Easy IKEA Rusch Wall Clock Makeover for Kids Room

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Pink Ikea Rusch wall clock with colorful paper and text overlay

Add a colorful twist to a simple Ikea wall clock with this fun Ikea Rusch wall clock makeover. Great 10 minute project idea for a kids room or nursery.

I have been working on re-doing the kids room.

I wanted a clock for the room that went with the fun and colorful decor I was planning.

Ikea rusch clock

Enter the Ikea Rusch Wall Clock! It was the simplest non-assuming wall clock ever and the $1.99 price cannot be beaten!

The best part is that it only took me 10 minutes to make.

You can’t go wrong with that!

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Materials needed for Ikea Rusch wall clock hack –

  1. Ikea Rusch wall clock. Also available on Amazon.
  2. Scrapbook paper – Any pattern you like. Here are a few options for the polka dots like I used.
  3. Clock numbers
  4. Spray paint  – Any color you like. I used Watermelon by krylon.
  5. Painters tape

How to makeover an Ikea Rusch Wall clock  –

Step 1: Start by taking the clock apart.

It was pretty simple to remove the top plastic cover using the notches on the side.

Then, I took the needles out one by one followed by the paper clock face.

Spray painting the Ikea Rusch wall clock

Step 2:  Cover the clock movement with painters tape to protect it and give it a few coats of spray paint. I used watermelon by krylon. 

Step 3: For the clock face, use the old clock face insert as a template and cut out the scrapbook paper to size.

Glue clock numbers  to create the clock face.

My clock numbers were gold, so I used black craft paint to simply paint them black. I like that they are a matte black.

Ikea Rusch wall clock face made from scrapbook paper and clock numbers

You could also use a black sharpie or stickers for the numbers. I like the 3 dimensionality the clock face numbers add.

That’s it! I just assembled everything back in steps like I had removed them.

Ikea Rusch wall clock assembled with scrap book paper and numbers

I was a little nervous of mixing up the sequence of the needles. But that is impossible because they only go in a certain way! Ikea makes it totally fool proof 🙂

I ultimately replaced the plastic cover too!

It hangs in the kids’ room and looks amazing!

Ikea Rushc wall clock makeover with colored scrapbook paper

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  4. I love your creativity. Repainting one yes, but doing a makeover on the face. It’s whimsical, and great for a kid’s room. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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