DIY Concrete Planter With Wood Feet

How to make a DIY Concrete Planter with Wooden accents. This DIY concrete and wood planter is easy to make and creates a gorgeous concrete planter with an unexpected twist.DIY concrete planter with wood legs on white background with succulent

This DIY concrete planter is my fun take on the ubiquitous DIY concrete planters you see everywhere. Yes, I added wood feet!

If you have been around here, you know I have been experimenting with concrete and having a lot of fun with it!

DIY Concrete planters are one of the concrete project ideas that are very popular right now and also easy to make!

I had fun making tiered concrete planter a few months ago and decided to make a simpler version of the cement planter but I can’t stop myself from adding a quick twist to it!top view of DIY concrete planter with wood legs and a succulent

If you have been thinking about making something with concrete, this is a great beginner concrete project!

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Materials Needed for DIY Concrete Planter:

How to Make a Concrete Planter:

Step 1 – Cut the square dowel into four 2″ pieces for the feet. You can use a miter saw or a hand saw for this.4 square dowel pieces and a cardboard box used to make a DIY concrete planter with wood feet

Step 2 – On the outside box,  mark the corners where the dowels will fit. (As a side note, you have to try these toffees! They are AMAZING!)Marking location of wood feet on cardboard box to make the DIY cement planter with wood feet

Step 3 – Using an X-acto knife, cut out the marked corners. It is important that the dowels fit in there tight so the cuts need to be as accurate as possible.Cutting out carboard box to add wood feet for a DIY concrete planter with wood feet

Step 4 – Insert the dowels halfway into the openings and spray the inside of the box with cooking spray.

Step 5 – Mix and pour the concrete into the box. Start by pouring a small quantity for the base and then set the smaller box in the middle. Then, continue adding the cement mix into the sides till you have reached the desired level.DIY concrete planter with wood feet poured and curing.

While it dries, you might need to add some weight to the smaller box to hold it down. I put some rocks inside the smaller carton.

Step 6 – Tap the sides to make sure the bubbles rise up. Then, let the concrete mix cure for about 12-15 hours. Once dry, the cardboard should peel off very easily if because of the cooking spray.Removing cardboard from the DIY concrete planter with wood feet

Step 7 -The planter might need a couple more days to dry completely. Once the planter has dried for 3-4 days, smooth out any uneven edges with a medium grit sandpaper.completed concrete planter with wood feet

You can paint the wood legs or add painted accents to the concrete planter if you like. I chose to leave it plain because I am kind of digging the natural combination.Close up view of the DIY concrete planter with wood legs

It is the perfect little planter but I can imagine a larger version too! So many ideas so little time!

Top view of the DIY concrete and wood planter.

Have you created a concrete project? I would love to see! Tell me all about it!DIY concrete planter with wooden feet and text overlay

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