DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer Using Scrap Wood

DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer Idea using scrap wood and floral wire. Create desk storage and organization with this full step by step tutorial.Easy DIY Mason jar organizer for your desk using scrap wood and floral wire

Mason jars always come to rescue in any organizing dilemma. I made this DIY mason jar desk organizer to add storage and organization to my DIY modern farmhouse desk but can really be used in so many ways!

I have a thing for office supplies… especially pens and pencils…

I can spend a VERY long time in the office supply aisle just staring at all types of pens and markers… and yearning for them…

You should see my collection too… I have so many ranging from simple boil point pens to colorful gel pens to a treasured fountain pen…

On a side note, I am very particular about the kind of pen I use to write… I have about 2 dozen of my current favorite pen all around my house because I refuse to use any other kind of pen. It has been my favorite for almost 6 years now and I sure hope they don’t discontinue it because someone will have a very hard time!

What better way to have them on my new favorite desk than to display them in a DIY mason jar desk organizer.

DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer

Desk organization idea using a DIY mason jar organizer | scrap wood project idea

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Materials to Make a Mason Jar Organizer –

Note: the dimensions here are for the jelly jars I used. Please make sure to check the dimensions you need for your jars.

How to Make a Mason Jar Desk Organizer –

Step 1 – Make all the cuts and sand all the pieces smooth. You should also paint or stain them at this point. I did this at the end but it is much easier to do this at the beginning.

Step 2 – Clamp 2 dowels at a time to a work table making sure they are about 7 3/4″ apart and staple 22-gauge floral wire across to create the wire fence. Make two of these.
How to make a mason jar desk organizer with scrap wood and floral wire

Remember to fold in the sharp ends of the wire. You can hammer lightly to embed the sharp ends of wires into the soft wood.

Step 3 – Carefully align each fence with the plywood base and joined using wood glue and finish nails. I used a brad nailer for this but a good old hammer will do the trick too. Build an easy DIY Mason Jar organizer using scrap wood

Step 4 – For the short ends of the organizer – attach a few scrap pieces of wood trim using finish nails and wood glue.Make an easy desk organizer using mason jars

Step 5 – Fill the nail holes with wood putty and paint or stain the piece.

If I had to make this again, I would paint the little pieces of wood before joining everything together. It was very hard to get good even paint coverage in all the little corners.

Add mason jars and use it to organize! It makes a wonderful utensil holder at your backyard summer barbecue too! easy mason jar utensil holder | perfect for parties | scrap wood project idea

Of course, I am using it to keep all my favorite pens and pencils on display and organized!

In case you read this far and by any chance still wondering which is my favorite pen – its this one… and you get bonus points too! 🙂 I am also in love with those twig pencils!! I got mine from here but you can find them here too!Easy and quick mason jar organizer for desk organization | scrap wood project idea

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