Which Is the Best Silver Spray Paint

Frustrated with trying to find the best silver spray paint? Here is a comparison of 7 products to help you pick your favorite metallic silver spray paint!

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If you have ever tried to find the best silver spray paint, you know exactly how frustrating it can be!

A few months ago, I researched and wrote about the best gold spray paint.

It turned out to be quite useful to readers and I got so many messages and comments! So, I turned my attention to this time to find the best metallic silver spray paint.Collection of silver spray paint cans

Much like gold spray paint, it is nearly impossible to find the best metallic silver spray paint simply by looking at the cap on the can.

I know…I have spent a lot of time (and money) trying to find one!

I already had a few of these cans in my spray paint arsenal. I researched and added a few more cans to the lineup.


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Candidates for the Best Silver Spray Paint –

All of these spray paints are $7.99 or lower.

The Best Silver Spray Paint

I got the little mini terracotta pots to use for the test and sprayed them one by one in my Homeright spray shelter.

I followed the same rules for this silver spray paint review to make sure the results are completely clean –

  1. They were all spray painted outside on the same day within 1 hour – hence no temperature/humidity variations.
  2. All pots got 2 light coats of spray paint without any drying time in between.
  3. They were all photographed at the same time.
  4. Camera settings for all the photographs are the same.
  5. None of the pictures have been digitally retouched except for cropping. 7 little terra cotta pots painted silver.

Silver Spray Paint Comparison –

Here is the line up of all the silver spray paint candidates with their spray painted pots.Line up of 7 silver spray paint cans and painted pots

Right off the bat, you can see the variation in the “color” and the shine.

It isn’t as significant as we saw with the gold spray paints but there are definite differences.

Let’s make smaller groups.

Best Metallic Silver Spray Paint

comparison of two silver spray paints to show the best metallic silver spray paint

3- Krylon Metallic Silver | 4 – Krylon cover Maxx Silver 

Both of these are almost identical to the eye!

They are both the closest to metallic silver with the maximum amount of shine!

I was quite impressed by the coverage too. The Krylon Cover Maxx definitely stood up to its name and had really great coverage with just one coat.

Best Matte Silver Spray Paint

Comparison of 3 matte silver spray paint cans with the painted pots

1 – Design Master Brilliant Silver | 2 – Krylon Premium Metallic – Chrome | 6 – Rustoleum Specialty Metalic

These three definitely have a more matte effect. And look nothing like their caps!

The Design Master and Rustoleum Specialty Metallic look almost the same and are a bit more matte compared to the Krylon.

I do like the Krylon Premium – original chrome. It seems to have the perfect balance of shine and matte (if you get what I mean). I used it on my DIY jewelry organizer project.

Flat Silver Spray Paint

Line up of 2 remaining spray paint cans and their painted pots

2 – Rustoleum Metallic Chrome | 7 – Rustoleum Universal Titanium Silver 

These are the grayest of the silver spray paints.

I was a bit disappointed by the color and coverage of the Rustoleum Metallic Chrome. It did not live up to the color of the cap at all. The cap does look gold in the picture but it used to be silver when I bought it. It seems to have lost its “silver” in the last month.

The Titanium Silver Rustoleum Universal is one of the rare cases where the silver is, in fact, a lot shinier than the top. It has wonderful coverage too. I kind of like the “not very chrome” look,

 So which silver spray paint is the best?

Honestly, it just depends on your preference or project.

They each have pretty good coverage. I was quite surprised by the Krylon paints. I hadn’t tried them before but they are definitely a lot brighter and shinier than their counterparts.

Are there any other silver spray paints you have tried that you liked? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Katherine McElroy says:

    One problem that I have run into is that the silver tends to rub off on your hands. Have you found one that doesn’t transfer without having to put a clear coat? Thanks for all your help and info!!!

    1. Hi Katherine, I haven’t come across that problem. Which brand did you use?

      1. Katherine McElroy says:

        Rustileum professional high performance enamel. I’m painting a fridge I’m building for my child’s kitchen and don’t want to be dealing with the color transfer since it will be heavily used. Thanks for the help!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I have recently bought numerous silver acrylic paints and none of them produced the shiny metallic finish I was looking for – never thought about using spray paint.

  3. So which one is best? I dont get it.M

    1. Hi Mae, The goal was for me to show you exactly what each paint looks like so you can make your own decision based on your needs. I hope that makes sense.

  4. This is great information, thanks for sharing. I’m looking to paint lanterns for my sons wedding this fall. I would like it to look like antique mirror/mercury glass but I’m not having any luck finding a paint or technique to achieve this look. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristyn,
      I haven’t tried it yet, but I have heard great things about the looking glass spray paint.

  5. Thank you so much for your effort! I just bought a used pedestal bowl that is gold(old reddish gold) and want to spray it silver to put Christmas ornaments in this year. For a bowl would you have one or two paints that you would choose? I’m sure I won’t go with the matte look, but thought I would try a couple different ones. Thanks again!

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