21 DIY Dog Bowl Stand Ideas

Give your dog an excellent place to eat with these easy and DIY dog bowl stand ideas that you can build today!

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Many dog owners like to have an elevated dog bowl stand for many reasons.

Purchasing a dog bowl stand is certainly an option, but you can easily build your own!

As always, the main advantage of building your own dog bowl stand is to customize it to what you need for your dog and finish it to work well with your decor and style.

Why Do Dog Bowl Stands Need to Be Elevated?

Dog bowl stands can be elevated to bring the food and water closer to your pet’s mouth. An elevated dog bowl stand will help keep from putting stress on the neck and is suitable for dogs with mobility issues, arthritis, and other joint problems.

Elevated dog bowl stands create less mess. What could be better than that?

How High off the Ground Should Be a Dog’s Bowl Be?

An elevated dog bowl stand should be as high as the chest of your dog. High enough that your dog doesn’t have to raise or lower their head to eat.

Are Elevated Food Bowls Bad for Dogs?

Some people believe that elevated food bowls are bad for dogs. There is a study that was done that supports that opinion.

It is thought that eating from a raised bowl can cause bloat, which can cause a whole host of problems for your pet. This is most commonly found in larger dogs, so if you are worried about this condition, be sure to consult with your vet and do not use a raised dog bowl stand.

Below, I am sharing 21 easy DIY dog bowl stands that you can make this weekend.

DIY Dog Bowl Stands

1. Simple DIY Dog Bowl Stand from Anika’s DIY Life

wood dog bowl stand with black painted base

This modern elevated dog bowl stand is made using 2×2 boards. It’s an easy beginner project that will give you practice making pocket holes. Paint the bottom in the color of your choice for a great-looking modern piece of decor.

2. DIY Pet Feeder from Provident Home Design

white dog bowl stand with turned legs

This traditional-style dog bowl stand is made from melamine and legs from a local home improvement store. Cut the legs to the height needed for your pet, add bowls, and it’s ready to go.

3. Elevated Dog Bowl Holder from The Handmade Home

dog bowl holder painted with stripes and 2 dogs eating

Keep all your dog food supplies inside this DIY dog bowl stand made from a pine project board. The top lifts off for easy access to the storage inside.

4. Raised Pet Feeder from Deeply Southern Home

pet feeder attached to the wall with dog laying on a rug

Not a fan of the look of raised dog bowl stands? Here is a great alternative. Mount this DIY dog bowl stand on the wall. The backsplash protects your wall, and it frees up floor space all at the same time.

5. Industrial Dog Bowl Stand from Pretty Handy Girl

dog bowl feeder with yellow and teal bowls and metal accents

Who says dog bowl stands can’t be stylish? This wooden dog bowl stand has industrial accents, and I love the colorful bowls!

6. Mobile Dog Bowl Station from A Beautiful Mess

dog bowl stand on wheels with three bowls

This dog bowl stand is excellent for smaller size pups. Made with 2X6 and 2X3 boards, it rolls easily out of the way when not in use so that no one will trip over it. Genius!

7. MCM Raised Dog Bowl Stand from Dans le Lakehouse

teal raised dog bowl feeder with hairpin legs

Do you love mid-century modern decor? This MCM elevated dog bowl stand made from plywood will be a stand-out piece of decor in your home. Everything is better with hairpin legs, don’t you agree?

8. Rustic Dog Bowl Holder from DIY Danielle

raised dog bowl stand with upcycled legs

Recycle old chair legs to make this DIY dog bowl stand. The plywood top attaches easily to the legs that can be cut to the perfect size for your pet.

9. Modern Pet Bowl Stand from Almost Makes Perfect

wood pet bowl stand with three bowls

Made for small dog bowls, this elevated dog bowl stand is made using square dowels. It’s the perfect size for small dogs but also great for cats.

10. Dog Bowl Holder from My Repurposed Life

blue distressed finish dog bowl stand with stainless steel bowls

Build this shabby chic DIY dog bowl stand with scrap wood. Free is always good! Be as creative as you want with the paint finish and make a cute, fun piece that will look great in your home.


11. Mid-Century Dog Bowl Stand from Sarah Hearts

round single bowl dog food stand

A wood circle and tapered legs make this an easy DIY project you can do in an afternoon. This single bowl stand is excellent for water, but be sure to add several coats of polyurethane to protect the wood.

12. Repurposed Dog Bowl Stand from DIY Inspired

dog bowl stand made from a wine crate

There is no building involved with this DIY dog bowl stand. Crates can be the perfect size for the lip of a stainless steel bowl to rest on. Make sure to measure before you go to purchase the bowls.

13. Easy DIY Dog Bowl Stand from Dans le Lakehouse

dog bowl stand painted pink with hairpin legs

Here’s another tremendous mid-century-style dog bowl stand. Repurposed from an old end table and spray painted to match the kitchen, this is a great recycling project for your pet.

14. DIY Raised Dog Feeder from I Should Be Mopping The Floor

red painted crate as a dog bowl stand

Measure the inside diameter of the lip of your dog’s bowl to make the cuts for this dog bowl stand made from a crate. You can make the crate too or buy one pre-made.

15. Dog Feeding Station from Dream a Little Bigger

dog bowl stand with storage underneath

Wood cubbies can be turned into a great dog feeding station simply by cutting holes in the top for the bowls. This is great for the storage of dog toys, leashes, or even dog food.

16. Picket Fence DIY Dog Bowl Stand from Salvaged Living

dog bowl stand made with fence pickets

Picket fence boards as legs make this DIY dog bowl stand a unique rustic dog feeding station. It’s a great way to recycle, and you can cut the pickets to the height you need for your dog.

17. Pet Feeder Using 1X2 Boards from The Inspired Hive

short dog bowl stand

This DIY dog bowl stand can be made with scrap wood and is a great beginner DIY project that your pet will love to eat from. It’s a great height for small dogs or cats.

18. Modern Dog Food Holder from Bre Purposed

raised dog bowl stand with irish setter

You won’t need nails or screws for this elevated dog bowl stand. Cut the holes with a jigsaw, then put the whole thing together with wood glue and allow to dry overnight. You can always add some finish nails the make sure it stays together for the long haul.

19. Pet Bowl Stand from Centsational Style

blue dog bowl stand with white bowls

Make your own template for the legs of this DIY dog bowl stand. Another great beginner project will give you practice with pocket holes and honing your circle cutting skills with a jigsaw. Finish it by painting or staining in the color of your choice.

20. Raised Dog Bowl Stand from Practically Functional

White raised dog bowl stand with drawers

An elevated dog bowl stand is the perfect way to use a small two-drawer dresser. The drawers are the ideal place to store food, treats, or leashes.

21. Dog Feeding Station from @ Home With Ashley

small dog bowl stand with two dogs eating

Perfect for small dogs, this dog bowl stand is made using a 1X8 and pre-made legs. If you have more than one dog, add three holes for bowls so they don’t have to share.


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