Top 25 Gift Ideas for Cricut Users

Looking for the best gift ideas for the Cricut crafter in your life? Here is a simple and comprehensive list of all the things they will love and appreciate.

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Why Gift a Cricut for Christmas?

If you have a crafter in your life and they don’t have a Cricut machine, trust me, they have secretly (or not) hoped to get one.

Cricut maker 3 open on a table with cut vinyl

The Cricut machine will open up SO many new possibilities in their craft journey, save time and produce professional results.

  • Custom projects – like cards, t-shirts, decor, organization, and more!
  • Versatile materials – there are SO many materials they can cut – and if you get a Cricut Maker, the possibilities increase even more!
  • Income source – Cricut machines make it possible to create a new income stream if they plan to sell their projects.

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Which Cricut Machine to Gift?

If they have wanted a Cricut machine, Christmas is the best time to give them their favorite Cricut cutting machine.

There are three models of Cricut machines available. Here is what they do so you can make your decision.

  • Cricut Joy
    • The smallest machine of them all (about half the size of other machines)
    • It can only cut and write.
    • Can make cards, labels, vinyl decals, and small iron-on projects
    • Great starter machine
    • great for small homes and apartments
  • Cricut Explore or Cricut Explore 3
    • Full-size machine.
    • Cricut Explore 3 is the newest version which allows for mat-free cutting and 2x speed.
    • Can write and cut plus use other tools like a scoring stylus, deep-cut blade, and Foil tips.
    • Great for all types of home decor, apparel, paper crafts, party decor, and more!
    • Great for an everyday crafter
  • Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3
    • The most versatile and robust Cricut cutting machine.
    • The Cricut Maker 3 is the newest model which allows for mat-free cutting and 2x speed.
    • Can cut over 300 material types including basswood, leather, and chipboard.
    • Great for the crafter who loves to experiment and try new techniques
    • Great for a woodworker.

If you are gifting a Cricut machine, I highly recommend exploring the Cricut machine bundles which are an incredible value and they can get everything they need to get started with their new machine right away.

Gifts for Cricut Users

If you are looking for gifts for an existing Cricut user, here is my list of Christmas gift ideas to gift Cricut lovers –

1. Cricut Access Subscription

The  Cricut Design Space is an essential part of using the Cricut. It is an app on the computer or mobile device that talks to the Cricut machine. It is free to sign up and use to operate the Cricut machine.

cricut design space on computer screen

A Cricut Access membership however gives them access to over 100,000 images and 400 fonts, and MANY predesigned projects in Design Space.

This is an annual membership and makes the perfect gift – they will think of you every time they use their Cricut!

2. Cricut EasyPress

EasyPress 3 on craft table

The Cricut EasyPress is essentially a heat press that helps transfer heat-activated designs. It is perfect for custom shirts, bags, backpacks, shoes, and more!

There are a few different models and versions.

Larger cricut easypress

They are available in two models –

  • EasyPress 3 – this is the newest model is a smart heat press. It connects with the phone through the Cricut Heat app (which is free to use). You can read my review here to learn more about it.
  • EasyPress 2– this is the older version that doesn’t connect with the app and you have to manually dial in the settings. But is just as easy to use. You can see my review here.

Each of these models comes in two sizes:

  • 10″ x 12″
  • 9″ x 9″

9″x9″ is a pretty great size to make t-shirts and small projects but if they are interested in larger scale projects, the 10″x12″ model is a great one.

Cricut EasyPress Mini 

applying iron on onto a backpack

The EasyPress Mini is a great tool for small heat transfer projects or projects that may not be possible to lay flat to be used with a larger EasyPress – like backpacks, shoes, etc.

I also like to use it to apply veneer to plywood edges on my furniture!

3. Cricut HatPress

woman applying heat to the hat on hat form using the hat press with countdown timer on phone app

The Cricut HatPress is designed specifically for making hats and caps.

It has a curved design and a hat form that helps make a variety of hat and cap styles. It is a Smart HeatPress and can be used with the free Cricut Heat app.

See all about the HatPress and what it can do here.

4. Cricut Mug Press

Cricut MugPress on table with mugs around it.

The Cricut MugPress makes professional-quality sublimation mugs that are microwave and dishwasher-safe. See all about MugPress and what it can do here.

Ever since I have gotten this, we have so much fun making mugs to gift to everyone in our lives! I am sure your Cricut crafter will love this too.

5. Foil Transfer Kit

This will take their crafting to a whole new level!

Cricut Foil Transfer System on a white table

The Foil Transfer kit helps make foil patterns on cardstock, wood, or even leather! See how I used it here.

The kit comes with everything they need to get started plus you can always bundle it up with more foil transfer sheets.

6. Cricut Mats

The older Cricut models (Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Air, etc.), can’t be used without a Cricut cutting mat.

Cricut mats in various colors

Mats come in several different levels of “grip” depending on what they are being used for. These mats lose grip with use and need to be replaced. They will make a great gift because Cricut Crafters are always in need of more mats.

 Here are the different mats:

  • StandardGrip Mat  – the most commonly used mat with adhesive vinyl, iron-on and Cricut infusible ink.
  • LightGrip Mat – for use with paper and cardstock.
  • StrongGrip Machine Mat – to use with materials that need the knife blade like wood veneer, chipboard, etc. Only for Cricut Maker users.
  • FabricGrip Mat – For cutting fabric on the machine. Only for Cricut Maker users.

Buy them one mat or all three (of course depending on the machine they have). Also, be sure to check out the bundles.

7. Cricut Material packs

a set of various Cricut materials on a table

The one thing about the Cricut machine – you need material to cut with the machine and there is SO much variety available like vinyl, iron-on, infusible ink, cardstock, and more!

Cricut sells bundles that not only make a great gift but also a great value. Be sure to check them out here. Browse around and find the perfect bundle based on your crafter’s machine and liking.

8. Cricut Product Blanks

Cricut Tote bag blank

Just like materials, Cricut product blanks are a great gift idea as well. These product blanks are designed for infusible ink and Cricut EasyPress.

There are many products including:

You can buy them one kind or an assortment to use with their machines.

9. Cricut Pen Sets

Cricut MArkers

The Cricut machine also accepts Cricut pens to help draw beautiful patterns. There are many types of pens you can purchase.

The ultimate Fine Point set is a great gift with 30 colors that can be used with the drawing feature on the Cricut.

Or, this Ultimate infusible ink marker set with 30 colors allows them to draw patterns and transfer to Infusible ink compatible blanks.

10. Machine Tool Organizer

Cricut machine tool organizer with blades

Every Cricut machine comes with blades that need to be swapped out based on the application.

This machine tool organizer gives them a safe place to house their blades to protect the blade tips plus looks pretty too.

11. Cricut Cutting Mat

black cricut self healing cutting mat

Cricut projects require a lot of cutting and poking (with the weeding tools and tweezers) This self-healing mat is great for using to cut and weed projects on and to protect your work surface.

12. 13-inch portable trimmer

13 inch portable trimmer from Cricut on table with pink vinyl

This is great to get their materials trimmed down easily and straight – which makes a huge difference for future use of their material as well. No more trying to make straight cuts with the scissors.

13. Roll holder for Smart material

If they have the Cricut Maker 3 or Cricut Explore 3, they can use Smart material which is material that does not need a mat and can be up to 75′ long! It can be a hassle to handle those rolls as they use them in their cutting machines.

Woman loading black vinyl on the Cricut Roll holder set up on a Cricut Maker 3

The roll holder attaches to the Cricut machine door and keeps rolls up to 75 ft aligned and easy to manage. It also has a built-in trimmer to cut off the material once the cut has been completed so you can get a straight edge.

14. Cricut Bright Pad

Cricut Bright pad

A large part of working with the Cricut machine is weeding – removing the negative space. It can be pretty hard on the eyes.

The Cricut Bright Pad uses LEDs with adjustable brightness to light up the pattern making the lines easy to see and will make a very appreciated gift.

15. Cricut Bright 360

If they craft in the evening or night, this will be a lifesaver.

The Cricut Bright 360 is the perfect crafting light that evenly lights up the entire workspace and can easily pivot and rotate to move the light exactly where it’s needed.

There are two models available so you can gift them what works best for them:

16. Machine Totes

Machine totes not only make crafting away from home easier, they also serve as dust covers to protect the machine when not in use. Some machine totes have storage for vinyl and other materials as well.

Of course, you want to get a tote that is compatible with their machine.

17. Vinyl Storage

Cricut Vinyl storage

Once you get a Cricut machine, you have lots and lots of rolls of vinyl and other materials.

This vinyl storage is great to help them manage and organize all their tools of vinyl.

Or you here is a larger option for vinyl storage

18. Rolling Cart for Storage and Organization

storage cabinet with drawer and door

One of the biggest challenges with owning a Cricut machine is having the space to organize all the material, mats, accessories, etc that come with it, not to mention a spot to conveniently store and use the machine.

Here are some of the great options:

Cricut Stocking Stuffer Ideas

You don’t have to get your Cricut fan large items. If you are on a budget or are looking for stocking stuffers, here are some great options!

19. Essential Tools Set

Cricut accessories are always a great option.

Package of Cricut tools on desk

Every Cricut user needs a bunch of tools to be able to work efficiently with the Cricut.

The Essential tools set is a great starting point or addition to their tools. It comes with everything they need to be able to make a project with any material from start to finish.

Even if they already have some of these tools, it is always great to have extras as tips tend to get dull or tools get misplaced.

20. Marker and pen sets

Small pack of Cricut pens

Cricut machines use markers and pens to help write and draw – great for making cards. Plus infusible ink pens can also make patterns for apparel and decor!

Cricut markers and pen sets make perfect stocking stuffers.

They are available in many colors and styles and packs of all sizes!

21. Cricut Maker Blades

Cricut blades on table

The Cricut Maker opens up the project and material possibilities. But this means that there are different blades needed for different materials.

Here are a few of the most common blades used:

22. XL Scraper

XL scraper by Cricut

A Scraper is great for cleaning their mat or attaching vinyl. The XL scraper is a great addition because the larger area makes it quick and efficient to use.

23. Brayer

Brayer on desk

A Brayer is used to make sure that the vinyl or material is adhering well to the mat or the project and is a very useful tool to have.

24. Weeding Scrap Collector Ring

blue weed scrap collector ring

When they are weeding vinyl or iron-on, it can get messy to handle all the scrap pieces because they are sticky and stick to everything. The last thing they need is for them to fall on their design and mess it up. This scrap collector ring is super convenient to use and is the perfect solution.

Another alternative is this version that attaches to the work surface.

25. Tool Organizer

Cricut tool organizer

This tool organizer makes it easy to have all their tools, markers, and pens handy and organized.

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