7 Easy and Cheap Upgrades to Improve Curb Appeal

If you plan to list your home for sale or just want to give the outside an easy facelift, consider these 7 easy and cheap upgrades to improve your curb appeal. Upgrades to your curb appeal can refresh your home without breaking the bank.

1. New House Number Sign

DIY wood burned house number sign
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Over time, your house number sign can become weathered from the sun and elements. Replacing it will give your curb appeal an instant refresh. A DIY house number sign is easy to make, and the unique, modern style of this one will get the neighbors talking.

2. Update your Mailbox

woman looking inside new mailbox
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The mailbox is an often overlooked aspect of a home’s curb appeal. A damaged or weathered mailbox can quickly diminish your home’s curb appeal. Repairing and repainting the mailbox will add longevity to the structure and can be easily accomplished with a few tools and a quart of paint.

3. Paint Your Front Door

red painted front door
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

The front door is the focal point of your entryway, and the overall first impression guests have when visiting. A new coat of paint can go a long way in upgrading your front entry, and bonus, it’s a cheap improvement. The best part is you can paint your front door in one day without removing the hardware or using any power tools!

4. Trim Bushes

woman trimming bushes
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Trimming the bushes in your yard can make a huge difference in the curb appeal, but that isn’t the only reason to complete this chore. Plants have a finite amount of energy to use, and pruning back the excess or dead foliage will allow your plant to flourish to its full potential. Giving your bushes a trim will provide a more uniform and polished look and protect your home from damage dead branches can cause.

5. Powerwash the Driveway

close up of power washer nozzle spraying water
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The driveway is an area often overlooked for curb appeal and cleaning maintenance. Over time, your driveway can become stained from frequent exposure to oil and grease spills or encroached by grass or weeds. Power washing the driveway will help to remove those stubborn stains and grass buildup and restore your driveway to its original beauty. A power washer can help with all types of curb appeal projects. Check them out here.

6. Add Mulch

mulched area in front of house
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Mulch is a cheap and easy addition to any flower bed, and a bag of mulch can cost as little as a few dollars. Mulch gives landscaping a polished, finished look but has many benefits outside of appearance. Adding mulch to the perimeter of trees, bushes, and other plants helps maintain moisture and protect plant roots. Adding mulch will help control weeds by limiting sun exposure and instantly boosting your curb appeal.

7. Add Outdoor Lighting

solar light posts made from scrap 4X4s
Image Credit: Anika’s DIY Life

Lighting is essential to enjoying your outdoor space throughout those summer evenings. Consider adding solar-powered lights to the front walkway to illuminate your curb appeal. Solar-powered lights come in various styles and are very cost-efficient. You don’t have to work with electrical components to add them to your outdoor space. Create a unique outdoor light by DIYing with scrap wood and solar lights.

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