How to Make a Lego Friends Party Invitation

Make your own Lego Friends party invitation with this easy to follow tutorial. You will be making own custom Lego birthday party invitations in no time!How to make Frugal Lego Friends Party Invitations

The perfect party starts with the perfect invitation to set the mood! Custom invitations are perfect but they can cost a fortune! I tried to find a printable invite design I could purchase but none seemed to do justice to what I had in mind.

Inspiration for Lego Friends invitations

I turned to my trusted source of inspiration, Pinterest and landed on this fun DIY Lego party invitation by Bren Did! She has an awesome detailed tutorial on it too! How to make a Lego invitation

I couldn’t get it out of my head! With her permission, I decided to put a Lego Friends spin on it! The Lego Friends birthday party got the perfect kick off!

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Materials for custom Lego Friends party invitations –

  • Lego base plate
  • Favorite Lego pieces
  • Camera (a phone camera totally works)
  • Photo editing software (there are a bunch of free tools online)
  • Printer
  • Envelopes

How to make Lego Friends Birthday Invitation-

Step 1 – Build the invite using the Lego base plate and Lego. We used a various colorful Legos and a yellow base plate from the Lego Friends Vet Clinic set. You can find your favorite color here too. Write out the age, kid’s name or the word Party like Bren did. Make sure you leave space on the bottom for the Party details. Step by step tutorial on how tomake your own custom Lego Friends Birthday Invitations

Step 2 – When you are happy with your design, lay it flat in a well-lit area with natural light and take pictures. How to make your own Lego Friends birthday invitations

Step 3 – Time to edit the picture and add party details. Pick you best picture and import it into a picture editing software. PicMonkey or Canva are my favorite free online platforms. Check out Bren’s detailed tutorial on how to do this!

Step 4 – Print out the invitations. You can print on cardstock at home or at a print shop. We got them as 4″ x 4″ photo prints from Walgreens. How to make Frugal Lego Friends Party Invitations

Pop them in envelopes and send them out!

Easy Peasy!! It cost me $4.52 total for 12 invitations since I already had the envelopes.

How to make Frugal Lego Friends Party Invitation - step by step tutorial

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