20 Chic IKEA Hacks for Plants

These 20 gorgeous and unique Ikea hacks for plants add chic greenery to any room! Inexpensive Ikea plant stand hacks are easy to recreate and decorate!

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I have the complete opposite of a green thumb…

I struggle with plants… I have even managed to kill succulents… I still can’t figure out what happened… maybe I over watered them…

This past year, I have been trying to up my plant game. I started with a couple of easy-care plants last summer and I am happy to report they are still alive!!! Woohoo!

I have to admit, plants in the home are sort of addictive and now I am trying to add plants and greenery in every room of the home.

With that, comes the need for lots of styles of planters and plant stands!

Ikea hacks are the best – they are simple, cheap and can be made to look as chic as you want. It goes for plant stands and hanging planters too!

Here is a collection of some of my favorite Ikea Plant hacks!

IKEA Plant Stand Hacks

1. DIY Acacia Wood Plant Stand from Sugar and Cloth

Ikea PS plante stand hack

The Ikea PS Plant stand is pretty cool by itself. But changing the white plates out for the Acacia wood plates adds a gorgeous warmth to the simple plant stand!

2. From Simple Stool To Pretty Plant Stand from The Ordinary Lovely

Ikea Bekvam stool hack for plant stand

Add tile the top of an IKEA BEKVÄM to turn it from step stool to plant stand.

3. Plant Wall In The Bathroom from House Mix Blog

Ikea shelves turned into a plant wall

Ikea Lack shelves make the best plant walls and for the price you can’t beat them.

IKEA Hanging Planter Hacks

Adding plants to walls is one my favorite design features. It helps draw the eye up and grounds the room at the same time.

With Ikea hacks, it si really easy to make hanging planters or plant walls.

4. DIY Wall Terrariums from Ruffled Blog

Metal ikea tins turned into terrariums on wall

These little metal tins are perfect to make little wall terrariums. Simply, cut the acrylic tops and turn them into succulent gardens. They make great gifts and favors!

5. From Stool To DIY Planter Shelf from Grillo Designs

Ikea Frosta stool hack turned into a wall planter

I absolutely love this simple Ikea Frosta stool hack!


6. Design Hanging Planters from Ikea Hackers

Ikea Asker planter hack using thrift store belts

Thrift store meets the Asker planter. I love the result!

7. DIY Hanging Basket Planters from A Kailo Chic Life

Ikea basket hanging planter hack filled with green plants

Jewelry wire and a trio of Fryken Ikea baskets and you have planters to hang on the wall.

8. DIY Hanging Copper Planter from A Bubbly Life

Hanging copper plant stand with Ikea planter

It’s all about presentation. Plant pots don’t have to sit on the table.

9. DIY Seagrass Hanging Planters from Burkatron

DIY hanging Ikea seagrass planters

Jute rope turns Fryken baskets into great Ikea hacks for you plants.

IKEA Planter Hacks

Even if you are looking for just simple planters to place around your home, Ikea cannot be beaten with the sheer versatility of possibilities!

Add paint, paper and color to fit the Ikea planters into your style!

10. Customize an Ikea Papaja Plant Pot from By Brittany Goldwyn

Painted Ikea planter in black and gold

Get out your Cricut and Cricut Foil and customize an Ikea planter.


11. DIY Totem Planter from We are Scout

Totem planters made using Ikea bowls

Plain white Ikea bowls become a work of art when you paint them. I just love the painted design!

12. DIY Bowl Planter from Enthralling Gumption

Ikea bowl hack - turned into a planter

One bowl for the base and one for the plant, a little bit of Gorilla glue and voila! You got yourself a planter.

13. DIY Modern Indoor Planter from Tell Love and Party

Simple modern Ikea planter makeover using washi tape

Balsa wood and washi tape really jazz up this Bittergurka planter.

14. DIY Ombre Planter from The Crafted Life

Ikea planters spray painted ombre

In 5 minutes for $5 you can make these awesome ombre planters.


15. DIY Ombre Planter from Kenarry

Ikea basket planter painted ombre

Fridfull plant pots are easy to decorate, add a little bit of paint in your favorite color and it looks completely different.

16. DIY Planter For My Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from House of Hawkes

Ikea basket planter hack

Color blocking is very popular and it really looks great on this Kastanjenot basket.

17. Quick Planter Makeover Ikea Hack from White House Crafts

Ikea planter makeover with gold spray paint

This Fridfull plant pot looks great in gold.

Tip – I’ve taken the guess work out of finding the best gold spray paint.

18. $2 Ikea Rug To DIY Planter from Liz Marie Blog

Planter using an Ikea rug

An Ikea Signe rug makes a great basket liner for a metal basket to make a great farmhouse planter.

19. Make A Colorful Indoor Herb Garden from A Beautiful Mess

Colorful planters using Ikea pots

Customize an Ikea socker plant pot with stand in any color. It really gives it personality.

20. DIY Plant Drawers from DIY in PDX

Ikea Moppe painted brown and used for plants


I love this absolutely genius idea of using an Ikea Moppe to make a planter!

Which one is your favorite? I love how simple these are and yet add so much style and color to any decor!

Collage of Ikea hacks for plants.

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  1. So many great ideas! I’ve had houseplants for as long as I’ve had my own place. Fewer today but they are a necessity in a house (IMO) and displaying them beautifully is important.

    I love IKEA faux plants because then I can have greenery in the house but not worry about under-watering. Mine never get over-watered LOL

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