DIY Lattice Planter Box

Full tutorial and plans for a DIY lattice planter box using vinyl lattice and a few boards. How to make your own planter box for indoors or outdoors.
Navy blue lattice planter box in patio with plants

This DIY lattice planter box is the latest addition to my patio! And I am in love with it!

My newly stained concrete patio looks so much more lively now! I went with ferns for now… because, you know… black thumb and all…

I wanted to create a planter with lots of texture. The original plan was to use strips of pine lattice… and create the criss-cross pattern.

But then I realized there was a simple way to do this! And so, in about 2 hours, I built this planter box for my patio. What is the secret? Read on!Close up view of the lattice on the DIY Lattice planter box

Actually, there was a bit of a debate on the color… and I will come to that, but first, let me show you how you can build your own lattice planter box.

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DIY Lattice Planter Box

Materials to Build a DIY Lattice Planter Box –

How to Build the Lattice Planter Box –

You can download the printable plans for this lattice planter box below. You can also follow along with the step by step tutorial with pictures below.

Get the Printable Plans

Step 1 – Build the frame with frame for the plater using the 1×2 boards using wood glue and 2 ½” Pocket hole screwsBuilding the frame to make the lattice planter box

Step 2 – Cut the vinyl lattice to size using a jigsaw or reciprocating saw. I used a combination of both. Notice – widthwise, the lattice is the exact size of the opening but overlaps lengthwise. I attached using a dab of strong glue and finish nails. how to cut the vinyl lattice to make a lattice planter boxOnce, all sides were done, it seemed too “see-through” and the pot on the inside would be very visible. DIY lattice planter box with one layer of lattice

Step 4 – Add another layer offset from the first one to give it a fuller look. This was also attached using the strong glue and finish nails.Attaching second layer of lattice using finish nails

Step 5 – Add trim to the top and bottom of the planter to give it a finished look.Attaching trim to the DIY Lattice planter

So much better! DIY Lattice planter box completed and ready for paint

Time to paint!

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Once the planter box was built, I wasn’t quite sure what color to go with – white or navy. I asked the peeps on Instagram Stories and navy won hands down… but then when I got the grey primer on, for a while there, I wanted to stay with grey… so I asked for a vote again… and navy won again…

How to Paint an Outdoor Planter Box

It can be quite a challenge to paint all that lattice uniformly. One way to go about it is to use traditional spray paint… but I try to stay away from that because it isn’t very good for you, not mention expensive, and the color choices are way too limited!

Painting it with latex paint can be a challenge buit I have a (not-so-secret) weapon!

Materials needed to paint an outdoor planter box-  

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Painting the DIY lattice planter box – 

Step 1 – Set up the large spray shelter and drop cloth to protect the surroundings from overspray.

Step 2 – Get ready to spray primer on the planter. Start by spraying the underside and the insides before proceeding with the outsides. The best thing about the Super FinishMax Extra is that there is no need to thin the primer! It goes on like a dream. Spraying primer on the diy planter box using a HomeRight Paint Sprayer

I love to use the paint sprayer because you can easily get into all the grooves in the lattice for a uniform look. I added 2 coats of the primer with about 2 hours of drying time in between.Painting the inside details of the DIY Lattice Planter with the HomeRight Paint Sprayer

Step 3 – Add 3 coats of paint with the Super FinishMax Extra. I finally settled on navy because it goes well with my newly stained concrete floors and also against the color of the house.Painting the DIY planter box navy with the HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer

Step 4 – Add a couple of coats of outdoor water-based poly using the Super FinishMax Extra.

See all the ways you can use the Super FinishMax Extra on HomeRight’s website.

Once, everything was dry, I added a few cedar planks on the bottom and added a pot of ferns!

I love the splash of blue! My patio is slowly coming together and turning into the amazing space I visualize in my mind… hopefully, everything will be put together before the end of summer :).Close up the DIY lattice planter box

So, what do you think about the color? Were you team white, grey or navy? Which would you rather choose?

See what I did with the remaining lattice.

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  1. Love the lattice look and your color choice! Just lovely.

  2. Anoka: I DO like the blue! But my first thought was to leave the lattice white or cream and only paint the wood blue…or teal..or choice.☺Thank you. Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      That would look wonderful too!

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