Best DIY Projects of 2017- Your Top 10 Favorites!

The best DIY projects of 2017 from Anika’s DIY Life. From home decor to beginner woodworking project ideas! Get your DIY fix with the best of the best!

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The best DIY projects of 2017 from Anika's DIY Life. From home decor to beginner woodworking project ideas! Get your DIY fix with the best of the best!

It is that time of the year again.

The time to look back and reflect on the year gone by. What a year this has been on my blog and for me! We have both grown so much!

I have gotten to know some amazing readers and have met and built awesome friendships. I love every single email I get from you! It warms my heart to know I have inspired someone. I have had opportunities I had only dreamt of! I have loved every minute of it! I hope you did too because that is truly my goal.

I am super excited for 2018 and there are a lot of awesome things in store! I have big dreams too! Your love and support will help me achieve them and I cannot thank YOU enough!

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Top DIY Projects of 2017

Now let’s take a look back at the top 10 reader favorites of 2017 – in reverse order, of course, because it is always fun that way. I will share a bit of behind the scenes (and in some cases a few confessions) about each project too! See if your favorite made the list and tell me which one was your #1 favorite DIY project?

#10 Colorful Kids Room Accent Wall

I am so excited this made the top 10 list in spite of being posted just about 2 months ago. This colorful Kids room wall is a vision I have had in my head for a long time and is finally a reality.

But there is one thing about this wall that no one except my husband knows – my original plan was to make random shapes but I thought it might get too much with random shapes and colors so I decided to go with just random colors. I had even painted the main wall colors to end in a random pattern and then I had to go back and repaint to make the diamond pattern. There may still be a wall of random shapes in the future… watch out!This boy-girl shared bedroom is so amazing! It shows each kids personality so well!

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#9 – DIY Toy Organizer

This DIY toy organizer is has been such a help in keeping the toys organized. I just wish I had added one more set of bins to it!

#8 – Kids Table With Storage

I built this table with storage for my daughter’s 5th birthday and she has used it ever since. We love all the hidden storage but she is getting a bit too tall for it and I feel sad about that. But hey, it also gives me the opportunity to build her a new study desk! 🙂Easy DIY Kids table with storage | Build a schoolhouse desk. Easy beginner's build

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#7 DIY Modern Farmhouse Desk

Talking of desks, this desk with all its storage… I am in love with it! Of course, I spend half my day sitting at it. It doesn’t look as organized as it does in the pictures on most days. 🙂 I am so glad I decided to make open shelves on the bottom because there is no way I could have kept a handle on a deep dark cabinet!DIY desk and office makeover. Step by step tutorial and plans to make a DIY desk

#6 X-Leg Console Table

If you have read this post, you already know that I built this X-leg console table in my driveway while we were still living out of boxes in 100F weather. In the hurry to get it done, I actually ended up attaching the legs inside out and all the pocket holes were visible on the outside. So I ended up having to putty and sand and spend more time in the sun and heat!! But ultimately, this console table was well worth the effort because it turned pretty great!Easy DIY X-leg console table with plans!

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#5 -Diy Emerson Buffet

This DIY Emerson buffet is by far the most complicated piece I have built! It is also my favorite! It was a dream come true to be able to work with Jen Woodhouse on it! This right here is proof that if I can do this, anyone can!!Build a West Elm inspired DIY Emerson buffet! Free Plans available!

#4 – IKEA Lack Hack

To be honest, I am shocked this Ikea Lack hack made #4!! I almost didn’t post it. I actually did it to use as a background for my photographs. I took pictures of the process but then decided it was too simple to post about it. Then on one of those days when I had a creative block, I decided to go ahead with it anyways… that is proof – don’t ever underestimate yourself!Ikea Lack coffee table hack | faux wood Ikea Lack hack | Farmhouse Ikea Lack table hack

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#3 – No-Sew Canvas Bins

Another one of those projects that almost never made it to the blog. That box with the blue trim – I had made that 3 years ago. Trying to find a last minute idea for the drop cloth challenge, I decided to cover one more box and document how to make a no-sew canvas bin. That is how this post was born.How to make perfect no-sew canvas storage bins by wrapping cardboard boxes in drop cloth. This is a fun easy drop cloth organization project

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#2 – DIY Tiered Planter Box

There really is no secret or story behind this tiered planter except that I gave it to our neighbor when we moved and I really really want to build a new one! Or maybe a modification of a design…
DIY Tiered planter box for $10 - full tutorial, plans and Video!

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#1 – Divided Vegetable Storage Bins

Really, these should be called storage bins because there are so many ways to use it. I seriously need to build a few more of these to use all around the house!

Easy DIY Vegetable storage Bin with divider | Perfect beginner woodworking project | Scrap wood project idea | kitchen organization solution

So Which One Is Your Favorite DIY Project?

Please do tell me!! I would LOVE to know! Is there a project you loved but it didn’t make the list? Tell me about it too!

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She wants everyone to unlock their creative potential and experience the feeling that comes with making something. Nothing feels better better than seeing something and saying "I can make that!"

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