35 DIY Wood Christmas Decorations

Easy DIY wood Christmas decorations and ideas to help inspire and motivate you to decorate your home with handmade projects.

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Handmade decorations are my favorite (no surprise there!). Even better if they are made with wood! Christmas wood projects add rustic beauty and warmth wherever they are – indoors or outdoors!

To inspire you, I have collected some of my favorite wooden Christmas decorations and projects you can easily make!

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DIY Christmas Woodworking Projects

Let’s start with decorations you can make and decorate your home!

1. LED Christmas Tree from Anika’s DIY Life

LED lit Christmas tress silhouette on red slatted background

Made from scrap wood, this simple lighted Christmas tree silhouette is easy to make and makes the perfect addition to the wall or mantle!

2. DIY Wooden Christmas Ornaments by Anika’s DIY Life

Close up stained wooden Christmas ornament

Cut these thin simple wooden Christmas tree ornaments on the Cricut with our free SVG!

3. Wood Slice Christmas Tree from Anika’s DIY Life

Colorful wood slice christmas tree with greenery on brown background

Wood slices from the craft store can be easily transformed into the colorful sparkling tree!

4. DIY Display Frames from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY wood and acrylic picture frames with Christmas prints

These are simple frames but the addition of Christmas prints makes them perfect for decor. When the season is done, change them out with pictures of your choice and use year-round.

5. Wooden Gift Card Holders from Ugly Duckling House

close up of wood gift card holders

If you are giving gift cards this Christmas, make them extra special with these handmade wooden gift card holders!

6. Wood Star Tray from Jaime Costiglio

Wood star shaped serving tray

Bring this DIY wood star serving tray filled with yummies to your next holiday party and the hosts will be forever grateful.


7. Christmas Tree Trunk Candle Holder from ToolBox Divas

Tea light candle holders made from logs

Use logs to make these quick and easy DIY candle holder.

8. Wooden Reindeer Puzzle from My Love 2 Create

Wooden reindeer sitting on table top

A template and jig saw will help you easily create this cute Christmas wood craft.

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DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations Made of Wood

Wooden decorations are especially suited for outdoor use because they are sturdy and can be easily sealed to withstand the elements.

9. Christmas Tree Yard Decoration from The Handyman’s Daughter

white modern wood Christmas tree lighted at night

This modern version of a Christmas tree lights up the night and looks great in the daytime too!

10. 3D wood Christmas Tree from The DIY Dreamer

Light green plywood 3D Christmas tree on front porch

This large version of a 3-dimensional wooden Christmas tree is perfect for the porch or the lawn!

11. Christmas Tree Wood Lantern from The DIY Dreamer

Wooden Christmas indoor/outdoor lantern with Christmas tree cutout

This simple and quick DIY wooden Christmas tree lantern is perfect to use inside or outside.

12. Christmas Tree from Architectural Salvage from Pillar Box Blue

Green Christmas tree made from architectural salvage

A completely unique Christmas tree made using salvaged pieces of wood!

13. Patchwork Wood Christmas Tree from Sweet Pea

DIY small wood tree

I absolutely love the look of this Christmas tree. Imagine making it larger and using adding a few in the yard!


14. DIY Santa Stop Here Post from Jaime Costiglio

Santa Stop Here Pole with candy cane strips on pole

Santa won’t miss this colorful sign painted like a candy cane.

15. DIY Santa Stop Here Sign from Girl, Just DIY

Red and white striped Santa Please Stop Here wood pole with directional arrows

No Chimney, no problem! Point Santa in the right direction with this sign.

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DIY Wooden Christmas Stocking Holders

These simple ideas will make sure Santa stops in the right place if you don’t have a fireplace!

16. DIY Stocking Post from Jaime Costiglio

Wood Santa Stop Here pole stocking holder

When you don’t have a fireplace make sure Santa won’t miss this stockings!

17. DIY Stocking Holder Stand from H2OBungalow

Wood stocking holder light pole

This stocking holder post features a light so Santa won’t miss the stockings in the dark.


18. DIY Decorative Ladder from Hazel + Gold Designs

Wooden Ladder decorated in garland

Ladders are easy to make and are great for decorating for the holidays. They also make great stocking hangers!

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DIY Wooden Advent Calendars

The countdown to Christmas is so exciting! Make the perfect advent calendar to use again and again every year with these projects.

19. DIY Advent Calendar from Jaime Costiglio

Wood pole advent calendar using pocket holes as countdown marker

Mark the days using a dowel topped with a star and pocket holes.

20. Hanging Advent Calendar from Ugly Duckling House

small wood triangle trees on shelf with hanging advent calendar hanging from it

Made from scrap wood and other craft supplies this easy wooden Christmas craft will cost next to nothing to make.

21. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar from Tried & True Creative

Advent calendar made with paper trees and wood slice bases

This easy to make wood slice advent calendar is all about spreading joy.

22. Modern DIY Advent Calendar from Up To Date Interiors

Modern colorful house with drawers as day markers for advent calendar

Create this modern DIY advent calendar with a wood frame and craft paints.


23. Vintage Wooden Advent Calendar from Hearth & Vine

Vintage barn strip tree with numbered day markers

Barn wood slats and colorful wooden ornaments mark down the days with a vintage vibe.

24. DIY Rustic Moose from The Painted Key

Wood moose advent calendar with day markers hanging on antlers

Made from plywood this advent calendar marks down the days with goody bags full of chocolate.

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Wooden Christmas Wall Decor

25. Rustic Wood Slice Wreath from Mom Home Guide

wood slice wreath with red chevron bow

This is an easy DIY wreath using wood slices. Look at those snowflakes stenciled on the wood slices!

26. Wooden DIY Barn Star Art from Abbotts At Home

Red barn quilt with white star

Build this Pottery Barn knock off for less than $20!


27. DIY Wood Christmas Card Wreath from Houseful of Handmade

wood wreath Christmas card holder

A wooden wreath form and a pack of clothespins and you have the perfect Christmas card display.

28. Lighted Christmas Sign from Our Crafty Mom

Three wisemen lighted wood wall decor

Lighted from behind the three wise men look like they are really following the North Star.

29. DIY Moulding Christmas Tree from Girl In The Garage

White wood Christmas tree made from molding on wood board


Made from decorative trim and moulding and a background made from scrap wood, this makes a great Christmas wood craft project.

30. Sleigh Rides Wood Sign from Her Tool Belt

Wood sleigh ride sign hanging on porch

This sign is perfect for Christmas and the whole winter season.

31. Christmas Countdown Marquee Sign from The DIY Dreamer

Lighted wooden Christmas countdown sign

What better way to count down the days until Christmas than with a giant outdoor marquee sign!

32. Christmas Sign from Uncookie Cutter

Chimney this way sign hanging on outside house wall

Make sure Santa know where the chimney is with this sign pointing him right where he needs to go.


33. Wood Slice Christmas Tree Sign from Harbour Breeze Home

Wood slice tree in frame

This DIY wood slice Christmas tree sign makes a great rustic decor touch for the Winter season.

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DIY Christmas Tree Stands

Wooden Christmas tree stands are simple and easy to make and can be used for the rest of the year as a regular planter box!

34. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Stand from The Stonybrook House

Wood Christmas tree stand box

This is an easy build using pine boards for a great farmhouse look but can be painted to make a modern version too!

35. Wood Christmas Tree Stand from Houseful of Handmade

Christmas tree stand box made from reclaimed wood

Tree skirts look nice but up your game with this simple Christmas tree box! I can imagine it color blocked for a modern or boho look!

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Which one will you make?! I can’t wait to see!


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