DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Nightstand – Free Plans

Build a Pottery Barn inspired nightstand for a fraction of the cost. A fun take on the Clara lattice bedside table with step by step tutorial and free Plans!

Build a DIY Pottery Barn inspired nightstand for a fraction of the cost. Tutorial and plans included!

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Our master bedroom has been in evolution mode for the last few months. We started out with just a mattress and box spring on a bed frame. I built an upholstered headboard, hacked an Ikea Tarva dresser and built the X-base accent table to serve as the nightstand. It was so nice to finally have a real nightstand after 3 years!

I set out to find the perfect mismatched bedside table. When I came across the Clara lattice wide bedside table from Pottery Barn, it was love at first sight! But, it cost only $499… obviously, I was going to be building it!

Once again, the awesome Jamison from Rogue Engineer graciously agreed to draw up plans to build it! His plans were so easy to follow and precise! I am so honored to be able to work with him on this. Check the bottom of the post for the link to download plans.

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Materials and Tools Required –

How to Build Pottery Barn Inspired Nightstand –

Please note that I reduced the width of the nightstand to fit the space in my master bedroom. Simply follow Jamison’s directions for the full width.

Step 1 – Start by making all the cuts and pocket holes per the plans.

Build a Pottery bar inspired nightstand with this step by step tutorial

Step 2 – Build the back of the table by attaching the two 2 x 2 legs to the back plywood using wood glue and 1 1/4 pocket hole Kreg screws. I love using Purebond plywood because it is formaldehyde free!

Easy step by step tutorial on how to build a Pottery Barn inspired nightstand

Step 3 – Attach side panels and the front 2 x 2 legs. These right angle clamps are my favorite! It’s like having an extra set of hands!

How to build a nightstand - tutorial and plans

Step 4 –  Prepare the middle shelf. Cut out the corners using the removable spacer of of Kreg jig to make the pocket holes like shown blow. Attach the middle shelf to the legs using the pocket hole screws.

Building a Pottery Barn inspired nightstand

Step 5 – Screw in the bottom shelf to the frame. I used 1 1/4 spax screws. I love these screws because they do not need any pre-drilling.

How to build a DIY nightstand

Step 6 – Add 1 x2 rails around the top where the drawer goes.

How to make beautiful X-shapes

Step 7 –  Make the X’s. Cut them per specifications in the plans but also do a rough fit before attaching them. I used wood glue and 1 1/4″ finish nails. Then attach1 x 2 molding around the middle and bottom shelves. Use pocket holes on the sides of the 1 x 2’s as well as the pocket holes on the bottom of the shelves to attach the molding.

Make a Pottery Barn inspired nightsand

Step 8 – Time to assemble the top by attaching the plywood to the 1×2’s. This was really straightforward! 

How to build a drawer

Step 9 – Assemble the drawer. I forgot to take a picture of it after the base was attached. You will see why in the next step.

Building a Pottery Barn inspired nightstand

Step 10 – Attaching the drawer slides. This was my first time working with drawer slides. Jamison recommended these ones. They weren’t too hard to install once I got things square. It’s a TOTALLY different story that I had to rebuild the drawer 2 times because it was just so slightly off square. Once I had the drawers figured out, it wasn’t too bad. 

How to add a drawer to a DIY nightstand

Step 11 – Attach the drawer front. Put the table top on and use wood shims to ensure 1/8″ space around the drawer front. Then take the top off and attach the front using wood glue and the 1 1/4″ spax screws from the inside.

How to attach legs on a DIY bedside table

Step 12 –  Time to attach the feet. Cut up the feet from scrap 1 x 4 boards. Attached them to the bottom molding using  1 1/4″ spax screws. 

DIY Pottery Barn nightstand - full step by step tutorial and plans

Step 12 – Attach the top by removing the drawer and using pocket holes on the sides and back. 

Step 13 – Fill all visible pocket holes with wood putty and all gaps with caulk and give the entire piece a good sanding.

Finish for the Pottery Barn inspired nightstand – I Sealed all the knots with a shellac based primer followed by primer and paint using my Homeright paint sprayer! I used Behr Marquis color matched to Glidden’s “Mayflower” – same as the DIY X-base accent table. I only needed about 2/3rd of a test pot. The knob is from hobby lobby.

Make your own DIY nightstand - Pottery Barn inspired - free tutorial and plans

Presenting the Pottery Barn inspired DIY Clara Lattice Bedside table! The best part – cost me $55 in lumber! Not to mention I got to pick the color :).

Sources: Table Lamp | Lamp Shade  | Upholstered headboardBasket | Bedding/Duvet cover

DIY Lattice nightstand - Pottery Barn inspired DIY nightstand - Free plans and tutorial

I love it so much! I moved the X-base table to my husband’s side of the bed and this one to mine. Look at those X’s on the sides!

If you want the plans just click here to go to Jamison’s blog by clicking below –


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Build a DIY Pottery Barn inspired nightstand for a fraction of the cost. Tutorial and plans included!

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Build a DIY Pottery Barn inspired nightstand for a fraction of the cost. Tutorial and plans included!

Build a DIY Pottery Barn inspired nightstand for a fraction of the cost. Tutorial and plans included!

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  4. Linda L Weeks says:

    Great job! I notice that you used Spax screws; I have just recently found out about them and I like them too! It is amazing how much technology goes into the development of such a small and humble item! Have you looked at them closely? Love it!

    1. Hi Linda, yes! I love them! I only use those for most of my projects now… no more traditional wood screws.

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