22 Creative Wooden DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Create the perfect place to showcase plants indoors or outdoors with these creative wooden DIY plant stand ideas. All of these are easy and on-trend.

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If you are looking at this article, you most likely love lots and lots of plants in your home. Having plants in your home is on-trend right now. It is easy to bring in the organic element and texture and beauty by simply adding plants

Plants in your home is not just trendy, they can help improve the quality of air in your home as well!

To make your plant collection even more interesting, you can add plant stands to the mix.

What Can You Use for a Plant Stand?

Plant stands can be made in a variety of ways. The most common material to build plant stands is wood because you can build it to fit your pots and it can be painted and stained as needed. In addition you could up-cycle various thrifted items like old drawers, stools, baskets, chairs, etc to make your own plant stand.

How Tall Should a Plant Stand Be?

The height of a plant stand depends on a lot of factors – the location and size of plant being the most significant. You might want to use lower plant stands for taller plants and taller plant stands for smaller plants. Or, you may want to create a varied look and mix it up. It really just depends on your decor.

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

1. DIY Crate Plant Stand from Anika’s DIY Life (for The Home Depot)

DIY plant stand made with wooden crates

This plant stand is not just cool to look at, it is super easy to make! It is made using pre-made wooden crates and furniture legs. The tiered look adds lots of interest and drama and it can be easily customized to make it larger, wider or smaller depending on the space you have.

2. Tiered Plant Stand from Anika’s DIY Life

white two tiered plant stand with plants in clay pots

Made from scrap wood, this is a simple and quick project perfect for any little corner. Really, you could just make this as tall or wide as you like!

3. Hanging Plant Stand from Rachel Teodoro

wooden DIY plant stand with hanging plant and chalkboard with welcome written on it

Hanging plant stands are very popular and really easy to make too! Easily customize this plant hanger with a message on the chalkboard for any season or occasion.

4. Plant Stand with Wheels from Lovely Indeed

Plant sitting on plant stand with wheels in a bathroom

Create this simple DIY plant stand with wheels using thick dowels and a few power tools. I love the color blocking on this stand with the gold casters. It really is easy to customize any plant stand to match your decor.

5. DIY Plant Stand from Bitterroot DIY

wooden DIY plant stand with X detail

I’m a huge fan of anything with an X detail! This plant stand is an easy beginner project and would look great indoors or out.

6. Midcentury Plant Stand from By Brittany Goldwyn

table top plant stand surrounded by plants

Simple and minimal, this midcentury modern plant is perfect anywhere and can be made any size you want.

7. Colorful Midcentury Modern Plant Stand from H2OBungalow

Round teal colored plant stand

I love the interesting tiered shape and look of this planter. This two tiered midcentury modern style planter is easy to make using a jigsaw.

8. A-Frame Plant Stand from Handmade Haven

2 tiered A-frame plant stand with plants sitting on front porch

This stylish modern A-frame plant stand is an easy beginner project and will add instant curb appeal to your front entryway.

9. Triangle Plant Stands from Ugly Duckling House

two plants in post sitting on diy plant stands

Not the typical midcentury modern plant stand, the design connects easily using a triangle pattern. You can even DIY those planters from wood!

10. Corner Plant Stand from Charleston Crafted

3 tiered plant stand with teal pots with plants in them

This is the perfect plant stand if you are crazy about plants! It is easy to build and will easily hold six or more.

11. West Elm Inspired Plant Stands from 100 Things 2 Do

wooden four legged plant stands with teal pots

The color dipped legs on these DIY planters are a perfect match to the pots. They are an easy beginner DIY made from scrap wood.

12. Ladder Plant Stand from The Merrythought

wooden ladder plant stand with plants

Made from pine boards this DIY plant stand has plenty of space for plants! Just be sure to keep an eye the little ones that want to try and climb those steps.

13. Tiered Plant Stand from By Brittany Goldwyn

tiered diy plant stand with three shelves and a hanging bar

You won’t lack space for all those plants with this tiered plant stand. It even has a bar for hanging plants!

14. 2×4 DIY Plant Stand from Girl, Just DIY

DIY plant stand made from 2x4s with five shelves

This DIY plant stand is an easy beginner DIY project. It is made entirely of 2x4s and makes a great weekend project!

15. Outdoor Plant Stand from The Handyman’s Daughter

DIY plant stand with arbor with hanging plants

A great addition to any deck or patio, this plant stand has an arbor for hanging plants and is made with cedar, but you could also use pressure treated wood.

16. Lampshade Frame Plant Stand from Craft Invaders

DIY plant stand made from lampshade frame with plant in a cat planter

Recycle old wire lampshades into plant stands by adding a wood top. How cute is that little planter?!

17. Concrete Plant Stand from Dwelling in Happiness

Concrete plant stand with wooden colorblock legs

Make this DIY plant stand using a bag of concrete and a dowel. You can make it in a weekend for around $5!

18. Nesting Plant Stands from Houseful of Handmade

two DIY plant stands with dark painted tops

19. West Elm Inspired Plant Stand from Hey There, Home

wood DIY plant stand with plant in white pot

Don’t you just love a good knock off project? Especially when it saves you tons of money. these plant stands are a great beginner project that you can make in a day!

20. Slatted Plant Stand from Charleston Crafted

two shelf slated plant stand with plants

Made entirely from scrap wood, this is the perfect plant stand to sit under a window.

21. Outdoor Plant Stand from Handmade Weekly

Cedar DIY plant stand with two shelves sitting on a deck

Perfect for small outdoor areas, this DIY plant stand is made from cedar and will withstand the elements.

22. Tabletop Plant Stand from Lovely Indeed

tabletop DIY plant stand with plant sitting on a desk

This cute little plant stand is made from dowels and sits perfectly on a desk or counter.

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