What Does Your Front Door Paint Color Say About You?

Your front door is the first impression your guests have before entering your home, and what might your front door color say about you? Here are ten popular front door paint colors and what they say about the people behind them.

1. Pink/ Peach

pink front door
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If you have chosen a variation of pink, you are a true romantic. You are affectionate and have an inner peace that most people envy. You are nurturing and compassionate and will be a friend to everyone you meet. Your youthful outlook on life is envied by others that strive to be just like you.

2. Purple

purple colored front door
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If the pop of color on your front door is purple, you are a creative free-thinker. Purple is energizing a risk-taker. You’ve got big dreams and innovative ways to achieve all your goals, and you’ll power through until you reach them. People are in awe of your boldness and willingness to do what it takes and seek you out for advice.

3. Orange

orange painted door
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An orange door is as refreshing as the fruit. Individuals with orange front doors are the party planners and thrive in social settings. If your door is orange, your personality is warm and welcoming to all, and you don’t know a stranger. You’re the fun, extroverted neighbor whose parties everyone wants invited to.

4. Green

front door painted green
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Nothing is as grounded as the color green, and a green front door promises to connect you to the beauty of nature. Individuals with a green front door are described as balanced and soothing. Paint your front door green if you love nature and your home is a haven for family and friends.

5. Yellow

yellow front door
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Yellow is as cheerful as the sun on a warm spring afternoon. Owners of yellow front doors are thought to be the happiest on the block. People with yellow doors are joyful and optimistic and make the best friends. You will always be welcome in the home of someone with a yellow front door.

6. Red

red painted front door
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If red is your choice of color for the front door, you’re bold and passionate, and a red front door guarantees a welcoming fire with lively discussions where everyone’s opinion is welcome. Historically, a red front door meant travelers were welcome, and the people behind these red doors did not disappoint.

7. Light Blue

light blue painted door
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Light blue is as calming as a gently rocking wave, and the people behind a light blue door are considered positive and relaxing. If you have a light blue front door, you’re calm and relaxed, and don’t let the stress of your day job come home with you. You love hosting guests for a lovely quiet evening of easy conversation.

8. Navy Blue

navy blue front door
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A deep navy blue is the color of abundance and intelligence. If you have a navy blue front door, You are a rule follower, stable, and reliable. Your friends and neighbors can rely on you to be there when they need you and to do the right thing. The people behind these sophisticated front doors have a dedicated area for family heirlooms and take pride in their history and heritage.

9. White/ Cream

White front door
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A white front door demonstrates a preference for the neat and organized. Individuals with a white or cream-colored front door will have a well-stocked and aesthetically pleasing pantry. They love the simple things and have an air of innocence about them. They like having breathing room and don’t enjoy large gatherings where things get messy.

10. Black

black front door
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A black front door signifies timeless elegance with a dash of mystery. The owners of these homes are as classic, powerful, and sophisticated as a little black dress and are not easily swayed by passing trends. You know what you like and aren’t afraid to show it. You’re protective of your family and friends, and breaking into that inner circle is hard.

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