20 Easy Scrap 2×4 Projects

Here are 20 simple scrap 2×4 projects you can make with that pile of 2×4 scrap wood in your workshop to make or functional pieces.

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Do you have a scrap 2×4 lying around? Maybe it’s been sitting in your garage since you built that table. It is time to put that wood to use with these 20 easy and creative projects!

These projects are all made from 2×4 boards and will only take about an hour of your time, perfect for when you need a quick project or gift idea. Each project has step-by-step instructions so anyone can make them. You don’t need any fancy tools, just some basic power tools.

Read on for more information on each project as well as links where to find the full tutorial. These are all simple DIY projects that will make great gifts or functional pieces for your home.

2×4 scrap wood projects

1. Ring Toss Game from Anika’s DIY Life

ring toss game made from scrap 2x4s laying in the grass

Turn 2 simple pieces of 2x4s into a fun game. This ring toss game is quick and easy to whip together. All you need to do is make a half-lap joint and add some tubes or dowels.

2. Modern Kids Bench from Anika’s DIY Life

yellow and blue kids bench made from scrap 2x4 wood

Build a simple and modern bench for the kids with scrap 2×4 or 2×3 pieces. I have the printable plans available. It makes a great place for them to hang out and read or play. You could even make a full-sized version if you have enough 2x4s!

3. Fold Away Desk from Houseful of Handmade

closeup of desk made from scrap 2x4 boards

Sturdier and more stylish than a folding table, this DIY folding desk is made with 2x4s and if you have scrap 2x4s then this project won’t cost you a penny! You can set it up where you need and then fold it up and store it away when you’re done.

4. Rustic End Table from The Handyman’s Daughter

end table made using 2x4 scrap wood

When you want a side table with some storage, this DIY rustic end table is perfect! The shelves are made from scrap 2x4s and give you plenty of room for baskets or books or anything you need to keep within easy reach. It’s a great beginner DIY project.

5. Simple Wood Bench from Making Manzanita

wood bench sitting next to a plant in a basket

The frame of this simple DIY bench is made from 2x4s, but you could easily modify it to make the entire project from 2x4s. Using scrap 2x4s makes this project another great project you can do for free and if you’re new to woodworking this is a great project to start with.

6. Dog Crate Side Table Topper from DIY Danielle

dog crate next to couch with wooden topper turning it into a side table

Dog crates are not the prettiest thing to have sitting around the house, but when you make a table top to sit on it, it becomes a useful side table! The frame is made using scrap 2x4s and the top is plywood, but you could easily make the entire project with 2x4s.

7. DIY 2×4 Bench from The Handyman’s Daughter

simple white farmhouse bench made from 2x4 scrap wood

Another great beginner DIY project, this cute farmhouse bench can be made using just three tools! It’s great to use for extra seating or at the dining room table. Simply slide it under the table when you aren’t using it to save space in a small space.

8. Nesting Plant Stands from Houseful of Handmade

two plant stands made from scrap 2x4s

Some plants are too big to hang and just need a place to sit. These DIY nesting plant stands are the perfect solution and they look great anywhere you put them! The tops are made from 2×4 scrap wood, but you could easily modify the design to be made entirely from scrap 2x4s.

9. DIY Step Stool from DIY Danielle

two step stools made from 2x4 scrap wood

When you have little ones, step stools are always a great item to have. You can make these in just a couple of hours using the scrap 2x4s you have and they make great gifts! They are great for kids to use in the kitchen and bathroom, just make sure to supervise.

10. 2×4 Bajot Table from the Zucchini Sisters

Bajot table as a centerpiece made from 2x4s

Use your 2×4 scrap wood and make a Bajot table. They make great centerpieces and you can make one in less than an hour. You could make them for your kids to use sitting on the floor while snacking in front of the TV.

11. Feather Display from Songbird

decor display of feathers using 2x4 scrap wood

Attach two pieces of 2×4 scraps together and drill holes in the top. Use your own judgment on where to place the holes and this easy project becomes an awesome piece of decor!

12. Floral Centerpiece from Infarrantly Creative

2x4 square with test tubes and tulips

You’ll need a miter saw for this cute floral centerpiece. Then simple add test tubes and your favorite flowers. You could even use this s a propagation station for plants.

13. Scrap Wood Hexagon Planter from Jen Woodhouse

white and gold hexagon planter with succulents sitting on a desk

Can you believe this hexagon planter is made from 2×4 scrap wood? It’s amazing what a little paint will do. You can make these any size you want to and in just a couple of hours, you have some very chic-looking succulent planters.

14. Wood Picture Holder from Salvaged Living

Three picture holder shaped like houses made from 2x4 scrap wood

Display photos on these easy-to-make, cute DIY picture holders. Use your miter saw to cut the angles to form the peak, then paint or stain and add a magnet. These would make great gifts!

15. Kitchen Wrap Organizer from DIY Danielle

Turquoise painted organizer for kitchen wrap made from scrap 2x4s and dowels

I have a love-hate relationship with kitchen wrap and the boxes they come in. This easy DIY kitchen wrap organizer made from scrap 2x4s solves the problem! It sits in the drawer with the open end to the back so you can use the closed-end as a guide to tear the wrap.

16. Phone Station Shelf from Funky Junk Interiors

2x4 scrap wood and industrial pipe help to

Scrap 2x4s and industrial pipes are used to make this DIY kitchen counter organizer. Great to use as a phone message center, organize your recipes, cooking utensils, and a lot more.

17. Phone Charging Station from Homemade by Carmona

phone charging station made from scrap 2x4s

Using a router simply router out a slot large enough for you phone to sit in and drill a hole for your charging cord to sit snugly into place so that you phone will sit on the charging cord on this DIY phone charging station. Leave it rough for a rustic look or use a sander and round the edges for a more finished look

18. Rustic Lantern from Diva of DIY

Wooden lantern made from scrap 2x4s with candles sitting in it in front of a window

This DIY lantern is a great way to use up your scrap 2x4s and get practice using your kreg jig. You could also use new 2x4s or sand your scraps for a smoother more polished look. It’s great to use indoors or out!

19. Bird Feeder/Plant Atrium from Atta Girl Says

house shaped wooden bird feeder/plant atrium made from scrap 2x4s

A scrap 2×4 project that is perfect for your patio or deck, this DIY bird feeder/plant atrium is an easy beginner project that will easily hold a potted planter with your favorite flowers and a little treat for your feathered friends.

20. 2×4 Play Food from Jaime Costigilio

scrap 2x4s cut into fun dessert shapes and painted on a dessert tray

Cakes, ice cream, and treats made from 2×4 scraps, does it get any cuter than this? Your little one will love playing with their own customized play food. Simply cut your 2×4 scraps into smaller shapes, paint to look like your favorite dessert and they are ready for the tea party!

Whether you have just begun woodworking or have been doing it for a while, there is always scrap wood to be used. I hope these 2×4 project ideas have given you lots of inspiration. Which one will you make?


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