Easy DIY Wall Jewelry Organizer

Make a DIY jewelry organizer to organize and display all your jewelry. This DIY wall jewelry organizer is easy to make with a few supplies. The perfect way to display bracelets, earrings, and necklaces with this hanging jewelry organizer.

I am in love with this jewelry organizer!! It is so easy to make!!

I have been wanting to make this DIY Jewelry Organizer for a while now.

I am a huge fan of jewelry – especially earrings…

However, there were a lot of issues with my jewelry organization situation-

This DIY jewelry organizer is so pretty! And so easy to make!

Yeah, not looking too good…

It took me about 5 minutes to locate the earring I wanted and sometimes more to find the pair.

Plus, sometimes, I even forgot I owned a specific pair of earrings or necklace because it was lost in the hot mess! Out of sight, out of mind!

DIY Wall Jewelry Organizer

I looked around the web for jewelry organizers and found a ton of ideas. Like this and this.

Wow! this diy jewelry organizer has everything I need to hold all my jewelry!

None of them were the right fit for me. I wanted one place for all – the stud earrings, the hook earrings, the necklaces, and bracelets. Armed with all the inspiration, I dream up the Jewelry organizer that would work for me! 

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Materials needed for a DIY Jewelry Organizer

How to Make a Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Step 1 – Paint the cork board if you like. I started with a cork board from a yard sale for $0.50. Someone had tried to spray paint it and it was all splotchy with a weird grey-silver. I used Krylon Original Chrome to give the entire board a uniform coat of  shiny silver.

Old Cork board with splotchy paint converted into a DIY jewelry organizer

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Silver painted dowel hook and cork board to make a DIY jewelry organizer

Step 2 –  Paint the  3/4″ round dowel in the color of your choice. The best way to spray the dowel is to stand it up in a block of styrofoam. Once it was dry, flip it over and paint the other end. I also painted the cup hooks to match and attached them to the corkboard frame.

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Cutting a decorative metallic sheet to make a DIY jewelry holder

Step 3 – Cut the  Union Jack Aluminum sheet to fit the cork board. Tin snips are great for this. It is also fairly easy to cut with a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 4 – Paint the aluminum sheet. This is optional but totally recommended if you want to add unexpected detail to your hanging jewelry holder.

I debated on what to do with the colors and patterns… I considered fabric and various colors of paint.

In the end, I decided to keep it simple so the colorful jewelry so it remains the star of the display but also adds a little bit of interest so the entire thing isn’t a ho-hum silver-grey.

Taped off decorative aluminum sheet for DIY jewelry organizer

I taped off diagonal stripes with Masking tape on the Union Jack Aluminum sheet,

Spray painting the DIY jewelry organizer

and gave it a coat of Rustoleum Heirloom white.

Attaching the metal sheet to corkboard for a DIY Jewelry Organizer using a staple gun

Step 6 – Once everything is dry (and not smelly anymore), staple the union jack sheet metal to the cork board using a Staple gun

DIY hanging jewelry organizer on the wall

Step 7 – Hang on the wall using D-rings… and the hanging DIY jewelry organizer is ready to be “decorated”! 

I love how it turned out! Time to dress her up!

This DIY jewelry organizer is so pretty! And so easy to make!

I added some pushpins to hold the necklaces. The stud earrings just go into the cork board and the earrings with hooks simply go on to the metal grill. 

Such a pretty diy jewelry organizer! I need to make this!

The bracelets hang from the dowel at the bottom

I totally love the interest the white stripes bring to it without taking away from the color and beauty of the jewelry.

It looks amazing in the evening sun shining through the windows of our room. And when I run out of space (pssst… that won’t be long…), I can just add another one of these underneath!

DIY Jewelry organizer collage with text overlay

I would love to hear from you. How do you organize your jewelry?

Don’t want to make one? Buy a Jewelry Organizer instead… here are my favorites –

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