Trendy Holiday Decor for Any Space

Deck the halls with trendy holiday decor. These 12 on-trend Christmas decor ideas will add a festive touch to any space in your home.

1. Wreaths on the Back of Dining Chairs

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Wreaths can be hung anywhere, and Christmas wreaths on the backs of chairs are a trendy way to add a festive touch to your dining area.

2. Fairy Lights as Wall Garland

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Use fairy lights as a garland in any space to hang Christmas cards. Drape them on a wall for a large display if you get a lot of cards, or put them on a doorway if you haven’t sent any in a while and have dropped off those Christmas card lists.

3. Candles

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Candles create a cozy space, and you can set them anywhere in your home to create a relaxing Christmas vibe. Battery-operated candles are the way to go if you think you’ll forget to put them out.

4. Pine Branches

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Put some pine branches in a vase and set them anywhere, even on the bathroom vanity! Nothing says Christmas like pine branches.

5. Bottle Brush Trees

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Bottlebrush trees became popular a few years ago, and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Layer them in with your mantle decor, use them in your table centerpiece, or anywhere else they can add a touch of holiday cheer.

6. Wreaths in the Kitchen

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We put wreaths on the door, so why not in the kitchen? They are perfect to hang on your stove vent for everyone to see.

7. Paper Stars

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Paper stars are fun to make; you can hang them anywhere for a festive touch. Hang them above a console table, a stairway nook, or your mantle. Learn how to make paper stars here.

8. Chandelier Wreath

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Adorn your chandelier with a wreath. It’s an unexpected place to find one, but the trend is growing in popularity.

9. Stockings for the Banister

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Stockings are a Christmas decor staple, but they don’t just have to hang on a mantle. Add them to your staircase, hang them from a console table or on a bedpost.

10. Dough Bowls

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Dough bowls are the perfect vessel for a Christmas centerpiece. Fill it with greenery and other natural elements for a seasonal touch to your home. Make a dough bowl centerpiece that will impress your guests.

11. Christmas Wall Garland

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Garlands aren’t just for the mantle. Place garland on a shelf for a festive display and other favorite Christmas decor.

12. Tabletop Trees

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Tabletop trees come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Mix and match them for an eclectic table centerpiece.

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