Marble Contact Paper Countertop – 10 Months Later

Marble contact paper countertop is a great budget-friendly way to update an old countertop. If contact paper for countertops is on your to-do list, be sure to see this faux marble contact paper countertop review. See how it stands up to the test of time and kids in a bathroom.

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Bathroom Countertop with faux marble contact paper countertop

I get a lot of questions about the faux marble contact paper countertop I put in in the kids’ bathroom.

I think it’s about time I gave you an update on how it is holding up. Especially since it is in the kids’ bathroom.

Budget Bathroom Update

Here is a bit of background on the contact paper countertop.

Back in September 2016 – about 10 months ago, I decided on a $100 room makeover challenge.

For me, there was an additional challenge involved because we live in a rental and I can’t paint or change out any fixtures or counters.

Check out how I updated the entire bathroom with a fun and cheerful vibe for $100 and only 2 tiny nails in the wall!

Here is a look at the bathroom before and after – Rental apartment bathroom makeover before and after.

DIY Contact Paper Countertops

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Material needed for updating countertops with contact paper –

See how I updated the bathroom countertops with marble contact paper.

The major difference in the room came when I added the beautiful white marble contact paper to cover up the old stained yellow counters. Contact paper countertop before and after.

These counters have fooled many including our landlord! They don’t realize it is faux marble contact paper until I point to the seams. 🙂

Contact Paper countertop review

It has also turned out to be one of my most popular projects and I get a lot of questions about them. Here are the most frequently asked questions on these counters –

How are they holding up? 

They are doing AMAZING! We couldn’t be happier with them. Like I said, it has continued to fool people… Don’t take my word for it, check out the live video to see exactly what they look like right now! (video is below too)

How do you clean contact paper countertops?

I use my favorite cleaning supplies to wipe them down. It is in the kids’ bathroom and gets its share of toothpaste spills and water splashes… sometimes there are large puddles on it too (*rolling eyes*)! They are so easy to wipe down with a light spray and a towel. They are left shiny and looking like new!

How about mold? Are you worried about it under the contact paper?

The contact paper seals really well. It is completely stuck to the counter. I am glad I added a little fold at the edge of the sink to seal all the edges. There are spots near the faucets that have edges which get water too. I normally have to give that part slightly extra scrubbing when I clean but I haven’t seen any green stuff yet! Get a closer look at this in the Facebook Live video (below)

Does the contact paper scratch and wear out? 

It still looks exactly like it did 10 months ago when I put it down. It is really holding up well!

Does it start to peel off over time?

No.. not really, unless you have a 3-year-old  like mine who loves to pick at any seam. He found one corner and started taking it apart. It is an easy fix to cut up an extra piece of contact paper and patch it up. I showed you exactly how to do that in my Facebook Live video too! 

What happens when you take it off? 
I took it off 11 months later when we moved. Take a look at what I found!

That’s about it!

Of course, feel free to shoot me a question about these contact paper countertops if there is anything I may have missed!

You can probably tell, I am in love with the contact paper countertops and the entire concept of contact paper! I would most certainly do this again! It is such a great way to update counters on a budget.

Not just counters, there are so many ways you can use contact paper! Have you seen all the amazing choices of contact paper designs and so many ways you can decorate with contact paperDecorating with all types of contact paper | marble, granite, stainless steel, wood, translucent

I can't believe how this marble contact paper countertop has held up in a bathroom!

One of my all-time favorites is this wood grain contact paper that I used to give a quick makeover to an Ikea coffee tableAn easy Ikea Lack coffee table hack | faux wood Ikea Lack hack | Farmhouse Ikea Lack table hack

Marble Contact paper in the bathroom?! I would have never thought it would do so well!

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