Easy Modern DIY Copper Decor With Concrete Flowers

A quick 10 minute DIY copper decor project using copper pipes and concrete flowers. Add the perfect modern decor to your wall or front door. Easy modern copper decor with concrete flowers - full tutorial

It is no secret that I am in love with concrete projects. I realized how amazing copper and concrete look together when I made the tiered concrete and copper planter.

When I got the idea to make concrete flowers, I decided to use them with leftover copper pipes to create this minimalist modern copper wall decor or wreath. Modern copper wreath or wall decor using copper pipes and concrete flowers

It was a quick and easy project! Assembling the wreath or wall decor takes only about 2 minutes. Making the concrete flowers takes 5 minutes but of course, you have to let them dry and cure for a few days.

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Materials Required to Make the Copper Wreath –

How to Make the Modern Copper Decor With Concrete Flowers –

It is really quite simple to make it. As always, I have a video for you showing the entire process. Step by step instructions follow after the video.

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Step 1 – Cut the copper pipes into 3 – 8″ long pieces using the pipe cutter.

Step 2 – Thread the floral wire into each of the pipes and cut off the excess with the wire cutter. Make sure to leave extra for tieing the ends.

Step 3 – Tie the ends of the floral wire to create a triangle. Cut off extra wire.

Step 4 – Hot glue the concrete flowers to one corner of the triangle.

I love the minimalist look of copper pipes and concrete flowers. There are so many ways this can be made your own – larger triangle, make it a square, add more flowers… the options are endless! How would you make this?How to make copper decor with concrete flowers

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How to make modern DIY copper decor with concrete flowers. | Perfect spring or summer decorEasy DIY Copper home decor using easy to make concrete flowers | decor for every season

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