A Colorful IKEA Latt Hack for Kids

A Super Quick and Easy IKEA Latt Hack to Take the Simple Children’s IKEA Table to a Whole New Fun and Colorful Level! Every Meal and Activity Time Is Fun!

A super quick Ikea Latt makeover. You have to check out this Ikea Latt Hack!

Welcome to my blog! For the first blog post, I decided to start at the very beginning. The project that started it all.. the Ikea Latt Hack for Kids.When it was time for my little 18-month-old baby girl (who is now six and a half…sniff!) to have a table and chair set of her own, I started researching in all the usual places – big box stores, online, speciality stores… but all I found was boring single primary colored sets like this one –

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or extremely over decorated sets like this –


I wanted something in between with just a little hint of fun. And then I found the Ikea Latt table chair set!Ikea Latt Table Yes, it is as plain as they come and with thousands of possibilities!

Materials Required for the IKEA Latt Children’s Table Makeover –

How to Makeover the IKEA Latt Table and Chair Set –

Step 1 – Spray paint the frames of the table and chairs before they are assembled. Make sure to wear respiratory protection. I wish we had the spray shelter at that time. It would have been so much easier!Add fun and color to the plain Ikea Latt table and chair set with this awesome hack!

Step 2 – Cut the  1/2″ foam to the shape of the chair seat. Make sure it is about half inch shorter that the seat. Glue the foam to the chair seat using spray adhesive.

Step 3 – Cover the chair seat with fabric using hot glue to keep it together.

Step 4 – Assemble according to the directions. The fabric does make the seat thicker and a little hard to insert in the groove, but little persistence works and the seat is super secure. I have since sat on this myself while feeding the little one dinner and it stood up to that test! That’s it! Fun colorful fabric adds lots of fun to this Ikea Latt makeover

I let the set sit outdoors in the day, bringing in the garage at night for a week to finish degassing to make sure there was no smell at all before bringing it into use. I may have stuck my nose to it for an extended time just to make sure 😉

My daughter absolutely loved it!! And so did a ton of other people and I ended up doing a bunch of Ikea Latt hacks.

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I can't believe how easy this Ikea Latt children's table makeover is!

Have You Tried an IKEA Latt Hack?

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  1. I love the bright colors and the fabric on those chairs is PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing at TaDa Thursday!!

    1. Thank you Susanne!

    1. Thank you for the feature Fabiola! That is awesome!

  2. Is this truly your first blog post? What a really adorable table you made from the plain jane one, but you always have colorful and lovely pieces to share.

    1. Thanks Debbie! It is actually my first furniture project that I did almost 4 years before I started blogging. 🙂

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