DIY Chalkboard Laundry Room Sign

This chalkboard laundry room sign is perfect for your laundry. It is easy to make and a great solution to finding all the missing socks.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks between closing on our new to us house, attending a conference and packing and moving. I have been working hard on making new projects and sharing with you. But in the meantime, I will be introducing you to a few talented bloggers who were so awesome to step in and help me out by sharing a few fun projects for you!
How to make an easy and fun chalkboard laundry room sign

Today, I would like to introduce you to  Mary from A Real Girls Realm. You can read more about Mary at the bottom of the post but I will let Mary take it from here…

How is it that only one sock will go missing from an entire load of laundry? Every week I have at least one pair missing its mate and it inevitably turns up in the next load…or even in the dryer the next week! I usually just throw the lone wolf sock in the drawer and hope I find it’s mate soon, but sometimes it gets buried under the other socks never to be seen again, so I came up with a solution!MAke a fun laundry room sign and decor - add laundry room humor


We recently built a laundry room in our basement and now that I have a proper place to do laundry, I can be more organized! I decided to make a fun piece of chalkboard wall decor that also would hold my socks looking for a mate.

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Supplies Needed for This DIY Chalkboard Wall Decor Idea:

How to Make the Chalkboard Laundry Wall Decor:

Step 1: Paint the wooden frame and clothespins and let dry. I used White for the frame and Frosted Glass for the clothes pins

Step 2: Paint the piece of luan with primer and let dry. Then apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint and let dry. Secure the chalkboard painted luan piece into the frame using the tabs on the back.How to make a chalkboard laundry room sign for missing socks - painting

Step 3: Attach picture hanging hardware to the back of the frame.

Step 5: Measure where you want the clothes pins to go. I tried to evenly space them across the to make chalkboard laundry room art

Step 6: Use glue to secure the clothes pins to the frame. I like using Rapid fuse for this.attach clothespins to create a fun laundry room art

 Hang and admire your work! I wrote a cheesy pun on the chalkboard because you have to make laundry fun, right? Now you won’t have to send out a search party for all those lost socks!Easy and quick Laundry room sign idea
Hi, I am Mary! I love my family, Jesus, fashion, and fixing up our 1960’s Rancher. My goal is to show that girls can be fashionable and girly while getting your hands dirty and building things! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! 


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  1. nice work! I think you can make a small bad for chalk storage on the side of this chalkboard to be more convenient.

    1. That is a great idea!

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