How to Make a Wall Sconce

How to make a wall sconce using a simple wood dowel and decorative metallic sheet. This step by step tutorial with video shows you how to add an easy DIY wall sconce to your room. It can be used as an industrial wall sconce shade or a plugin wall sconce.How to make a wall sconce. Completed Easy DIY Wood and metal wall sconce on the wall

Making a DIY wall sconce has been on my long list of projects for 8 months now…

Basically ever since we moved into this house…

Because this is what I see every time I look up from my computer screen –outdated light fixture to be replaced with DIY wall sconce

I am quite sure you went through the exact same emotions I go through every time I look at it… which is at least 10 times every single day…

No more!!!

DIY Wall Light

I love looking up at it now!! Well actually, I better stop looking at it so much cause I am not getting any work done here at all…

Close up of DIY light sconceWait till you see what it looks like when turned on… but for that, you have to wait till you get to the bottom of this post 🙂

I knocked out this project during spring break week by stealing a few minutes here and there and I am so so glad it is done and checked off my to-do list!

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M-D Products had sent me the metallic sheets when I attended a conference last summer. I am so glad to finally use it in a project!

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Material Needed to Build the DIY Wall Sconce –

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Cut List –

  • ¾” Square Dowel 4 @ 12″
  • ¾” Square Dowel 4 @ 8½”
  • ¾” Square Dowel 4 @ 5″
  • Decorative sheet 1 @ 12″ x 8½” (check fit before cutting)
  • Decorative sheet 2 @ 12″ x 5″ (check fit before cutting)

How to Make a Wall Sconce

I have a video with the step by step tutorial to show you exactly how I made this light sconce. Written instructions follow below with pictures.

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  1. Build the cage by joining the wood dowels together using wood glue and finish nails.Schematic of DIY wood and metal wall sconce Tip – I use a 3/4″ plywood edge to help with support and to keep the joints square. How to attach wood dowels using wood glue and finish nails to make a DIY Light sconce
  2. Once the cage is built, paint or stain it with the color of your choice. I went with a dark brown to match my DIY modern farmhouse desk.Staining a DIY wood sconce
  3. Measure and cut the decorative metallic sheet using tin snips or sharp scissors.Cutting a metal sheet to make a DIY wood and metal sconce
  4. Attach the decorative metallic fil to the inside of the wood frame using a staple gun.Attaching the decorative metal sheet to the wood and create a DIY wood sconce
  5. Hang the wood and metal wall sconce cover or shade on the wall. It is very lightweight and I used 3M Command strips to mount it.

How to Attach the Wall Sconce

Since I was changing out an old hardwired light fixture, I simply switched out the fixture with a simple low profile version minus the shade. Then I attached my DIY wall sconce to the wall using 3M Command strips. You can also use picture hanging hardware for this.

DIY Plug-in Wall Sconce

If you want to create a corded plugin version, you can simply attach a corded light kit to the inside of the wall sconce before hanging it on the wall. I tell you how you can do this towards the end of the video above.

Of course, as promised, here it is turned on…

Isn’t it gorgeous?!! DIY wood light sconce with light turned on. How to make a light sconce

Isn’t it super cool!!

Ok… now I will get back to staring up at my wall light 🙂DIY wall sconce on the wall with text overlay

Ok… now I will get back to staring up at my wall light 🙂

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  1. This turned out so nice. Great idea for something that is easy but pretty! Happy Summer, Kippi

  2. Love this wall sconce. How inventive of you to figure out how to make it!!! Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things. Best wishes, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  3. Becky Ackroyd says:

    I love this! Did your old sconce cover just come right off?
    I’d love to do these with my wall sconces that look like something off Star Trek!

    1. Hi Becky! Yes, there were a couple of screws that were holding it up. Its an easy and quick update 🙂

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