plywood using a hole saw then gluing them together make the cutest candle holders I have ever seen. Use a Forstner bit to drill out holes big enough for tea lights and you’re done!

25. Plywood Phone Stand from Oh Oh Deco

scrap plywood phone holder with iPhone sitting next to pen and notebook

Stack up cut pieces of scrap plywood, glue them together and drill a hole for your phone chord and you have an awesome phone holder for FREE!

26. Balancing Wine Bottle Holder from Uncookie Cutter

wine bottle placed inside a holder made from scrap plywood

No, this isn’t a magic trick. That wine bottle really is balancing in that piece of scrap plywood. It’s all about getting the angle just right. Personalize it, paint it, or stain it and this wine bottle holder makes a unique gift! Don’t forget to give a bottle of wine with it.

Scrap Plywood Projects for Your Workshop

27. Sanding Disc Storage from Jen Woodhouse

woman putting a sanding disk into a storage bin made from scrap plywood

Add sanding disc storage to your workshop using scrap plywood. Cut out circles using a jigsaw and then cut them in half for the sanding discs to sit it.

28. Sandpaper Storage Rack from Girl Just DIY

sandpaper storage rack sitting on a workbench

Keep your sandpaper organized with DIY sandpaper storage made from scrap plywood. Made from 1/2″ plywood, this sandpaper storage is an easy beginner DIY perfect for getting your shop organized.

29. Clamp Rack from Jen Woodhouse

wood clamps hanging on the wall in an organizer

Woodworkers have lots of clamps, it’s a hazard of the profession. To keep them organized make a clamp holder out of scrap plywood. Simple triangles make keeping all those clamps organized a breeze in your workshop.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this list will spark your creativity! Get ready to put that that scrap plywood pile to work! What will you make first?

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