DIY Patio Table With Fire Pit

Build this DIY patio table with fire pit for summer backyard parties! This grill table is a quick beginner project and uses a simple Weber grill together with an easy DIY outdoor table.

A DIY Patio table with fire pit with lid on in the patio

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This DIY Patio table with fire pit makes for a perfect addition to any patio.

It is the perfect invitation to gather around and enjoy the cool spring and summer evenings.

DIY patio table with fire pit open with grill attachment to cook on.

It isn’t a simple fire pit though, it is also a grill – actually, a portable charcoal grill – so you can cook on it too!

I made mine to fit the 14″ version of the grill but you can easily scale this design for any size of grill!

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Materials Needed for the DIY Patio Table With Fire Pit-

Let’s take a quick detour from the project to talk about the grill. You could totally buy a new grill for this project.

Old charcoal grill with crud and grime

I inherited an old mini Weber grill from the previous owners and I held on to it in spite of it being quite gross looking because I knew I could do something with it down the road…

How to clean a charcoal grill without chemicals:

Cleaning the old charcoal grill using steam and no chemicals

It was super easy and quick to clean using the HomeRight SteamMachine. A few bursts of steam and the wire brush attachment and a quick water rinse took all the grime off! Best part – NO chemicals!

Spray painting an old charcoal grill

To give it a brand new look, I gave it a coat of heat-resistant spray paint

Once the grill looked almost new, I added  new charcoal and grilling grates.

How to Build an Outdoor Table With Fire Pit –

It is a simple table with a hole in the middle for the grill and you can get the printable pdf plans along with all the dimensions in your email by clicking below.

Get the Printable Plans

Here are a few tips and steps on how to build the patio table

  1. Mark the location of pocket holes on the aprons before you start building. To do this, lay out the table top slats, aprons, and legs on a flat surface. Mark pocket holes such that each slat gets attached to the apron or leg.Marking location for pocket holes in the DIY grill table
  2. Use lots of wood glue between the table top slats. Clamp them if you can.Glueing the DIY patio table top.
  3. Use a nail in the middle attached to a string and pencil to draw the circle for the grill cutout. You can also use the lid of the grill to guide you for the size
  4. Attach the bottom supports as close to the hole for the grill as possible. Make sure to drive the 2″ spax screws into every slat.Attaching supports to the bottom of the DIY grill table for the patio
  5. VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP – Add 1 ¼” wood screws to the inside rim of the hole. These support the grill and also create a ring of air insulation around the grill. I added 6 of these screws and it really is up to you for how many you need in order to feel comfortable with the support. The grill never comes in contact with the wood.How to insulate a Weber grill from the grill table using screws to keep it from burning
DIY patio table with fire pit with repainted patio furniture.

That’s it! Easy DIY patio table and firepit! Fits in perfectly with my curbside rescued patio furniture!

DIY Pato table with fire pit filled with coal and the HomeRight Electrolight fire starter

We used the HomeRight ElectroLight fire starter to start the fire in about 3 minutes.

Starting a charcoal fire using HomeRight Electrolight

It blows hot air at 1300°F and built-in blower to fan the flames. Take a look at all the awesome things it can do on HomeRight’s website.

Smores ingredients on a DIY patio table with fire pit and the HomeRight Electrolight fire starter

And where there is a fire (pit), there cannot not be smores!

Roasting marshmallows on the DIY patio table with fire pit. Review of ElectroLight Fire starter

Hanging out in the backyard just got a lot more fun!

MAking smores with strawberries on the DIY patio table with fire pit.

What is your favorite combination for smores? We love ours with strawberries inside!

Smores recipe idea with starberries

Well actually, my kids only add strawberries and no chocolate. They aren’t fans of chocolate (!!!!)… they get that from their dad… Me? I could eat chocolate for every meal 🙂

DIY outdoor table with fire pit - collage of schematic and final picture with text overlay.

So yeah, I normally have a tough time taking care of all the candy at Halloween and Easter 😉

If you enjoyed this easy outdoor project, check out these fun projects for more ways to bring in some fun this summer!

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