How to Make Mosaic Rocks – Easy Garden Decor

Step by step tutorial on how to make mosaic rocks to add instant color and decor to your garden. Make garden decor with this easy and inexpensive idea!Blue and navy mosaic rocks in the garden.

Easy Mosaic Rocks Decor for the Garden

Summertime is the perfect time to bring your crafting game outdoors. Today I have Adrienne from Crafty Little Gnome showing you how to make mosaic rocks using a regular rock you can find in your garden and some gems.

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Materials Needed to Make Mosaic Rocks

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How to Make Mosaic Rocks

Step 1 – Find a rock you like and wash it clean of any dirt or debris. Leave it in the sun to dry. It must be completely dry before you can glue any tiles to it otherwise they may not adhere properly.

Step 2 – Arrange the tiles in a pattern you like. You can draw an outline on the rock with chalk or pencil as a guide. Doing an abstract design is fun but if you want to get more intricate you can make a pattern or in the shape of a bird or butterfly.

Step 3 – Glue on the pieces of tile using tile adhesive. Spread the tile adhesive thinly on the rock and then apply a small amount to the back of the tile before sticking it to the rock. Hold it for a few seconds to ensure that it secure before moving on the next one.

Once all the tiles are in place leave the rock to dry overnight. The tiles must be completely secure before you can start grouting or they be knocked out of place when you are adding the grout.Making mosaic rocks by glueing gems to the rocks.

Step 4- Start grouting the next day. Apply the grout onto the rock with a small putty knife or spatula.Applying grout over gems to create a mosaic rock

Grout Tip – Working with grout is a lot easier than you might think. It’s actually really hard to screw up. Grout comes in two formulas sanded or unsanded. Unsanded grout should be used in joints that are less than 1/8-inch-wide. It has a smooth texture and clings well to vertical surfaces, which makes it useful for grouting ceramic wall tiles. Sanded grout should be used for flooring and wall tile joints wider than 1/8 inch because it resists shrinkage and cracking. When working on outdoor projects such as this I always use sanded grout for extra durability.
I’ve used grout so many times that I can tell if the consistency is correct by looking at it. I just take a small amount of grout (about a cup full) and keep adding small amounts of water until the grout is the consistency of peanut butter. If you accidentally add to much water, just add a little bit more grout to the mixture.

Step 5 – Make sure you get into all the grooves and completely cover all the tiles. Wipe off any excess grout with a rag. Don’t wipe off too much right away as you could accidentally wipe away too much of the grout in-between the tiles.Garden rock covered in gems and grout

Step 6 – Wait about 10 minutes or so for the grout to begin to set and then use a damp sponge to remove the grout from the surface of the tiles. There will likely be a bit of a haze left on the tiles. This can be buffed off later with a soft terry cloth rag.

Step 7 – Leave the rocks to dry in a safe place where they will not be disturbed for at least 24 hours.
After the grout has cured you can place them in your garden.

That’s it! How fun would it be to make these in various patterns and colors? It is so easy that kids can make these too. It will make a great project for a summer afternoon!DIY Mosaic rock in blue and navy in the garden.

Have you made glass mosaic art for your garden before? Share your ideas with us in the comments!How to make mosaic rocks - collage of pictures with text overlay

Adrienne is a DIY Blogger and Jewelry artist. When she’s not teaching readers on her blog Crafty Little Gnome new skills like, how to cut a glass bottle or make homemade bleach, you can find her creating handmade jewelry for her line Crafty Little Gnome Jewelry

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