Build for Free With Pallet Wood – 15 Easy Project Ideas You’ll Love

Pallet wood projects are still popular, and for good reason. Pallets are cheap; you can usually get them for free. They are perfect for rustic decor, or you can sand them smooth for a more polished look. All of these pallet wood projects are beginner-friendly and can be made in a day.

1. Laptop Stand

laptop stand kids woodworking project idea
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Although this laptop stand is made from scrap wood, you could absolutely make it with pallet wood. It’s an easy beginner project that helps to add organization to your desktop and brings your laptop up to eye level to keep you from slouching when you work. See how to make this DIY laptop stand.

2. Indoor Sofa

sofa with colorful cushions made from pallet wood. Great pallet wood projects idea.
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Great to use in a family room or playroom, you can seat the whole family on this pallet sofa. Double-stacked pallets give you storage underneath, and can we talk about those cushions?! Different colors and patterns give this easy pallet project a unique, fun look.

3. Pallet Wood Coat Rack

wall mounted coat rack made from pallet wood
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We love the rustic look of this pallet wood coat rack, and you will too. It’s perfect for the person who loves rustic farmhouse design. Pieces of pallet wood stained in different colors are attached to a board behind them for easy wall mounting in your entryway. Make it as long as you want to accommodate your family’s needs.

4. Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

pallet coffee table with glass top
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Pallets are the perfect size for a coffee table. The rustic natural finish of this one will complement any design style as a unique piece in your living room. Add a glass top and wheels, and you have a mobile coffee table full of texture and charm.

5. Pallet Wood Side Table

Image Credit: Making Manzanita

Add rustic charm to your living space with this pallet wood side table. It’s easy to make with this tutorial.

6. Colorful Outdoor Chairs and Side Table

pallet wood chairs and side table for outdoors
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Add color to your back patio that coordinates with the flower garden. These fun chairs and the side table are made using small pallets and then just add legs. You’ll need five pallets if you decide to make your own set to have in your garden space.

7. Pallet Wood Pumpkins

Image Credit: The Handyman’s Daughter

Seasonal rustic decor is easy to make using pallet wood. These pumpkins can sit on your porch or your mantle until Thanksgiving. See how to make your own

8. Pallet Bed

bed made from pallets
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Make your own platform bed with pallets. This easy pallet project adds rustic boho charm to your bedroom. Don’t forget the headboard! And it’s a great place to add some faux greenery to the space. Sand and bleach the wood for a light-colored finish, or paint it in the color of your choice.

9. Pallet Armchairs

Two armchairs made from plywood with large cushions
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Minimal and cozy, the design of these pallet armchairs invites you to curl up and read a good book. If you love Scandinavian design, these will be the perfect pallet wood project for you. The base of each chair is a pallet with wooden sides built to accommodate the largest cushions we have ever seen.

10. Planter Box

Image Credit: Pillar Box Blue

This simple plant holder is easy to make with pallet wood. Line up your fave flowers or herbs and keep them all together for easy care. Tutorial to make this here.

11. . Pallet Desk Organizer

Desk organizer from a pallet
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Add storage and organization to your desk top using a pallet. By adding a piece of wood to create a shelf you have a place to keep office supplies, artwork and even greenery. It’s a great way to add some rustic charm to your workspace.

12. Pallet Wood Serving Tray

Image Credit: Pretty Handy Girl

Check out this cute tray! It’s made from pallet wood and would be an excellent gift for your favorite hostess. See how to make it here.

13. Outdoor Lounging Furniture

outdoor furniture made with pallets
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Pallets were made for outdoor lounging furniture. The size gives you a deep sofa seating area and when you turn them long ways, they make the perfect chaise. Cushions and pillows add comfort and style for a day lounging in the sun.

14. Pallet Planter

planter made using pallets
Image Credit: Shutterstock

No pallet project list would be complete without a planter. They are perfect for planting flowers and herbs. Add wood dividers to make shelves in your pallet then add your plants in pots or plant directly into the pallet.

15. Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

Image Credit: Angie Holden

Make these cute Christmas trees with pallet wood. Decorate them with craft supplies you already have for a free holiday decoration. Tutorial here.

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