Easy DIY Magnetic Chalkboard for the Kitchen

Make an easy DIY magnetic chalkboard for the kitchen with basic tools. This multifunctional board is perfect to write inspirational quotes, add reminders and also for meal planning! Plus it holds your kitchen towel and apron or keys!

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This easy DIY magnetic chalkboard has added a lot of fun and function to our Kitchen/entryway.

I have been slowly working on getting the entryway (which is really the space next to the garage door in the kitchen) organized.

I wanted a space to be able to doodle, add little reminders and also hang a few things – like an apron and kitchen towel.Close up of magnetic chalkboard showing little rock magnets

The answer was definitely in a magnetic chalkboard with hooks. And since this is the kitchen, it just had to be shaped like a cutting board 🙂

It is a super simple project which needs some basic tools. The overall size is completely up to you and you can make it as large or as small as you like!

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Materials Needed to Make a Framed DIY Magnetic Chalkboard –

How to Make the Easy DIY Magnetic Blackboard –

Step 1 – Draw the cutting board shape on the project panel. I used a plastic lid for the rounded corners.Tracing round edges for cutting board shape cutout using a plastic lid

Leave a 1″ gap on the sides and a 3″ gap on the bottom. Below are the measurements.Wood plank showing measurements to cut out the cutting board design

Step 2 – Cut out the shape using a jigsaw. For the inner cut, make a couple of holes with a drill to accommodate the jigsaw blade and cut it out. Also, make a hole on the top of the board. Stain or paint it in the color of choice.Cut out of the cutting board shape. The center has been cut out too.

Step 3 – Measure and cut the galvanized sheet metal to fit the size of the opening. Be sure to add about ½” on all sides for overlap.Cutting sheet metal with tin snips

Step 4 – Scuff the surface of the sheet metal with a sanding block and give it a coat of chalkboard paint. A spray shelter is optional but definitely recommended to keep the overspray contained.Spray Painting galvanized metal with chalk board paint

Step 5 – Attach the sheet metal to the back of the cutting board cutout using a staple gun.Attaching metal sheet to cutting board frame with a staple gun

Step 6 – Attach your knobs or hooks. Attaching knobs to the cutting board

That’s it! I added a green suede cord on the top.Final finished blank cutting board shaped magnetic chalkboard on the wall

Then, I tried my hand at chalk art with a chalk pen! This was the part I was dreading the MOST!! I am certainly not an artist. It turned pretty well if should say so myself.

Oh and don’t forget to season the chalkboard before you use!Close up view of the magnetic chalkboard with doodle and rock magnets. Kitchen towel and apron hanging on the knobs

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I also love that I can add little notes (or school paperwork) using magnets.

Talking about magnets, how cute are these magnets? I made these out of little wishing stones. Check out the video here.

Do you have a similar system in your kitchen/entryway? What do you use?

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Easy DIY magnetic chalkboard that is perfect for the kitchen

Make an easy DIY magnetic chalkboard for the kitchen with basic tools. This multifunctional board is perfect to write inspirational quotes, add reminders and also for meal planning! Plus has space to hang kitchen towels, aprons etc.

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