Lego Friends Themed Birthday Party – Ideas to Create Your Own!

A fun and colorful Lego Friends themed birthday party perfect for any little girl who loves Legos. Find inspiration for invitations, decor, food and activities.

Lego Firends themed birthday party ideas - food-decor and activities

We recently celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday (seriously why do they grow up so fast!) with a small gathering of her friends.

The joy of building starts young!

She is obsessed with all things Lego and can spend hours just building!

Especially the Lego Friends line… she loves the characters and settings and the scenes she can create!

Naturally, it was a Lego Friends theme birthday party.

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As fate would have it, I met representatives from Lego at a recent conference. This year is Lego Friends’ 5th anniversary! Did you know that since Lego released Lego Friends line 5 years ago, the number of girls building with Legos has increased by 70%!!

When Lego offered to provide Lego Friends sets for all the girls attending the birthday party, my daughter was in heaven!

She also got a special gift from Lego – the Heartlake Summer Pool! Lego Friends themed birthday party

We gave it to her on her birthday and she spent the whole day and the following 2 days after school building it on her portable Lego table!

Did I tell you yet how obsessed she is with building with Lego?Lego Friends Heartlake pool review

I am amazed at the details in these sets… the spa has little round red pieces that go under that blue… they are the heaters!!

Lego Friends Party Invitations

We made our own custom invitations. Nothing sets the mood for the party like the perfect invitations!

The best part – it was so much fun making them with my little girl.

Check out how cute they turned out and the full tutorial on how to make them!

Lego Friends Party Food Ideas

I tried to keep with the Lego theme and have “cubed” food.

We made the Lego candy by melting colorful Candy Melts and pouring them into a silicone Lego moldHow to make Lego candy

The Lego cookies were my new favorite sugar cookie mix (I discovered this at a conference recently) covered with colored frosting and chocolate drops. Seriously, that sugar cookie mix is ah-mazing!How to make Lego cookies

I ordered Lego Fondant pieces to add to plain cupcakes along with the printable cupcake toppersLego Friends themed birthday party decoration - cupcakes

Keeping with the theme, I cut up colored fruit into cubes. After all that sugar, I felt so much better adding some healthy alternatives. Lego themed food ideas - fruit

Lego Friends Birthday Cake Idea

We started a fun tradition on my daughter’s 5th Princess birthday where she decorates her own cake.

We did the same here.

I ordered a plain cake and she decorated it with one of the new Lego Friends set – Stephanie’s Friendship cakes.Lego Friends birthday cake idea

Not only did she have fun building the Lego set, but we also have one of a kind cake that she decorated herself. Also, she can totally tell you a story behind the entire scene! Lego Friends Birthday cake idea

Not only did she have fun building the Lego set, we also have one of a kind cake that she decorated herself.

Also, she can totally tell you a story behind the entire scene!

I used two Duplo flag poles and tied the cake banner to it.

Lego Friends Themed Party Decoration Ideas

Every birthday party needs a banner. How perfect is this Lego banner from Just a Little Sparkle? The colors are totally spot on! Lego Friends themed birthday party banner

We made tissue paper tassels to add some fun and color to the table following the tutorial here.Lego Friends birthday party decoration ideas - tassles

I also had her build all her other sets and save them for display on the day of the party.

I used them all along with Lego Duplo Cakes as decoration on the table. Decoration ideas for Lego Friends birthday | Food ideas | desert table

Lego sets seen – Olivia’s Exploration Car | Vet Clinic | Elves Naida’s Spa secret | Duplo Cakes

Lego Friends Themed Birthday Party Activities –

The girls had lots of fun with the Lego Friends themed activities.

Lego Friends Bingo – There is something about 7-year-olds and bingo. They just seem to love it! I printed Bingo cards using the Lego Friends Bingo Printables. We had a basket full of little prizes for every bingo and they all went fast!

Find the Legos – This idea was suggested by my friend Toni and it was so genius!! We mixed up little pieces of Legos with rice and had the girls pick them out blindfolded in 1 minute. The girls had a blast with this. The winner picked out 23 pieces!! She was really good!
Lego themed birthday party activity - Find the legos

Other Lego activities, coloring pages, etc – Lego has a whole range of printable sheets for activities!

Apart from this, all the girls just had lots of fun dancing and singing with the Karaoke system!!

Lego Birthday Party Favors –

Like I mentioned earlier, Lego offered to send sets to give out to all the girls!

Everyone was so excited to get one of these sets! Lego Friends themed birthday party - favors

Sets included –  Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes | Andrea’s Musical Duet | Emma’s Photo Studio

It was a small and fun party and the birthday girl and her friends enjoyed every minute!!

My favorite thing about these parties is getting the kids involved in everything.

We made the tassels, baked cookies together, melted lots of candy melts and had lots of fun decorating.

The evening ended with all the girls going home exhausted after loads of fun!! Now that is a successful party!

Sources – 

Banner, Cupcake toppers, cake banner – Just a little Sparkle

Lego Fondant – Fondant Creations

Lego candy – homemade using candy melts and mold

Lego cookies – homemade using cookie mix, icing and chocolate drops

Cake and cupcakes – store bought.

Lego Friends birthday party ideas - food, decor and activities

I love organizing kids birthday parties with lots of handmade elements!

The Princess Party two years ago was so much fun! DIY Princess birthday party ideas - food, decorations and activities

We also had a really fun artist birthday party the year before which was a lot of fun!Fun and colorful artist birthday party food

Lego Friends birthday party ideas - food, decor and activities

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  1. Super cute party, Anika! My daughter would have fun with this idea as would my Lego loving 5 year old. Love all the colors and themed touches.

    1. Thanks Victoria!! I love that the kids love Legos so much!!

  2. For my daughter’s 6th birthday, she asked to have a Lego Friends Birthday Party. This was when Lego Friends was still fairly new and there weren’t as many existing party options out there so we did a lot of DIY for this one.

    1. How Fun!! Isn’t it fun to DIY so many aspects of the party!!

  3. Anika, this is adorable. It makes me wish my kids were still little. Your daughter is soooo beautiful! Watch out 🙂

    1. Thanks Janice… Yes… I am already dreading the teen years 🙂

  4. This makes me wish my daughter was little again, heck I want to be little again. I love all the girlie colors they’ve added. I can’t wait until I have grandkids to do something like this for them.

    1. Thanks Toni! It is so fun to plan kids parties!

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