How to Steam Clean Tile and Grout – Chemical Free

How to steam clean tile and grout using a steamer. Tile and grout cleaning can be a labor-intensive process. This chemical-free tile and grout cleaning is the answer!How to steam clean tile and grout

No room update is complete without a complete deep cleaning.

Especially a bathroom – it needs to be completely sanitized to feel brand new!

The tile and grout in the guest bathroom which I recently updated was in a pretty sad state. The grout was dirty and you could see that the tile needed a deep clean.Grout with dirt and grime

Honestly, the shower door corners were quite disgusting. There were not only hard water deposits but also mold (!!!).Shower stall corner with hard water build up and mold. Clean it with steam cleaner

There was no way I was going to call this bathroom update complete without cleaning all of this up!

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Best Chemical-Free Way to Clean Grout and Tile

There are so many ways you can clean tile and grout. My friend Bren Did even tried and put together a whole list of ways to clean grout!

But the best way is the chemical-free way!

Enter the HomeRight SteamMachine Model53. You might remember it from when I cleaned up the gross outdoor toys last year.

I love that it not just cleans super easily, but also disinfects! I mean what bacteria can stand the high pressure, high-temperature steam?!Homeright steam machine review.

How to Steam Clean Tile and Grout

Seeing it with your own eyes is believing so take a look at the steam cleaning in action!I also have the steps listed below.

  1. Prepare the steam cleaner by adding de-ionized water and turning it on for the pressure to build up.
  2. Once it the steam is ready, start with the nozzle attachment. It shoots a jet of high-pressure steam and all the dirt and grime is no match for it.Cleaning the grout with steam cleaner
  3. For tougher stains, use the nylon brush attachment to scrub. There is also a wire brush attachment that comes with the machine but you don’t want to use that as it can damage the grout.Scrubbing grout using a steam cleaner
  4. Once all the grout and nooks and crannies of the shower are cleaned, turn to the tile itself. Attach the large cleaning brush and give the entire tile a good scrubbing.Scrubbing tile with steam cleaner
  5. To finish up and clean up the entire floor, add the chenille mop pad and wiped down the entire tile and grout using steam cleaning

That’s it! Quick and easy!

Do Steam Cleaners Really Work?

Oh yes, they do! It took me about 30 minutes to clean up this little bathroom including that gross corner of the shower stall!tile and grout cleaned with steam cleaner.

The grout and tile are nice and shiny!Tile and grout cleaned using steam cleaner

Can you clean grout with a steam mop? Not with any steam mop. The key to cleaning something porous like grout is the high-pressure steam which can go in and push all the dirt out. The HomeRight SteamMachine Model53 is perfect for this!

There is such a satisfaction in shooting steam out of the steam cleaner! I have to admit, once I turn this on, it is kind of addicting and I can’t stop cleaning and steaming! Ha!! It is really versatile and can be used in so many ways! Take a look at all the other ways you can use the HomeRight SteamMachine around the house!

What would you use it for?


How to steam clean tile and grout collage with text

How to steam clean tile and grout collage with text
before and after comparison of how to clean mold and hard water build upHow to steam clean tile and grout collage with text

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