15 Best Woodworking Project Ideas for Kids

Woodworking is a great way to encourage creativity. Here are 15 woodworking project ideas for kids that are great beginner projects. They will be proud to say they made themselves.

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There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a project that you made yourself. Kids feel the same way.

Teaching your children a creative skill like woodworking will

  • Nurture creativity
  • Teach practical skills
  • Inspire confidence
  • Encourage a sense of accomplishment and pride

Anytime I build in the workshop, and my kids are around, they love getting involved. They are always full of curious questions – what does this tool do, why are you using this tool… and so on! Of course, I ensure they stay at a safe distance and wear eye and hearing protection.

One of their favorite things is playing with my scrap wood. I let them play and design their projects. They even paint and color the pieces of wood to make their creations if they like.

Give those kids a few pieces of wood and let their imaginations come alive. You will be amazed at what they can dream up.

Safety For Kids when Woodworking

While it is fun for them to tinker and create with wood and tools, safety (as always) is critical! Below are a few of the most important safety guidelines. Always follow common sense and safety when working with kids in the workshop.

  • Supervision: Always supervise children when they are using woodworking tools. Never leave them unattended.
  • Appropriate Tools: Use age-appropriate tools and materials. Ensure that the tools are designed for children and are the right size for their hands.
  • Safety Gear: Provide kids with the necessary safety gear, including safety glasses or goggles to protect their eyes, ear protection if using noisy tools, and dust masks to prevent inhalation of sawdust.
  • Tool Training: Teach children how to use tools properly. Start with the basics, such as hammering nails and using a handsaw, before introducing more advanced tools like power drills.
  • Sharp Tool Awareness: Teach kids to know the sharp edges of tools and blades and handle them carefully. Emphasize the importance of keeping fingers away from moving parts.
  • Emergency Plan: Have an emergency plan in place. Teach children what to do in case of an accident, including how to call for help and where the first-aid supplies are located.
  • Teach Patience: Encourage kids to take their time and not rush through a project. Rushing can lead to mistakes and accidents.

Never take safety for granted. Kids will be kids and can get distracted easily. It is critical that an adult is present at all times and makes sure they follow all the safety rules.

Woodworking Project Ideas for Kids

Here are 15 simple wood projects for kids. These are easy beginner projects that can all be made using simple tools.

Almost all of these can be made using scrap wood. However, cutting the wood to size may be needed, and an adult can supervise them or cut the wood beforehand and allow them to put it together.

1. Laptop Stand

Laptop desk stand with post it notes and planner underneath

This is the perfect beginner project for kids to make. It uses simple tools and scrap wood. All they need to do is cut the boards and attach them using nails. They will be proud to do homework using a laptop stand they made themselves.

Plans to make it here.

2. Easy DIY Mailbox Organizer

DIY wall mounted Mail Organizer and sorter Station~ this would be a fun gift idea for a house warming, wedding gift, holiday gift, etc.

No power tools are needed to make this easy DIY mail organizer. It can be made using a miter box, a hand saw, and a hammer. It’s a quick and easy project that kids can make, and it makes a great gift!

Plans and video tutorial here.

3. Plywood Clock using Scrap Plywood

Wood project ideas for kids plywood clock

Clocks make great gifts, and your child will be proud to give this one on a birthday or as a Christmas gift. It even makes a great teacher gift. Made from scrap plywood, it’s easy to make using wood glue and adding a clock mechanism.

Tutorial here to make a plywood clock.

4. Solar Light Post

DIY solar light post from 4X4s

Solar light posts look great on a front porch, patio, or deck. This wood project idea for kids is a simple DIY they can make with 4X4s and solar lights. Let them be creative and create a design to paint on them.

How to make solar light pots.

5. Easy DIY Wood Tool Box

Want to build a wooden DIY tool box? With these beginner-friendly plans, tools, and supplies, you can build your first toolbox in under an hour!

Every woodworker needs a toolbox, and this one is a simple project perfect to get your child started building. It can be made using basic tools and small wood pieces in your scrap wood pile. Use it for a toolbox, utensil caddy, or desk supplies.

Plans and tutorial to build a wooden toolbox here.

6. DIY Lap Desk

DIY lapdesk with faux epoxy resin top

This lap desk is a simple build using basic tools, but the magic happens with the finish on top. The faux epoxy top uses unicorn spit, a gel stain, and a glaze coat that comes in striking colors. Let your child express their creativity when finishing their lap desk.

Plans and tutorial here.

7. DIY Wooden Step Stool

Young child standing on DIY step stool in front of sink

A step stool is a great project that can be used anywhere in the house. It’s an easy beginner project ideal for kids to get their hands on basic tools and build something. Try out different stains or paint to customize the finish.

Step stool plans here.

8. Cedar Picket Birdhouse from Ana White

Wood project ideas for kids cedar fence picket birdhouse

A birdhouse is a great project for kids to build! The design is straightforward, and they can make it using wood glue and nails. Cedar fence pickets are the perfect outdoor material as they resist insects and the weather.

Get the plans here.

9. DIY Ruler Pencil Holder

DIY ruler pencil holder wood craft for kids

This fun wood craft for kids is the perfect teacher gift. 15″ of scrap wood and a bunch of rulers is all you need to make a ruler pencil holder. Make the box with basic tools and add the rulers using wood glue. Your kids will love this easy wood project and be proud to give it to their teacher.

Step-by-step tutorial here.

10. DIY Doll Bed from The Kim Six Fix

DIY doll bed using fence pickets

Making a doll bed is an easy kid’s woodworking project idea. This one is made from survey stakes and 2X2s. The simple design is perfect for dolls up to 21″. Your kids will appreciate a toy they helped to make.

See how to make this doll bed.

11. Easiest DIY Bird Feeder from Love and Renovations

DIY green bird feeder hanging on a fence

Like the birdhouse above, this easy DIY bird feeder is a simple project perfect for kids. Grab some scrap plywood and 1X4, and let your child help you build one. It’s a fun project to do together, and they can keep it filled with birdseed once it’s hung up.

Tutorial to build this DIY bird feeder.

12. DIY Scrap Wood Candle Holder

candle holder made with 2X2s and decorated with seashells

This DIY scrap wood candle holder makes a great wood craft idea for kids, and they make a great gift. If you have scrap 2X2s, it’s the perfect way to use them. Your child can paint the candle holder any color and decorate it for a grandparent or teacher.

Tutorial to make this DIY scrap wood candle holder.

13. DIY Christmas Village

DIY Christmas village wood project ideas for kids

A Christmas village is a festive DIY project for the whole family. Made from scrap wood, you only need glue and paint to customize them with your kiddos. It will be everyone’s favorite Christmas decoration for years to come.

Tutorial to make a Christmas village.

14. Wood Slice Christmas Tree

colorful wood slice Christmas Tree

Colorful glitter, pre-cut wood slices, and a hot glue gun is all that’s needed to make this DIY wood slice Christmas tree. This fun wood craft is easy to create; your kids will love helping you.

Tutorial for a wood slice Christmas tree here.

15. DIY Woodblock Pumpkins

Wooden pumpkins made from scrap wood

Scrap 4X4s make the cutest pumpkins! Your child will love decorating them with different faces, like a jack-o-lantern. They are also great for snowmen and Santa Claus.

Also, see how to make scrap wood pumpkins, snowmen, and Santa Clause

I would love to see if you or the kids build one of these projects! Feel free to email photos to me at anika@anikasdiylife.com or tag me on Instagram @anikasdiylife for a chance to be featured on social media!

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