12 Easy One-Day Home Improvement Projects That Are High-Impact

Taking on a home renovation can be intimidating and overwhelming. Check out these 12 home improvement projects you can complete in a day and ease into home renovation.

1. Turn down the lights with dimmer switches

young girl dimming lights with dimmer switches
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Set the ambiance with dimmer switches and enjoy popcorn and a movie with friends and family. Dimmer switches can be purchased for under $20 and will take less than a day to install. Minor electrical work is required, so consult an electrician if you aren’t comfortable.

2. It’s not that hard to replace hardware

kitchen cabinet hardware
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Replacing hardware on cabinets and drawers can make a huge difference to the style of your space. Your local hardware store will have everything you need to replace your hardware cheaply and easily.

3. Let there be light fixtures

woman changing a light fixture
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You don’t have to live with that crusty dusty light fixture when changing it takes under a day. This task is a little more advanced because it involves electrical, but you can change a light fixture on your own with the right precautions.

4. Don’t force it, change the faucet

Anika changing a kitchen faucet
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A leaky faucet can be a bummer, but you don’t have to live with it. Changing out a faucet can be a simple project to complete in a few hours, and the new faucet will make a huge impact on the design of your kitchen or bathroom. See how easy it is to do here.

5. Get smart with the locks

woman using a smart door lock
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Everyone knows the horror of locking yourself out of your home, but a smart lock system eliminates the need for keys. Installing a smart lock on your front door is quick and easy, making it the perfect one-day home improvement project.

6. Throw out those old outlet covers

woman changing outlet cover
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Cracked or clashing outlet covers make a space feel unfinished and sloppy. Replacing the outlet covers with matching new ones will make your space look cohesive and can be done both quickly and cheaply.

7. Power wash away driveway grime

power washing driveway
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Parked cars leak oils and other fluids, and those spills can make your driveway look a hot mess. Power washing your driveway and walkways is a great way to clean up the curb appeal in an afternoon. Find out the best concrete cleaners for pressure washers here.

8. Seal that window extra tight

Woman caulking window
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Window seals can crack over time, letting in cold air over the winter months. Add sealant around your windows to save on energy bills, and save your energy by completing this task in under a day.

9. Drain your water heater, not your bank

woman checking water heater
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Did you know draining your water heater is regular maintenance that should be completed? Over time, sediment can build up inside your water heater, leading to hard water and a poor-functioning water heater. Drain and flush your water heater once a year for optimal performance.

10. Add a Pop of Color to Your Front Door

red painted front door
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

The front door is the first impression your house makes to guests, and old peeling paint can make your home look messy. Take the afternoon and paint your front door for a fresh new look.

11. Accent Your Walls With Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

Wallpaper on an accent wall in the dining room
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An accent wall can add so much design to your space. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add some creativity to your home in under a day without the mess and commitment of paint.

12. Declutter Your Space

woman overwhelmed wth clutter
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Clutter can make functioning in your home difficult and stressful, and finding items in all that clutter can be a hassle. Taking a day to declutter a space will give you much more storage and peace. Here are 100 things you can declutter from your home today!

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