How to Use Basic Cricut Tools

Your detailed guide on how to use the basic Cricut tools and how each of them works to make projects on Cricut easy and precise!

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Do you wonder – What all the Cricut tools do? And do you really need to buy all of them?

I get it. It can be very confusing. There are so many tools in various shapes – a spatula, a hook, a tweezer and so many more!

What do you start off with?

The answer is the Basic Cricut Tool Set.

Package of Cricut tools on desk

It is the perfect starter set if you are just starting out with a Cricut and I have a full guide for you to understand the use and function of each so you can get the most from it.

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Basic Cricut Tool Set

The basic Cricut Tool set should definitely be the first purchase with your Cricut machine.

Whether you plan on working with vinyl or paper, this tool kit has everything you need!

It is available in various colors and comes with five basic tools:

  • Weeding Tool
  • Tweezers
  • Scrapper
  • Spatula
  • Micro tip scissors

All of these tools together will help making your projects with the Cricut a breeze.

Basic cricut tools on desk labeled with names

Let’s dive into details of exactly what each of these tools do.

Weeding Tool

The weeding tool is a must-have and probably the most used tool. And will be yours too – especially when working with vinyl.

Cricut weeding tool on desk

When you cut a design in vinyl or iron-on on the Cricut machine, you need to remove the excess material in your design which is called negative space.

The sharp tip helps pull out the negative space from your design. It is designed such that you can easily pick up the vinyl in the negative space without damaging or poking holes in the liner below.

Woman using Cricut weeding tool to remove black spot from decal

It is definitely sharp and you want to make sure you are careful when using it and store it safely to prevent damage to the tip.

The weeder in the basic tool set is a great starter tool but once you get comfortable with a weeder, you might want to also consider getting this weeding tool set which comes with different shaped weeders that make weeding very easy.


The next tool in the basic tool set is a tweezer. But these aren’t regular tweezers. They are reverse tweezers.

Cricut reverse tweezers on the wood desk

Reverse tweezers, as the name suggests behave in a reverse compared to normal tweezers.

Reverse tweezers open when squeezed and close when released. This makes them the perfect pair of tweezers when dealing with tiny pieces that you might have to when using the Cricut.

With regular tweezers, if you are holding small pieces, you may be tempted to squeeze hard to make sure you don’t drop the tiny pieces But with the reverse tweezer, the force of the tweezer holds the pieces for you.

Using the reverse tweezer to pick up cut out

This takes a little getting used to but with a little bit of practice, you will realize that it is the best mechanism ever!


The scraper is one of the most versatile tools in the toolset.

Cricut scraper on a wood desk

It has many uses including

  • Scraping off leftover tiny negative pieces from the mat
  • To burnish the transfer tape onto a design
  • To apply vinyl to a surface
  • When folding on scoring lines to get a crisp edge.

Let’s take a closer look –

  • Scraping – When using paper/cardstock or veneer etc., once the cut is complete, the negative pieces are left on the mat. The scraper helps easily scrape it off without damaging the adhesive.
Using the Cricut Scraper to remove paper from mat
  • Transfer tape – When using vinyl, you need to apply transfer tape to lift it off of the backing. Applying transfer tape with the scraper tool makes it failproof. You can use the scraper tool to smooth on the transfer tape, you make sure that the vinyl transfers onto the tape in the best possible way.
burnishing transfer tape onto vinyl
  • While applying vinyl to the blank, you need to make sure that the vinyl is adhering well and that there are no bubbles. The scraper tool accomplishes is this with ease.
burnishing vinyl onto spice bottle
  • Scored lines need to be folded carefully. The scraper acts as a bone folder making it easy to get the perfect paper crafts.

The regular scraper included in the toolset is a great starter tool. If you are ready for an upgrade, the XL scraper is a great next tool.


the spatula included in the tool kit is great when using paper or other stiff materials on the mats.

Cricut spatula on wood desk

It helps carefully lift the materials off of the mat without damaging them.

You simply slide it underneath and push it to pull the material off of the mat. I routinely use it with not just paper, but also veneer and basswood.

using a spatula to lift up paper from mat


There is no crafting without scissors. The microtip scissors included in the basic tool kit are great for working with small pieces of material.

Cricut Scissors on desk

It is super sharp and great to have around when working with the Cricut.

So, that was the basic tool kit which is a great starter tool set to buy with the Cricut.

Cricut Machine with basic tools in front of it.

When you are ready for an upgrade, I recommend getting the Essentials tool set which comes with a few extras like a scoring stylus (great for paper projects) and the portable trimmer (to cut material easily in a straight line).

There are many other accessories that you can buy with your Cricut that make it easy and efficient to use. Read about all the Cricut Accessories and blades here.

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