21 DIY Wood Gifts for Dad: Last-Minute Ideas

These simple last-minute DIY gifts for him are perfect for any occasion! He will love these ideas and they will not be shoved in a drawer!

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Finding interesting gift ideas for him that he will love and use can be a struggle!

When you look up “homemade gifts for men” on the internet or Pinterest, you are bombarded with ideas for kids to make that involve handprints and cards… 

What about us grown-ups? 

What if we want to make a gift for the guys in our life? 

Of course, it depends on what their interests are.

But, whether you are looking for a handmade birthday gift for dad or last-minute DIY gifts for boyfriend just because, it is always very hard to find something that is both good-looking and functional.

Enter woodworking – whether you are just starting out woodworking or have been doing this a long time, you can easily whip up a cool and functional gift he will love.

What can I make out of wood for Father’s Day?

I have put together a list of 21 Easy DIY gift ideas for him that are super easy to make!

There is something for every crafting skill level – from wooden cuff links to DIY phone stands to simple desk organizers!

Each of these can be made within a few hours making them perfect last-minute DIY gift ideas!

Easy Handmade Gift Ideas for Him

1. DIY Phone Stand for the desk by Anika’s DIY Life

DIY phone stand in gray with phone charging, an inspirational quote, pens and a little plant on a desk

Let’s start with the DIY Phone Holder with a photo display. It makes a great gift for his desk to hold the phone as well as a picture or fun or motivational quote! You can make it easily using scrap wood and he will love this DIY gift idea for him.

2. DIY Bottle Opener by Anika’s DIY Life

DIY wall mounted bottle opener on wall.

And since we are talking about beer and barbecues, this DIY bottle opener will make a great addition to his barbecue space. Another DIY gift idea you can make using scrap wood, the copper accent give it the perfect decorative touch.

3. DIY Desk Nameplate by Jen Woodhouse

wood and acrylic name plate a great DIY gift for him

Make a DIY nameplate for his desk. This DIY desk nameplate is so easy and classy! You can make it using scrap wood and the hardest part will be writing his name on the acrylic.

Man holding DIY wooden cuff link in his palm with the other on his sleeve

I just love these! DIY wooden cuff links are such a unique gift idea for him, they certainly aren’t something he would buy for himself. He can wear them at weddings, a backyard BBQ, graduations, or anywhere else he wants. They are a simple DIY that he is sure to love!

5. Easy DIY Lap Desk from Anika’s DIY Life

Simple DIY lap desk with legs on bed with computer on top

This is a quick and easy project you can possibly make using scrap wood and it makes a great lap desk to work or eat in bed or even on the couch! Customize the color of the epoxy pour using his favorite colors for a gift he will love.

6. DIY Tool Box Organizer

This beginner-friendly DIY toolbox organizer can be used in so many different ways. Help make his workshop a little more organized. You can build this DIY gift for him in just an hour using scrap wood!

7. Couch sleeve with cup holder by A Beautiful Mess

man holding a cup of coffee above wooden couch sleeve drink holder DIY gift for him

Great for the guy that loves to watch TV and have his coffee/beer 😉 right where he can get it. This DIY project for him can be made in about an hour and is great for small spaces where you might not have a side table. You can paint or stain it in the color of your choice to match your decor.

8. DIY Beer Tote by Rogue Engineer

DIY wood beer tote with bottle opener diy gift for him

Of course, a beer tote is always a great idea! This one is made out of hobby board complete with bottle opener! He’ll be all set for the next gathering bringing his beverage of choice along with him in style.

9. DIY Footrest for under desk by Anika’s DIY Life

Woman resting feet on DIY footrest

This is a simple project made using scrap wood and makes an ergonomic footrest for under a desk! He will thank you for this DIY gift idea that will help his back and legs as he sits at his desk each day.

10. Device Charging Station with Cordless Charging

wooden charging station with wireless charging and devices charging.

A simple and quick project that can be made out of scrap wood and will solve the spaghetti of cords on the countertop problem! This DIY device family charging station even includes a built-in wireless charger!

11. DIY iPhone Amplifier by Make It Love It

I am sure he will love this DIY iPhone amplifier. It might look complicated but this tutorial makes it super simple! It doesn’t have any cords and can be used anywhere in the house or garage or outdoors!

12. A DIY Tie Rack by Craftaholics Anonymus

DIY tie rack with ties

A Tie Rack to display all his ties – this one is a super simple build! You could even make this out of scrap wood if you had the right size. Glue and finishing nails are all you need to make this easy DIY gift for him.

13. DIY wood and acrylic pencil holder by Anika’s DIY Life

View of the completed modern diy pencil holder with pens and paintbrushes

Even the men in our lives deserve organization! Made from scrap wood, this DIY modern pencil holder can be made in an hour or less. It’s the perfect DIY project for last-minute gift-giving.

14. DIY Ring Toss Game

Learn how to make a simple DIY ring toss game with step by step tutorial, printable instructions, and video. This classy take on the traditional carnival game is also easy to dismantle and store away when not in use.

This quick and easy DIY project is a perfect gift for him! This classy take on the traditional carnival game is also easy to dismantle and store away when not in use. He will love playing this game with family and friends all summer long!


Woman picking up sandpaper from an organizer from a DIY sandpaper organizer

Help him organize his workshop with this easy to make sandpaper storage organizer. No more drawer full of sandpaper! The wall-mounted design takes less than an hour to make and will make his sandpaper and sanders easy to reach whenever he needs them.

16. DIY Engraved Acrylic Nightlight

DIY nightlight using acrylic engraved on Cricut

Make him a personalized engraved acrylic LED nightlight. Using a Cricut Maker you can easily engrave any message or design you want in acrylic. Add an LED light to the base and it will light up as an amazing gift for him!

17. DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

Laptop desk stand with post it notes and planner underneath

His neck and back will thank you when you give him this DIY laptop stand for his desk. Made from scrap wood, it’s an easy DIY woodworking project you can make in less than an hour. Paint or stain it in his favorite color and add metal accents if you want to for an industrial vibe that he is sure to love!

18. DIY Plywood Pegboard And Magnetic Board

Here is a great gift idea for his workshop or office. Made from scrap plywood, it features a pegboard design along with a magnetic section great for keeping track of important notes he doesn’t want to lose. You will only need a few tools to make this DIY gift for him and he is sure to love it!

19. DIY Hat Rack from Terrace Place

DIY hat rack made from scrap wood in the shape of a fish with baseball hats hanging on it.

A DIY hat rack for your fishing obsessed guy. What better gift for the fisherman in your life than a hat rack in the shape of a fish. You’ll need a jigsaw for this DIY gift idea for him and you can make this project in an hour or less.

20. DIY Headset Stand from Making Manzanita

DIY wood headset stand with headset hanging on it

Is he a gamer? Or maybe he uses ear protection in the workshop. This DIY headset stand is the perfect gift for him! This DIY gift idea can be made in an hour or less and you could probably make it using scrap wood.

21. Simple Gift Tags by Almost Makes Perfect

flat lay image of Happy Father's Day printable gift tags

And I leave you with a BONUS – Printable Father’s Day Gift tags to use with your awesome DIY gift! I love the modern minimal design of these gift tags. Simply print them, punch a hole in the top, and attach them to your gift!

More Gift Ideas for Him –

Anika's goal is to inspire and empower beginners with woodworking, DIY, home improvement, and home decor ideas.
She wants everyone to unlock their creative potential and experience the feeling that comes with making something. Nothing feels better better than seeing something and saying "I can make that!"

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