17 Genius Accent Wall Ideas to Make Your Space Pop!

If you want to infuse depth, character, and an unforgettable focal point into your living spaces, you’re in for a treat. From subtle elegance to bold statements – whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting, all you need are a can of paint and a handful of essential tools to take your home to the next level! Here are 17 accent wall ideas for you.

1. Single-Color Painted Accent Wall

Collage of before and after painting a dining room accent wall navy
Image credit: Anika’s DIY Life

This is the simplest of all accent walls. A single color painted accent wall is a timeless and versatile design choice that can instantly transform the ambiance of any room. Whether you opt for a vibrant hue to inject energy and life or a muted tone to create a soothing sanctuary, this simple yet impactful approach adds depth and character to your space. See the impact of a dark wall on a room.

2. Painted Pattern – Just Add Tape.

colorful diamonds painted on a wall in kids bedroom
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Pattern-painted accent walls lend a touch of uniqueness and visual interest to your space, creating an inviting atmosphere that reflects your individuality and sets your home apart from the ordinary. Pick up some painter’s tape and a few cans of your favorite paint. The possibilities are endless, whether you prefer a striking chevron pattern, elegant damask designs, or playful polka dots. We love this colorful geometric accent wall for a shared boy-girl kids room.

3. Make a Corner Accent Corner

Colorful Sunburst painted in the corner of a bedroom
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Painting an accent corner is a clever and innovative way to reimagine your space. Instead of focusing on an entire wall, concentrate on a specific corner, adding a touch of intrigue and character to the room. Whether you choose a contrasting color to make the corner pop or a bold, colorful pattern, accent corners create an impactful visual impact. Take a look at all the details on how to paint this.

4. A Unique Cement Accent Wall

Accent wall idea made with cement stripes
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Cement as an accent wall has been extremely popular. Cement brings texture and a raw, edgy vibe to any space. Entire cement accent walls are trendy but you can take it to another level by creating patterns with some tape and tinted cement. We are in love with this combination of cement with gold stripes. See how to make this wall.

5. Fabric Wall for Comfort and Style

Gray fabric paneled wall in a bedroom
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Fabric-covered panels installed on a bedroom wall create a warm and cozy atmosphere and can act as a headboard when added over batting. This accent wall idea can be used for any design style, from modern to traditional, depending on the type of fabric and panel configuration you choose.

6. Wallpaper for Pattern, Texture and Color

living room with organic wallpaper
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Applying wallpaper to the wall is the simplest way to bring color and pattern to any room. Whether you opt for bold and vibrant designs or subtle and sophisticated textures, wallpaper can add depth and dimension to the room. It allows you to experiment with various styles, from contemporary geometric patterns to classic floral motifs, tailored to suit your taste and interior theme. Removable wallpaper is also a practical and temporary solution for those who enjoy changing decor frequently or are renting.

7. Decals for a Custom Look

gold decals inside a closet
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Using decals to create an accent wall is a brilliant and effortless way to transform the look and feel of any room. These adhesive designs come in various styles, from intricate patterns and nature-inspired motifs to whimsical illustrations and inspirational quotes. Applying decals requires no painting or wallpapering skills, making it a user-friendly DIY option for homeowners and renters. You can even cut your own decals. See how these gold decals were made.

8. Use Wood Trim to Make a Geometric Design

geometric wood trim wall painted white
Image Credit: DIY Huntress

Wood trim accent walls are super trendy, and for a good reason. There are so many ways you can design your accent wall with trim. Geometric patterns are fresh and modern and can be as abstract as you want with the placement. There are no rules! Paint them light or a dark, moody color to suit your space. See how easy this project is to do yourself.

9. Use Stencils for a Custom Wall

feathers stenciled on wall
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

When you want a custom accent wall but prefer to avoid wallpaper, stencils come to the rescue with endless design possibilities. Stenciling offers a budget-friendly and DIY-friendly approach to achieve a personalized look without the commitment of wallpaper. With an array of stencil designs available, from intricate patterns to whimsical motifs, you can effortlessly create a unique statement piece that reflects your style. Stencils allow you to control color, scale, and placement, ensuring the accent wall perfectly complements your existing decor. See how to make the gorgeous stenciled wall, including making a custom stencil.

10. Murals

mural of snowcapped hills in child's room
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Murals are large-scale artworks that cover an entire wall, creating a breathtaking visual impact. Whether you choose nature-inspired landscapes, abstract designs, or artistic illustrations, murals can transport you to another world and set the tone for the entire room. Depending on the chosen theme, these masterpieces can infuse a sense of wonder, serenity, or vibrancy.

11. Add Texture With a Plaster Wall

dark textured plaster wall
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Add texture and depth to your space with a plaster wall. It’s a modern look that will complement any design style. Choose a paint color that will highlight the movement of the plaster to make it a stand-out focal point in your space.

12. Board and Batten Wall

blue board and batten wall in bedroom
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

This traditional architectural feature involves applying vertical boards to the wall and capping them off with horizontal battens, resulting in a distinctive textured effect. The beauty of board and batten walls lies in their versatility, as they can be used to create a cozy farmhouse vibe, a coastal-inspired ambiance, or a modern rustic aesthetic. The interplay of light and shadow on the battens adds depth and visual interest to the space, making it an eye-catching and engaging focal point. See how to make a simple board and batten wall here.

13. Picture Frame Molding

White picture frame molding in room
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Picture frame molding is an elegant and classic wall treatment. This decorative trim is used to create a series of rectangular or square frames on the wall, mimicking the look of traditional picture frames. It can be painted in contrasting colors to make a bold statement or in subtle shades for a more understated and refined appearance, making it a versatile and timeless accent for any interior space.

14. Wood Slat Accent Wall

bedroom with wood tone slat accent wall
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Wood slat accent walls are a timeless design feature. These walls are created by arranging horizontal or vertical wooden slats side by side, creating a visually appealing and dynamic effect. The natural beauty of the wood complements various decor styles, from rustic and farmhouse to modern and Scandinavian. You can also combine wood and paint.

15. Not Your Typical Gallery Wall

gallery wall with art and textured pieces
Image Credit: Shutterstock

This isn’t your grandma’s gallery wall. Gone are the days of only being able to put family portraits together on the wall. Create a fun accent wall with a mixture of framed artwork and textured items like these rattan bags and a rattan tray. The only rule to follow is one of balance. Make sure the eye flows easily from one side to the other.

16. All You Need Is Time and a Sharpie

accent wall made with a sharpie
Image Credit: Vintage Revivals

Forget the high price of wallpaper or the tediousness of a stencil. If those things aren’t your jam, grab a Sharpie marker and let your creativity flow. For the price of a Sharpie marker, you can create a stunning accent wall that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Learn how to create a Sharpie marker accent wall here.

17. Accent Wall With All the Materials

Living room with mixed materials as an accent wall
Image Credit: Shutterstock

When it comes to accent walls, your imagination is the limit. You can easily mix all the materials you want like – wood in various tones, fabric, mirrors, tiles, and more, to create your own creation.

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