DIY Up-Cycled Glass Bottle Decor

This DIY Up-cycled glass bottle decor is the perfect outdoor decor idea for spring and summer! An easy glass bottle craft to add the perfect touch of color to your backyard or front porch. It also doubles as a DIY wind chime.up-cycled glass bottles with colorful flowers peeking behind a tree.

This DIY up-cycled glass bottle decor makes me smile everytime I look outside the window.

Every outdoor space needs some fun pretty decor! I rescued a patio set and built a DIY outdoor coffee table but I wanted to add some fun unexpected decor.

Living about a mile from the ocean makes for lots of windy evenings and windy evenings call for a fun DIY wind chime!

The best part – they double up as pretty decor when filled with water and flowers! make your own wind chime and outdoor decor with this recycled glass bottle decor idea

These bottles have a really long life story. A long time ago, I had bought a spice rack specifically for the shape of the bottles. Unfortunately, the caps were pretty brittle and it didn’t work out as a spice rack for too long. Of course, I saved the bottles.

At one point, I used the school glue and food coloring technique to color them and hang them with jute twine in my kitchen. Over time, the glue got tacky and collected dirt and the bottles looked awful! I took them down and put them on my “will get to soon” list in the garage. This is what they looked like…How to recycle old glass bottles into spring decor

Finally, after 2 years of waiting for their turn, they are now a fun a recycled DIY wind chime and decor perfect for spring!pretty spring decor with recycled glass bottles

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Materials Needed for Up-Cycled Glass Bottle Decor –

  1. Bottles to recycle  – Any kind!
  2. Martha Stewart Transparent Glass paint
  3. Foam brush
  4. 22 gauge floral wire
  5. 7″ pipe clamp
  6. needle nose plier
  7. wire cutter

Materials to make recycled glass bottle decor

Recycling Glass Bottles Into Outdoor Decor –

Step 1 – Clean the bottles. I washed the bottles by hand to clean out all the old “colored glue” and then gave them a pass through the dishwasher for good measure.
Step 2 – Once they are dry, apply a couple coats of transparent glass paint to add a hint of color.color glass bottle - recycled glass bottle decot

Step 3 –  Follow the directions to cure. The directions on the glass paint I used, call for air drying for 21 days or bake in the oven at 350C for 1 hour… I don’t know about you but I do not have the patience to wait for 21 days for my bottles to be ready for use (!!). Of course, I went the baking route. Here are all the bottles colored, baked and ready! colocred glass bottle idea- recycled glass bottle decor

Step 4 – Tie the wire around the necks with 3-4 loops around the necks followed by twisting the ends to make them secure. The wires can be cut to random lengths.How to make outdoor decor with a recycled glass bottle.
Step 5 – Tie them to the pipe clamp making sure there is some overlap between the bottles so they can bump and act like a wind chime.How to make a wind chime with recycled glass bottles
Step 6 – Tie a few loops of wire to the top to hang it up!how to make a wind chime and spring decor with up cycled glass bottles

The wind chime works pretty great because the bottles are heavy enough that they don’t move a lot in the wind. But when they do, they make really subtle sounds.

Step 7 – Fill with pretty flowers and water for instant decor!

It makes subtle sounds in the wind when empty but when we have company or just because I feel like it, I can fill it with flowers and water. Water makes it heavy and it doesn’t move in the wind much, but they sure do look pretty!Make a DIY Recycled glass bottle decor- perfect outdoor summer decor

I love to look out my kitchen window and catch this view! Flowers always brighten up your mind 🙂

pin it buttonDIY Recycled glass bottle decor- perfect outdoor summer and spring decor

DIY Recycled glass bottle decor- perfect outdoor summer and spring decorDIY Recycled glass bottle decor- perfect outdoor summer and spring decor


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  1. This is such a creative and beautiful idea! I love how you tinted each of the glasses, too!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  2. Kate Evans says:

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  3. Ryan Harris says:

    Anika, how you bring this type of idea in your mind? It’s just amazing to see. Especially the first photo made my day already. I will try them so soon. Thanks and keep generating this types of ideas always.

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