Engraving Acrylic With Cricut Maker – Easy Holiday Gift

Learn all about engraving acrylic with the Cricut Maker and how to make a personalized gift – an LED night lamp!

DIY nightlight using acrylic engraved on Cricut with text overlay


I have been having a lot of fun playing with acrylic sheets and rod. I love that when you put an engraved acrylic sheet on an LED strip, it lights up making it a beautiful lighted floating design.

When I discovered that the Cricut Maker could engrave acrylic, I knew it was something I had to try!

I think it makes an amazing personalized gift for anyone! Especially for kids as a night lamp. Plus, you can make multiple designs and easily switch them out!

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Materials Needed –

How Thick Acrylic Can I Engrave in the Cricut Maker?

You can easily use up to 2mm thick acrylic in the Cricut Maker to engrave. There are many precut shapes and sizes available that can be purchased. I used plexiglass sheets I bought from Home Depot and cut it to size I wanted.


How to Engrave Acrylic With Cricut Maker –

Step 1 – Set up Design

  • In Cricut Design Space, create your own quote or load a design from the 1000s available in the library. resize the design to fit your template.

Important – Be sure to load the “Draw only” designs because they work best with the engraving tool.

  • Select line type as “engrave” in the drop-down menu.
  • When ready, select make it!

Step 2 – Prepare Mat

  • Place the acrylic blank on the StrongGrip mat. Use the lines as a guide.
  • Once centered, remove the protective film from the front of the acrylic.
  • Apply masking tape around it to hold it in place.
Acrylic sheet loaded on mat with masking tape ready to be engraved with Cricut Maker
  • Load the mat into the Cricut maker. Make sure to support the mat so it doesn’t bend as that can pop up the acrylic.
Loading mat on Cricut Maker to engrave plexiglass

Important – Move the star rollers to the side when before loading the mat.

Step 3 – Make It

  • When you hit “make it” in Design Space, you need to center the design in the mat preview using the same method you used for taping the acrylic blank on the cutting mat. To do this – zoom in the mat preview and drag the image so that it is centered at the appropriate location vertically and horizontally.
screenshot of Cricut Design Space to set up mat
  • For the material, search for “acrylic” and select thick acrylic (2mm).
screenshot of how to set up acrylic engraving

Step 4 – Engrave!

  • Load the engraving tool in the machine
  • Move the four white star wheels all the way to the right (VERY important)
  • Load the mat and run the machine! 

Let the Cricut Maker work its magic!

Engraved acrylic unloading from the Cricut Maker


Step 5 – Unloading the Acrylic

  • Once the mat is unloaded from the machine, carefully remove the masking tape.
  • There will be acrylic dust and shavings from the engraving. You can use the masking tape to pick them up.
Cleaning up the engraved plexiglass
  • You can carefully remove the acrylic from the mat and remove the protective film from the back as well.

Add to the LED light base and see the magic!

Step 6 – DIY Led Light Base

I built my own base using 1×2 and 1×3 boards because I wanted to make larger pieces but you can also buy pre-made LED light bases (be sure to use the correct size of the acrylic pieces).

You can see all the details for building your own LED light base in the video below.

That is it!

DIY nightlight using acrylic engraved on Cricut


It makes a really great personalized gift for anyone!

It is the perfect night lamp for a child or a great addition to a desk. It even makes a great addition to a living room.

DIY nightlight using acrylic engraved with sleeping quote on Cricut

In fact, if you make it as a gift, you can make multiple engraved pieces that can be used interchangeably making your gift really unique!

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Learn all about engraving acrylic with the Cricut Maker and how to make a personalized gift - an LED night lamp!

Engraved LED Night Lamp

Yield: 1 engraved LED night lamp

How to make a personalized gift - an LED night lamp and building your own light base.



    1. In Cricut Design Space, create your own quote or load a design.
    2. Prep your Strong Grip mat and hit "make it" on your design.
    3. Load the engraving tool into the Circut, move all 4 white wheels to the right, load your mat and engrave.
    4. Unload the acrylic and remove the masking tape.
    5. Add to LED light base and watch the magic!


Materials and tools are listed if you want to make your own LED base. The video will show you step by step how to build it.

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