Perfect Beginner Wood Burning Project: DIY Monogrammed Tags

If you are looking for a beginner wood burning project, this is the perfect one! Make monogrammed luggage or gift tags! They make a great gift! Perfect beginner wood burning project - make your own monogrammed DIY gift tags

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Let’s talk about my wood burned gift tags – I went to my first blogging conference last week! Yay!! I had heard about how amazing these conferences are…it totally surpassed all my expectations! Blogging is an all-consuming job and can get really lonely working at home alone… being with like minded people and able to talk the blog-talk while making amazing new friends was very rejuvenating! We had a few fun parties too while we were at it! 🙂

SNAP conference 2017At the Unicorn Party –  Left to right: Allison (Refunk my Junk) | Denise (My Party and crafts) | Toni (Small Home Soul) |Leanne (Diva of DIY) | Bren (Bren Did) | Crystal (The Weathered Fox)… and me peeking in the back!

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I shared the hotel room with 3 other wonderful blogger roommates I had never met before! I put together a little roomie gift for them – it was “survive the conference” kit with a few essentials. To top it off, I added a little personal touch with a wood burned monogrammed tag! I made one for my Secret Sister too!

How to make a personalized roomie gift | blog conference roommate gift idea | beginner wood burning projectTiki straw tumbler from here.

Beginner Wood Burning Project –

I love trying new techniques and wood burning has been on my mind to try for quite a while! Sometimes, an idea strikes and you just have to go along with it!

With 2 days to go, I ran to the craft store, picked up my wood burner and made these monogrammed wood burned tags! I was a little skeptical to be doing something new at the last minute… but it turned out pretty well!

It can be used in so many ways! I have mine on my bag 🙂Personalized monogrammed wood tag for bags, gifts and luggage | Perfect wood burning project idea for beginners

Supplies to Make the Wood Burned Monogrammed Tag –

How to Make the Wood Burned DIY Tags –

Step 1 – Start by drawing the shape of your tag on the scrap MDF board. Like I mentioned, you can buy pre-cut tags but I like to have the flexibility of making these as large as I like! Make your own oversize luggage or gift tags from wood | beginner wood burning project

Step 2 – Cut them out using a Jigsaw and make a hole on the top with your drill. I used a ½” bit. Sand the edges smooth with the sanding block.How to make DIY monogrammed luggage or gift tags | beginner wood burning project idea

Step 3 – If you like you can color block them by taping and painting with craft paints of  your choiceFun color blocked monogrammed wood tags | Beginner wood burning project idea

Step 4 – Trace the monogram onto the tag. I used this method. You can also use a transfer paper and start burning!

Step 5 – Start the wood burning. I used the sharp tip and started by tracing the letter with little dots. The amount of pressure and time you hold the tip down changes the size and depth of the dot. I made smaller ones all around first, then came back to make larger ones closer to the letter. I repeated till I was happy with the look. Lastly, I came back and traced the letter with the tip.

It is a lot easier to understand if you watch me doing it… so here is the video!

They can be used in so many ways! They also make a perfect gift themselves!

Make your own wood burned monogrammed tags | perfect wood burning project for beginners

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Easy Wood burning project for beginners - monogrammed wood tags for gifts and luggage



how to make wood tags using a wood burning tool - beginners wood burning project idea

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  2. These are awesome! I have a wood burning tool that hasn’t seen much use. This project would be perfect!

  3. Those gift tags are fantastic, your really have talent. I have also showed this article to my girlfriend and she wants to give it a try 🙂

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