22 DIY Desk Organizer Ideas

These 22 DIY desk organizer ideas will help you keep your workspace clean and organized so you can be more productive and creative!

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As you spend more time working from home and helping our kids study at home, you slowly realize that you need a system for organization.

It is especially important to have organization on your desk.

A clean and organized desk helps the mind focus on the task at hand.

Do I always have a nice clean desk? Nope, I don’t. But I try to start every day with one.

Will the systems below make it so you don’t have a messy desk at all? Nope. But they will make sure everything has a place and home to get back to when. you are done at the end of the day.

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How to Create Organization on Your Desk-

  1. Identify the need – Figure out what needs to be organized. You might have a stack of papers on your desk that have been there for a while. Maybe it’s time to have a place for them
  2. Sort – Figure out if you really need it. Sometimes, we just let junk build up when we are not looking. If a few papers in the stack of paper have been there for over a month, chances are you don’t need it there.
  3. Find alternate storage – Decide what truly belongs on/in the desk. In our example – if the paper hasn’t been used in months, it can be filed away in a separate cabinet.
  4. Organize – Find the organization solution that fits best ad organize.
Drawers inside the desk with organized pens and markers

A few simple rules to remember while deciding on organization solutions –

  1. Real estate on top of your desk is gold. Don’t use it for items that do not have an immediate use or purpose.
  2. Organize your drawers so you know where everything is and can grab it when you need to.
  3. Put it up on the walls – Use up as much of that vertical space as you can.

DIY Desk Organizers

Whipping up your own desk organizer is easier than you think! You can make them out of many different materials – wood, cardboard, old metal cans.

I have gathered some of my favorite easy and creative DIY desk organizer solutions from around the web for you.

A lot of these make good use of scrap wood (which is one of my favorite things to do!)

1. DIY Laptop Stand from Anika’s DIY Life

Coral laptop stand with laptop on top on a desk

If you work at a desk, it is important to have the computer screen at eye level for ergonomic reasons.

This quick little scrap wood laptop stand raises the laptop for you. Just add an external mouse and keyboard and you have a nice comfortable configuration to work.

Plus, there is additional space under the stand for organization – win-win!

See how to make your own here.


2. DIY Phone Stand from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY phone stand in gray with phone charging, an inspirational quote, pens and a little plant on a desk

Another scrap wood project – this phone and photo holder helps keep your phone within reach and has a great spot to hold your favorite picture or inspirational quote!

3. Modern Pencil Holder from Anika’s DIY Life

top view of the plexiglass and wood DIY modern pencil holder

Keep all your writing utensils within reach in style with this easy wood and acrylic pencil holder.

4. Mason Jar Organizer from Anika’s DIY Life

Mason jar with wood and wire holder on desk with pencils

Another DIY pencil holder – this time using mason jars. This is a simple project made from scrap wood and wires.

You could simply use mason jars but having a holder helps corral everything in one spot.

5. DIY criss-cross organizer from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY spice rack hanging on the wall filled with craft paint bottles

One of the best ways to organize is to go vertical!

This simple wooden rack can be used in so many ways! Shown here with paint bottles, it can also hold pens or markers.

6. DIY Plywood Pegboard and Magnetic Pegboard from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY Pegboard and magnetic board in a workshop with decor and tools.

I built this for the workshop, but it will easily integrate into any office space!

It is the perfect combination of function and decor. Plus it uses up scrap plywood!

7. DIY Cork Board from Anika’s DIY Life

DIY cork bulletin board on gallery wall of creative office

If you want a cork board above your desk, you can make your own custom size with this full tutorial.

8. Simple DIY Desk Organizer from Woodshop Diaries

wooden desktop organizer with drawer and shelf

Made entirely from scrap wood this desktop organizer will help you clear up the surface of your desk.

9. DIY Vented Monitor Stand from Jaime Costiglio

slatted computer riser sitting on a desk

This vented monitor stand allows air to flow around your electronics and gives you a little space underneath for tucking things away.

10. Wood Desk Organizer from Charleston Crafted

wooden paper tray and supply organizer

Made from 1/2 inch plywood, this DIY organizer has space for papers, business cards and anything else you may need to get out of your way.


11. DIY Printer Stand from by Brittany Goldwyn

printer stand sitting on desk with Cricut machines on the shelves

Get the printer off of your desk and use up the space below it with this simple poplar and pine rack.

12. DIY Laptop Riser from Sawdust Sisters

Black painted DIY laptop riser with laptop on it and world map on the wall behind it

Made from scrap wood this laptop riser even has a place to tuck your mouse away.

13. DIY Desk Topper Shelf from Jaime Costiglio

desktop shelf with 3 sections stretching all the way across the desk

Even though this desk topper is being used for beauty supplies, it will make great organizer for desk supplies. The best part is it is made from scrap wood!

14. DIY Adjustable Desktop Organizer from Handyman’s Daughter

expandable desk top organizer with desk supplies on it

This adjustable desk organizer is a simple project! Make it work for your space!

15. DIY Beauty Organizer from Jaime Costiglio

pink, blue, and turquoise desk organizers with drawers and pencil cubbies

These colorful beauty organizers make great containers for desk supplies. Paint them any color your want!

16. DIY Desk Organizer Painted Brass from Houseful of Handmade

Brass colored pencil holders and post it note holder sitting on a desk

You won’t believe this, a piece of scrap wood and heavy card stock were used to make this desk top organizer.

17. Wall Organizer Above the Desk from Salvaged Living

wood book and paper holder above a desk

Get the paper clutter off your desk top by making these easy enclosed shelves.

18. DIY Drawer Divider from Sawdust Sisters

custom built drawer organizer with 6 secitons

All you need is a 1×3 board, a saw, glue and some finish nails to get your desk drawers organized.

19. Desk Drawer Divider DIY from In My Own Style

drawer divider with desk supplies in all the sections

Customize your drawer divider with as many sections as need. Painting it white is optional, but it sure makes it look clean and organized.

20. DIY Wood Drawer Divider from Artsy Pretty Plants

Wooden drawer divider with ten sections filled with office supplies

Using thinner wood like these poplar strips will give you more room in your drawer.

21. Dollar Desk Drawer Organizer from This is Our Bliss

cupcake tin spray painted gold with office supplies in the sections

Save big by repurposing a Dollar Store cupcake tin. It’s perfect for paperclips and all those other little things that get lost in a desk drawer.


22. DIY Device Charging Station

Keep cord clutter at bay with a DIY device charging station – it even includes a wireless charger!

22. DIY Tiered Organizer

DIY Tiered Organizer in office with office supplies

Add stylish storage to your desktop with this easy DIY tiered organizer. Keep pens, post-its, and other office supplies easily accessible. Made with mostly 1×2 boards you can make it in under an hour. It even makes a great gift!

So there you have it.

Easy DIY desk organization ideas you can make right away! You might have supplies for a few of these in your home/workshop already!

Spend a few minutes every day clearing up your desk and you will notice the difference it makes in your focus!

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