30 Creative Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Here are 30 unique ideas for you to make Gorgeous and creative Christmas ornaments with Cricut this Holiday Season.

image collage of eleven Cricut Christmas ornaments you can make

Can You Make Christmas Ornaments With Cricut?

Yes, you can make Christmas ornaments with a Cricut machine. With all the materials that are compatible with the Cricut machine, the possibilities are endless. There are so many different styles you can make that your ornaments can truly be unique.

What Kind of Vinyl Do You Use on Christmas Ornaments?

You can use permanent vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, holographic, glitter, or smart vinyl.

Cricut has so many vinyl options available you are sure to find more than just a few to use on your Cricut Christmas ornaments.

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What Do You Need to Make Ornaments With Cricut?

What you will need really depends on the type of ornament you want to make. Here are just a few things you can use to make Cricut Christmas ornaments.

Cricut Christmas Ornament Ideas

1. Wooden Christmas Trees

Three wooden Christmas tree Christmas ornaments made with a Cricut

You can make these gorgeous DIY wooden Christmas tree ornaments using your Cricut Maker to cut basswood. Once cut, they slide together easily and you can decorate them any way you want. I love holographic vinyl so I cut it into the same shape and applied it to one of my ornaments. I love how it turned out!

See the full tutorial here

2. Felt Ornament with Iron-on Design from At Charlotte’s House

Light and dark green felt ornaments with iron-on vinyl tree and ornament shape

Use your Cricut Explore Air, or any other cutting machine, to cut out your design using iron-on vinyl. Add your vinyl design to felt fabric with an Easy Press 2 to make these cute felt Cricut Christmas Ornaments. They are such an easy craft to make and even if you aren’t a good sewer, you can still make these!

See the full tutorial here.

3. Gingerbread Man Cricut Ornament from the Gingerbread House

Round Christmas ornament with gingerbread man applied using a Cricut

This cute guy is made using a clear plastic ornament and your Cricut cutting machine. You can make it using paint or glitter to fill the ornament before applying the gingerbread man’s face. It would be super easy to whip up an entire set of these easy Cricut Christmas ornaments.

See the tutorial here.

4. Santa’s Magic Key Ornament from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Cricut Christmas ornament in the shape of a gift tag with a key

Never fear, if you don’t have a chimney Santa can still bring presents with this Santa’s magic key ornament craft made using your Cricut and adhesive vinyl. You can make this ornament using the Cricut Explore Air 2 or any other Cricut machine.

See the full tutorial here

5. Wood Slice Ornament Cricut Craft from Ruffles and Rainboots

Wood slice Cricut Christmas ornaments with woodland animals

These adorable ornaments are made using wood slices, a Cricut Joy, and glitter vinyl. The woodland animals are just so cute and will add a rustic touch to your holiday decor. You can download the SVG cut file to make these for yourself.

See the full tutorial here.

6. 3D Paper Ornaments from Postcards From The Ridge

3D paper ornaments in blue and white made with a Cricut machine

You can use a Cricut Maker or the Explore Air to make these DIY Christmas ornaments. Blue and white cardstock is cut into ornament shapes from Cricut Design Space and put together to create the 3D ornaments you see here. They are super easy to put together once cut and you can make an entire set in no time.

See the full tutorial here.

7. Flannel Christmas Tree Ornaments from Sustain My Craft Habit

Three ornaments made with flannel fabric and Cricut vinyl

If you love a good upcycling project, then head to your husband’s closet and grab one of his shirts to make this cute set. Your secret will be safe with us! You can make these farmhouse style ornaments using a Cricut Maker, your Easy Press, and glitter vinyl.

See the tutorial here.

8. Glittery Paper Christmas Ornaments from Elle Marie Home

Gold, silver, and red ornaments made from paper

These glitter paper ornaments made using a Cricut machine give a vintage vibe and throwback to ornaments you might have had on your tree as a kid. They are easy to make using sheets of glitter cardstock. If you have Cricut Access you can download these designs to make your own.

See the tutorial here.

9. Wood Gnome Christmas Ornament from Hootshack

Wood gnome Cricut Christmas ornament using Cricut premium vinyl

Do you love gnomes? Then you’re going to want to make these cute ornaments for your holiday season. This rustic ornament is made with Cricut premium vinyl and transfer tape. Layering vinyl isn’t as hard as it looks and when done right, these Christmas crafts will be a great addition to your Christmas tree.

See the full tutorial here

10. Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments from Our Crafty Mom

Glitter vinyl reindeer on buffalo check fabric in a mason jar lid

You can make these buffalo checked ornaments and leave them as is, or you can jazz them up with glitter vinyl in the shape of reindeer. You can cut your reindeer using any Cricut cutting machine and attach them using a piece of transfer tape.

See the full tutorial here.

11. Ornaments with Copper Accents from Elle Marie Home

Ceramic ornaments with copper accents added using Cricut

Ceramic ornaments get a fancy upgrade using Cricut foil with this Cricut Christmas ornament craft. You’ll need a Cricut Explore Air 2 and a standard cutting mat to add this trendy embellishment to your ornaments. You’ll put your weeding tool to good use, but it will be worth it when you hang these ornaments on your tree.

See the full tutorial here.

12. Snowflake Ornaments from Happiness is Homemade

Three styles of snowflake ornaments made with Cricut

Shrinky dink snowflakes made with a Cricut. YES! You’ll need shrink plastic, a Cricut Explore Air 2, and a deep cut blade. Cutting the shrink plastic is easy to do then you just pop them in the oven and wait for the magic to happen. Three different style of snowflakes make great Christmas decor for the holiday season.

See the full tutorial here.

13. Monogram Glitter Ornaments from Diary of a Dubutante

White ball ornament with monogram using glitter and permanent vinyl

Everything is better with glitter! This classic style Cricut Christmas ornament features glitter on the inside and a monogram on the outside made with Cricut permanent vinyl. These ornaments would make great gifts for anyone on your gift-giving list.

See the full tutorial here.

14. Plaid Cricut Christmas Ornaments from Angie Holden

Assortment of plaid Cricut Christmas ornaments.

Use a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore to cut the fabric shapes for these Cricut Christmas ornaments. Once cut you can adhere them to felt using hot glue. You will be able to make a set of these in no time and dress your Christmas tree with traditional Christmas color.

See the full tutorial here.

15. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Ornaments from Girl, Just DIY

Plaid ornament with

Seasonal inspiration is front and center with these Cricut Christmas ornaments. You can make these ornaments using wood rounds and your favorite Cricut cutting machine. Cricut vinyl words are attached using transfer tape and attach a ribbon for an easy Christmas craft that will look great on your tree.

See the full tutorial here.

16. Vinyl Transfer Lettered Ornaments from Lemon Thistle

Black round ornament with white vinyl letting

Customizing your Christmas ornaments is easy with a Cricut and Cricut vinyl. You can choose your font style in Cricut Design Space and cut it out using your favorite cutting machine. They will look so professional no one will know you made them yourself!

See the full tutorial here.

17. Leather Christmas Ornaments from Scratch and Stitch

Three leather Christmas tree ornaments with tassels

Add a bit of boho to your own home with these cute leather ornaments made with a Cricut cutting machine. You will need a Cricut Maker and a strong grip mat to cut the leather. You’ll have to do a bit of sewing, but you can use any color of leather you want to match your Christmas decor.

See the tutorial here.

18. Wooden Cricut Ornaments from Love Create Celebrate

Wooden modern style Christmas tree ornaments cut with Cricut

You will need a Cricut Maker, knife blade, and balsa wood to make these modern wood Cricut Christmas ornaments. You can leave them natural, or decorate them, and add a leather cord for hanging.

See the full tutorial here.

19. 3D Papercut Woodland Ornaments from Lia Griffith

paper Christmas ornaments with intricate woodland designs

These 3D paper ornaments with intricate woodland scenes are amazing! They are made using a Cricut and white paper cardstock. These Cricut Christmas ornaments will impress your family and friends as they hang on your tree this holiday season.

See the tutorial here.

20. Acrylic Snowflake Ornament from At Charlotte’s House

Assortment of acrylic ornaments with vinyl snowflakes made with a Cricut

Acrylic ornaments are fun and easy to make when you add snowflakes made from Cricut vinyl. These snowflake designs are simple with no weeding and you can make a set of 12-24 in no time. Add them to your acrylic circles using transfer tape and you’re ready to hang them on your tree.

See the full tutorial here.

21. No Sew Felt Gift Card Ornaments from Heart Filled Spaces

Three felt ornaments made with Cricut

Felt fabric, HTV vinyl, and your Cricut cutting machine are what you will need to make these Cricut Christmas ornaments. The cool thing about these ornaments is they have a gift card pocket! What a great way to give a gift card to your favorite people.

See the tutorial here.

22. Rae Dunn Christmas Ornaments from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Rae Dunn style Christmas ornaments made with Cricut

Don’t worry if you missed out on getting a set of Rae Dunn ornaments, you can make your own using your Cricut! Synonymous with farmhouse style, you can add your own to your Christmas tree using the twenty free SVG files offered by this creator.

See the tutorial here.

23. Wooden Stencil Ornament from At Charlotte’s House

Blue and green color blocked ornaments with Christmas tree stencils

I love these colorful wood ornaments! The color blocking is modern and three Christmas tree styles are made using a stencil made with a Cricut cutting machine. Add ribbon and hang them on your tree for fun modern Christmas decor.

See the full tutorial here.

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24. Round Cricut Christmas Ornaments from Kelly Leigh Creates

Mistletoe and Merlot added to a white round ornament using Cricut vinyl

You can use any Cricut cutting machine and your Easy Press 2 to make these fun ornaments. The holidays are better with mistletoe and wine, don’t you agree? I love the fonts used on this Cricut Christmas ornament and you can get the free SVG file from this creator to make your own.

See the full tutorial here.

25. Engraved Christmas Ornaments from Dream a Little Bigger

Engrave acrylic ornament with a snowflake and personalized with family name

Did you know you can engrave acrylic using your Cricut Maker and the Cricut Maker engraving tip? You can! I did it with my Engraved LED Nightlight and I can’t wait to try my hand at some acrylic ornaments. This one features a snowflake and can be personalized for each member of the family to make their own ornament for the tree.

See the full tutorial here.

26. Vintage Inspired Paper Ornaments from Persia Lou

Vintage style paper ornament made using a Cricut

Vintage glittery goodness is what you have when you make this Cricut Christmas ornament. Made with cardstock, glitter paint, and your favorite Cricut cutting machine, it’s a fun craft that will add class and style to your Christmas tree this year.

See the full tutorial here.

27. Scandi Wood Ornaments from Lia Giffith

Assortment of six wood ornaments made with Cricut in a Scandinavian style

You can make your own set of Scandi wood ornaments using wood veneer and your Cricut Maker. You’ll need a deep cut blade and a strong grip mat to make these simple ornaments. Add ribbon in the color of your choice and hang them on your tree this year!

See the full tutorial here.

28. DIY Glitter Ornaments from Ruffles and Rain Boots

Gold glitter ornaments with holiday song lyrics

Make a set of these DIY Christmas ornaments using clear glass ornaments, glitter, and smart vinyl. You can use a Cricut Joy or any other Cricut cutting machine to cut your holiday lyrics. Use gold glitter, silver, or even red for a festive addition to your Christmas tree.

See the tutorial here.

29. A Christmas Story Ornament from Kelly Leigh Creates

A Christmas Story continues to be one of the most favorite Christmas movies of all time and you can make this DIY ornament celebrating the fun movie. You can use any Cricut cutting machine, vinyl, and an Easy Press to make your own.

See the full tutorial here.

30. Let It Snow Ornament from A Life of Balance

Clear ball ornament with

Use your Cricut Maker or any other cutting machine to make this cute ornament with Cricut vinyl. Cut your design from Cricut vinyl and apply to your ornament, fill it with faux snow and it’s ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

See the full tutorial.

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