Boy-Girl Shared Bedroom – The Full Reveal

A Colorful Boy-Girl Shared Bedroom to Blow Your Mind! Bring Each Kids Personality Into the Room and Make It Work Together!

I am SO excited to give you a tour of the boy-girl shared bedroom we created for our kids! It is full of color and reflects their personalities so well!This boy-girl shared bedroom is so amazing! It shows each kids personality so well!

They have been sharing a room since they were little and love it. And we love it too… we love the bond they have – they read together before bedtime, are learning to respect each other…

So, even though we have space in this house to give them their own separate rooms, we decided to let them keep sharing a room as long as possible…

Their room was the first room in the house to get a full makeover and since mom had been yearning for non-white walls for the last 4 years, there just had to be a lot of colors involved!

Are you ready for the before picture? This is what we started out with… Old room- pink carpet - before

This room took up most of our efforts. That pink carpet was ripped out and the hardwood was refinished, the built-in was taken down, we removed the popcorn ceiling and the textured walls had to be skimmed.

I was finally glad to have a blank canvas to start adding love and color 🙂

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Picking Colors for Boy-Girl Shared Bedroom

My girl loves all things pink and flowers and butterflies and my boy loves dinosaurs and trucks and anything that makes a lot of noise.

I merged their favorite colors together to give them their own little nook but still make the room work together. We went to Home Depot and had them pick 5 colors each and I took it from there! This accent wall is the star of the room and I was so happy to be able to partner with Frog Tape to create it! how to paint geometric shapes on wall

Check out all the details on how to paint the accent walls

Girl-Boy Shared Room Decor –

On the girl side, I added flowers cut out of craft foam and painted cardboard butterflies. These are so special because I actually made them for her nursery when she was still in my tummy (that’s like 8 years ago now!). They have been on her room walls ever since!! I even asked if she wanted something different but she didn’t!! (Mommy’s heart melts…) Easy girl room decor with flowers and butterflies

I love how girlie and soft this side of the room looks. WOW! Girl room accent wall and decor idea

Sources – Bed (also available here)| Comforter set | Owl pillow (discontinued)| Curtains (also available here)

On the boy side, of course, the little guy wanted dinosaurs! So that’s what he got. Check out the full tutorial on how I made the canvas art from printables. Easy canvas artwork made from printables

The “RAWR” pillow was a super easy DIY. I bought a plain orange pillow cover and used a bleach pen to write the letters.Easy personalized pillow in minutes!! Love this idea!

That completes the view of the boy side!Love this boy room decor idea!

SourcesToddler bed | Duvet set

On the wall opposite the accent wall are the colorful Ikea Tarva dresser and a little gallery wall I created using the simple DIY photo frames. The clock is also an Ikea hackEasy and colorful Kids room decor idea!

Their bedside table with book storage is a super simple beginner build. I also have the plans for it in the woodworking libraryWow!! this is gorgeous boy room decor!

Because I cannot help it, here is another view of the other side.A beautiful girl bedroom! Love all the little details

I leave you with a before and after comparison of the space – Wow! I never would have imagined this transformation! Girl-boy shared bedroom makeover

And just for kicks, here is the original picture from the MLS listing and when we first saw it.See how a blogger turns this room into a kids heaven!

Now, it is the kids’ (and parents’) favorite room in the house! A fun and special boy-girl shared bedroom! I love this idea!

Wall Colors –

Base color and baseboards – SW Alabaster

Accent wall colors –

All colors used are by Behr unless noted.

Boy side – Fiji (main color), Toucan, Roasted corn, Fresh Guacamole, Silver Bullet, Tried and True Blue (from Dunn-Edwards)

Girl side – Creamy Freesia (main color), Cabaret, Toucan, Roasted corn, Fresh Guacamole, Silver Bullet

Sources –

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  1. Beautiful kids bedroom.when I saw this bedroom ‘s original look,unbelievable change in it now.great work Anika.

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    This room is amazing. I love the accent wall.

  3. Looks so beautiful-you did an outstanding job! The kids must be so happy in there! 🙂

  4. That accent wall is fantastic! Very creative to put the cubes of color on a diagonal like that!

  5. This is the cutest kid’s room I’ve ever seen!

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