24 Affordable Storage Ottomans (under $300)

Affordable storage ottomans in all shapes and sizes to match every style. A shopping guide to help you find the perfect inexpensive storage ottoman on a budget. All of these storage ottomans are priced under $300!Collage of affordable storage ottomans

I am on the lookout for a cheap storage ottoman.

A couple of years ago we got rid of our coffee table.

It was glass and metal and pretty much a hazard for babies and toddlers.

We need a place in front of the couch to put our feet up and store a few blankets etc., and, let’s not forget, it needs to look good!

Nice stylish storage ottomans are everywhere but add the constraint of reasonable price – that is where life gets a little harder.

As I have been researching I put the list together so you can find your favorite one too! Most of them are under $175!

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Simple storage ottoman ideas

The above three storage ottomans are very similar in design. First is a tufted linen fabric bench and the second is a faux leather tufted storage bench If you would like to add some interest you can always get one with a nailhead trim.

All of these are available in multiple colors! With kids around and lots of wear and tear, it’s better to have something that can withstand spills and at under $175 the faux leather is a great cheap option.

Patterned Storage Ottomans

Of course, if you are like me and you love color and pattern and want to infuse personality into your space, here are some nice options –

Affordable Multi-functional storage ottomans

Here is one I really love! The Brentwood Storage Ottoman is plain and simple to look at but has a lot more functionality with reversible tray tops! I just wish it came in more colors.

If you are more into dark leather storage ottomans, here are some wonderful and functional options –

I love the functionality of option #8  with its 3 compartments. Option #9 is even better with the flippable lids/trays. Option # 10 is awesome if you need just a little bit of storage in the drawer. All of these are under $250! The last two, however, are pretty huge and won’t work in my living room. Also, I am looking for something more bright and cheerful.

Small and affordable storage ottomans –

I also came across these smaller storage ottomans – some simple, some whimsical… they are too small for my purpose but I wanted to share them with you because some of them are simply adorable and all priced between $120 to $250.

I leave you with my favorite so far in terms of design and functionality – The Round Tufted Storage Ottoman with Tray & Shelf – it is just a slightly over $300 but is so totally worth it. I love the round shape and it has a flippable top that converts into a tray! Now I only wish it came in more colors…

storage ottoman - Little Free Monkeys

Which one is your favorite? Give me your feedback and help this girl decide!

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