Tiered DIY Concrete Planter With Copper Pipe

How to make a tiered DIY concrete planter using cardboard and copper pipe. This one of kind cement planter is easy and fun to make and adds the perfect touch of industrial and glamor!Tiered DIY Concrete planter with copper pipe and paint.

I love experimenting with new technique and concrete is my latest obsession. It is such a fun medium to work with! All you need is the right mold and the possibilities are endless!

The best part is you don’t need expensive molds! They can be easily made using cardboard and plastic containers.

Concrete planters are one of the most common projects you find out there. They are the perfect starter project. I decided to take it a little bit further and combine it with the currently popular copper trend to create this tiered DIY concrete planter.The perfect industrial touch for your home. DIY tiered concrete planter with copper pipe and paint

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Materials Needed for Tiered Concrete Planter –

How to Make the Tiered DIY Cement Planter –

Take a look at how I made this tiered DIY planter in this video.

A few notes on making this planter –

  1. Work quickly with the concrete as it starts setting pretty fast.
  2. Once you add the copper pipe, put some concrete mixture inside it. That will solidify inside the copper pipe and give it more strength.
  3. You will need to support the top tier while it dries. Also, you will need weight to hold down the top box/cup. This was my set up.How to make a tiered DIY cement planter
  4. Give it a full 48-72 hours to dry before removing the cardboards. They come off quite easily and you are left with smooth walls. The entire planter is very strong and sturdy!An easy to make tiered concrete planter with copper pipe and accent
  5. Add your choice of paint to the planter. Deco Art sent me their Metallics Copper. It was the perfect match to the copper pipe and I love how it turned out.The perfect copper paint! It matches the copper pipe perfectly!

Let’s talk about these plants – 

Make a cool tiered concrete and copper planter

Did you guess they are fake?

Almost 5 years ago, I created a tiered planter using thrift store bowls and a tumbler inspired by this tiered table top planter. All my succulents died within 2 weeks so I filled it with these fake ones from Hobby Lobby. About 2 years ago, my planter broke, and I all these fake succulents have been waiting patiently for their days of glory again.

I think they like their new home in front of my favorite wall in the house. I love the shine of copper against the navy wall!How to make a DIY cement planter with copper accents for home decor

Have you tried a Concrete project yet? Tell me all about it! I would love to see your project pictures! Share them on my Facebook page! 

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Tiered DIY Concrete planter with copper pipe and paint.

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  1. I love this! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making something from concrete and with the copper it’s turned out brilliantly.

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